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I am really angry at the idea of a season 3 for Code Geass, but man, does it feel good to have this kind of pictures coming back to life.
Lelouch is one lucky bastard
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Do people seriously find any of these characters attractive? The anatomy is all off.
This is new art?

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So what do you think of my show /a/?
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It fills my Wednesday slot.

Enjoying it so far.
has Uncle Sasuke showed up yet?

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well is it?
No. Video games do not count as anime and have their own board for that reason. Almost any kind of Japanese media is also welcome on /jp/, and they love Touhou there.
No until ZUN allows it

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Why are TR focused episodes so best?
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Theyre the most popular characters for a reason
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What, really?
>Doronjo gang clone are the most popular characters

How could this ever be a shock?

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Is Shinobu the best Monogatari girl?
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What older shows have you been watching now that the Nyaapocalypse is over?

I just finished pic related. It wasn't nearly as engaging as the first movie, but the plot was still good and the animation was fantastic.
Other anons in similar threads recommended Master Keaton, so I might watch that next.
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Just saw angel's egg, 2deep4me
Making my way through Cat's Eye. I'm on episode 25, it seems a bit repetitive since it's an episodic comedy that relies on the entire police department being incompetent. Asatani comes close to having good ideas, but everyone else might as well be scarecrows.
Thinking about redownloading Goldran and finishing it since I lost it when I got a new computer.
Though I'm in a huge Tokusatsu phase right now. I haven't watched anything on my backlog in half a year that wasn't a movie.

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Any other anime that uses western songs? (asides jojo)
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Ergo Proxy
Haven't watched Ergo Proxy yet. Had no idea they used a Radiohead song for their ED

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Which anime character has the most heroic motives?
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your mother
Not that little fag, that's for sure. Individual lives are more important than the universe.

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Fuck all this Fate shit and servants, Nasu has forgotten the real and true fans, the original and real story here. Remember Dead Apostles? Nasu doesn't, fuck him. Remember vampires and Arcuied, or mystic eyes? Nasu doesn't, fuck him. Fuck servants, when is Nasu going to get back to the real story here, the actually interesting story, rather than rehashing all the shit I don't care about. Get back to the one thing I do care about already. Remake never! Nasu has forgotten us, Shiki can kill servants, Tsukihime was ten times the game and fifty times the atmosphere of Fate, fuck Nasu for forgetting the one actual good game he's made
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Remake never.

The sex scences were even more cringeworthy than Fate, though.
you're so new you'll probably actually follow that link, wondering where it'll take you
>Fuck all this Type/Moon shit
FTFY. It's all trash, don't kid yourself.

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How lit was this scene?
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One of the most entertaining and memorable shit ever.

I watched everything /m/ recommended for years, nothing has come close.
Best scene in anine history
The movie cut out the shot of the dial exploding out in to a rainbow.

Bad fucking choice.

Would you ?
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Engage in a lesbian relationship with her? Yes.
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Can a man engage in a lesbian relationship with a woman ?
Asking for a friend.

I can't remember when was the last time since i enjoyed watching a movie this much, what does /a/ think of GARO?
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Downloaded this movie not remembering why I did so, watching it without knowing anything about Garo. Very confusing, nice monster design, nice action.
It was fucking great, looking forward to the next anime.
HnK was good. Threads were comfy as fuck when the TV series aired. Especially glorious were threads were cour 1's end, Lara's death, and Leon fucking Ema. Although archives of the last one sadly no longer exist, due to moe's death.

/m/ had some pretty chill generals for the entire franchise, but looking at the archive there hasn't been one in about a month.

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I'm usually not into furryshit but god damn I want to fuck that dog
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She's cute, I'll give her that
Fuck that dog, best girl has already found her future husband.

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>11 flops in a row after KyoAni cut themselves off from Kadokawa
We're almost there lads. KyoAnus will bankrupt after Violet Evergarden.
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>most profitable studio
Proof that KyoAnilinguists will eat up just about anything.
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KyoAni operates under below average budgets and only a single KyoAni anime has ever not broken the Manabi line: Munto

That's one flop in 14 years.

OP is fake news.
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Based Kyoani making anime great again.

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Has anyone here watched this anime?
I'm watching it for the 4th time, and every fucking time I laugh like an idiot.
I am really sad because they cancelled this masterpice.
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Sawachika wins
Don't listen to him. It was an alternative universe.
Are you me?
Have you seen the OVAs?

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