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I miss the pizza-oriented threads.
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>no one cares about Psycho Piss anymore

I knew the day would come

>Be me
>See shy girl with butchy haircut at work
>Talk to her
>Find out she likes anime
>Ask her what types
>Her first answer was Psycho Pass then she got red faced and shy and said "BUT NOT SEASON 2!"

Was it really that bad guys? Everyone says Season 2 is just pure garbage, is it truly that bad or is it more a case where Season 1 was that incredible that it was impossible to hold it's footing or surpass it?
Season 1 wasn't even that good.

Season 2 was mediocre. Not horrible or anything, but even I felt like it was a huge step down.

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Hey /a/, /jp/ here. Because of the loss of Nyaa I hear many of you are hurting for porn.

So I thought I would share Girlchelly's blog to tide you over. It seems many of you had become overly reliant on sukebei and might not know about alternatives. Can't help you for JAVs

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Please don't spoonfeed.
I'm from /jp/, not /a/ thank you very much. I am neither 12 years old, nor a jackass.
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Nyanko is for ________
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case closed
Fuck. I can't get enough of Elsa & Ma.
If only this series is 20 min long each episode.
gay sex

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I can only associate this with MADTHAD
I can only associate this with MASTERPIECE
I can only associate this with NICEBOAT

Describe this fair lady with no more than four letters.
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Is it okay to like this?
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What about this?
Why does that girl have a bulge?

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>create magic system which gives each users specific limitations, so you can't be the best at everything
>give this guy the ability to BTFU that limit and be the best at everything at the same time, just because

How the fuck was this allowed? He even bypasses the whole restriction thing, since he can turn his eyes red at will and doesn't have to give up ANYTHING in return. He breaks all the damn rules the series set up.
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Because Kurapika is a demon who needs to be wiped out by the Troupe. The fucker got lucky he slipped out of his hometown before they got to him.
>be the best at everything at the same time

oh you;re just retarded
as expected from shonen shitters
What do you expect from a shounenshit manga? Of course, the author had to make the main characters a bunch of special snowflakes.

How can a girl get so wet so fast, all the time?
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anime magic
imagine how big of a slut she'd be if she didnt have to worry about turning into a dragon
Considering how hot the guys in her show are, less of a slut then most IRL girls.

It’s implied she winds up with a literal prince.

What would you order from the heavens?
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Haniel's pussy.
Raph and Satania double team
Gab and Vig's double team.

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>your favorite anime sells well
>is hated by /a/ and shitposted until the end of time

Would you take the risk?
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>sells well
Like what, bds or merchandise
selling well means nothing if it doesnt get a sequel anyway
Well I don't really care what you guys think about when it comes to my taste. All I know is that my top 2 anime, hxh and FMA brotherhood, are really normalfag type anime but I still think they're amazing.

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Dumping ch65
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Guess who's back back again
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Oh Yay. Someone post his wiki article

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What's your homo OTP?
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Have you hailed your new queen?
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Is this ova
Is it worth watching more of the series after the first show? I kind of liked it but not really enough to place it above other shows on my backlog.
it's the best. You haven't seen the best of the show.

>After more than 20 years of research all leading scientists at the University of Tokyo have come to a decisive conclusion that there are, in fact, ONLY TWO types of men on this planet.
>1. Queer sissy bitch gay faggots with a cuckoldry fetish
>2. Men who would bang the living shit out of Ashitaba-san

Uhm, anon? Which one are you?
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>Son in law gets put in compromising position through chance and gets a three foot long stiff: The manga

Okusan is a much better read, even if it works on a somewhat similar premise at least it mixes it up

The second one. She really pushes my limits of what is acceptable but I'd still hit it all night long.
Spotted the dicklet.

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