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Post some of you favorite character designs.
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all shit

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Semen demons
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I completely forgot about this piece of my childhood until now
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The next girl to be posted will be the queen of /a/ and she will receive all the dicks

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does /a/ use rss feeds to download their chinese cartoons?
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Fuck off.
Can't you get arrested nowadays for torrenting? Im scared to ever torrent again
what do people fucking do than? IRC & DDL?

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Yaa, gomen gomen~

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She's so perfect. Why don't people like her?
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remember when Kyoani made good shows?
Because Haruhi is superior.
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I don't know why, but I always get a massive boner when I see her. Maybe it's because of her hyperactivity

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Give me a reason why you aren't rewatching Hanasaku Iroha RIGHT NOW
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I have to jack off to doujins, anon. I can't afford to waste my time on cute girls who don't do lewd things.
It's not worth slogging through the hyperbolic teen drama to get to the good parts.
Have already done that, I might rewatch it at some point, but it's not like I don't have a backlog.

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Is there an episode title more iconic than this in the whole of Japanese animation?
I don't think so.
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you are like a little baby
I need you.

Why is Casca so violent?
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She's black.
Niggers are violent and aggressive and she clearly is full of nigger genes
She was a walking bird house Griffith took too long to punish.

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What new weapon do you think they'll introduce in AXZ?

They haven't had an axe yet and there's not that many named axes, so they could do something like Parashu or the Axe of Perun. It'd make for an interesting armor and musical combination.

Also general Symphogear thread
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They could probably also add the reformed Gram since the season will have something to do with dragons (cult) apparently.
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An axe or a hammer would be neat. Preferably wielded by Miku or an enemy illuminatigeah.
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With this arm strength I doubt there is anything she can't wield.

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The voice of Mikasa.
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I feel sorry for her demotion to this trash show
Is pretty good, actually.
It's the most popular show of the season.

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Anon who ordered the artbook and manga vol 3 a few weeks ago, if you're here, did you get the clear file?

Also, lets talk about how perfectly lewd Hinako's body is.
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I'm interested.
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In what exactly?
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The anime version is perfect. It looks like she's been upgraded compared to her manga self.

what is it /a/??
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I want to hit Mary's head extremely hard.
What a fucking slut.
What are Sanae's Ten Desires?

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>never watched or read anything GitS related
>pick up the manga
>already on chapter 4/11
>don't even know what the fuck is going on
Should I start GitS somewhere else?
Did I just get memed?
Am I retarded?
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I found it hard to follow too. It's ok.
GITS in general has really dense storytelling, but the manga is especially bad about it since it's this huge clusterfuck of footnotes every page that are only tangentially related to the actual story. You might want to go watch the 1995 movie and/or the Stand Alone Complex series (both different continuities form the manga) and then come back to the manga to see where some of the ideas in those came from.
Manga is a mixed bag. It is somewhat chaotic and not particularly serious at the beginning. But themes gradually become more serious, and Shirow's art improves.

That being said, when you say "GitS", most people think of the 1995 movie. It's considered an essential piece of cyberpunk media, and influenced a lot of stuff. However, it's quite a lot different from the manga. In my personal opinion, it takes the most interesting elements from the source and makes something better with it. However, manga fans don't like it since the overall theme is much more serious and dark.
In any case, this film is probably what you should see first, and everything else is optional.

There are several continuities:
1. Manga, with most stuff after the first series being quite weird and convoluted as Shirow succumbs to his oiled thin girls with small tits fetish;
2. GitS films 1 and 2, with the second being quite a lot different from the first;
3. SAC series and film, which are considered pretty decent for most part, but being more like a buddy-cop thing;
4. Arise, which while is not complete shit, doesn't exactly stand close to the '95 film or SAC;

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Did you like my show, /a/?
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Decent warm-up act before Lucky Channel I guess.
Kagamin is best
Yes, we have finally gone full circle and it's fine to like Lucky Star again.

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Akame in a bikini
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Can I fuck that?
Anon, she is 2D.
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