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Are we ever going to find out why Mugino is rank 4, and thus considered more valuable to the keikaku than Misaki?

You would think Mental Out would be far more useful to the keikaku just on manipulation factor alone. Where as Mugino just has destructive power, which Accel and Kakine more than cover
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I feel like Mugino was supposed to do something important to further the Keikaku (fight Kakine more? Self destruct somwthing?), but Hamazura ended up preventing it through his actions. Same with Rikou.

Interesting. Her power wasn't important but maybe her personality/actions were going to be?

Something like that

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Hentai elf to Majime Orc.jpg
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Orcs aren't rapists! ORCS ARE GOOD BEINGS! This manga can show that they are good at resisting temptation. Why can't anyone understand? It's elves that are throwing their bodies to make them get raped!
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It's literally about niggers
That oneshot is already translated you retard.
Off yourself now.
Who started the orcs raping elves mean anyway?
Surely it was before Kuroinu

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What are you hopes and expectations for Umaru season 2?
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Disappointed that they'll skip a lot of just to get to Hikari, unnless the OVA trolled me and it was just a joke.
More TSF pls.

??? ??? ?? ?? ????
??? ??? ?? ?? ?????
???? ????, ?
???'? ???? ?????
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good thread op
>muffled eurobeat in the distance
Fake and gay. No sound in space.
Was Shinji an autist?

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Part 5 is still not confirmed
It's going to be announced in the next 3-4 months. Also anyone else think that Epitaph would be a better ED than Court of the Crimson King
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Strange, That's what people said 3-4 months ago too

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Does reading manga in paper format increase the experience in your opinion or it doesn't matter what format you use.
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this thread is pure autism even for /a/ standards
Please elaborate, what makes it autistic?
It does to me. It's more authentic and feels cosy, and also brings to mind the childhood days I spent in the library reading comics, manga included.
Sadly it is much too rare for me to get to experience it. I'm not exactly rich and buying manga is costly. Hometown library has a narrow and shit selection.

>people actually prefer satsuki's manish eyebrows to ryuko's cute tomboy looks/personality
Disgusting. I want Satspukifags to leave, immediately.
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Looks like they left already

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Hiroyuki said that we are allowed to have 1 thread per board where we discuss the board state and talk about ideas for improvements. So how do we fix /a/?
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By banning meta threads.
Autofilter the word "moeshit".

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Is Medaka Box worth reading?
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God no. It shits the bed three arcs in. Don't watch it either.
Not really, it's a stupid manga about obvious super powers that they try to justify and explain as talent early on and then totally drops later and it's just straight up magic and shit.
No. The "plot" is retarded, and the main character is an insufferable cunt from beginning to end.

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Do you like Hotaru's dagashi, /a/?
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I want to eat out her candy flavored butthole.
She looks objectively better in the anime
I want to eat out her candy flavored amrpits.

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Is David up to his old tricks again?
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And one more chapter, dumping.
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Favorite new series from the past few years? Pic related.
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how many?
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Kuroba being Kuroba.png
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Maybe Nanatsu no Taizai or Kuro no Tantei? I might try Promised Neverland too at some point.
Uhhh two or three.

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In all honesty, the Evangelion manga was pretty good.
The scenes were arranged nicely.
The Panel composition felt powerful, especially when you had a borderless, two page image on your hand. (Like when Shinji kills Kaworu)
Arrangement of the pages added to this feel too.
Only thing it lacked, was the music in the multiplying angel scene.
The ending felt weird.
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The happy manga end is shit compared to the provocative EoE finale or CONGRATULATIONS
It felt a bit heartwarming to see them finally succeed.
It's like a second peek into that idealistic world we saw in the anime.
But yeah, it was sort of a letdown compared to EoE.
I would still say that "congratulations" is my favourite. EoE's ending is a close second because of the title of the episode. (The "one more final" part)
But they didn't succeed. Everything was reset and Shinji didn't learn anything because he didn't remember anything.

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>It's a "time skip final chapter" episode
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Is there a proper name for this new breed of retard, yet? You know, the one that wriggled its way into existence on post-2015 /r9k/ & /pol/?
I'd wish to say "redditors", but that still carries previous connotations from circa 2012. The two must obviously be related, but I'm talking about this specific frogposting type that posts shit like >>157404709.
I read that as "it's a recap final episode" episode which is more appropriate for your pic

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