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>No shoujo anime will ever be as good as this 2006 show

Why live /a/?
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Haruhi is just perfect in every way.
I've got the highest amount of seeded data uploaded for this one Ouran High School Host Club torrent and it's pretty nuts. Interest seems to be extremely high for what it should reasonably be.
Maybe lots of people are discovering it recently?

It's a timeless classic

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+ Overall great gangster story
+ Great ending
+ Great ED song
- Brandon being a faggot and let Big daddy fuck his girl
- Zombies and monsters
It was much better than the first 2 episodes made it look like it had any right to be.
The zombies bit isn't that much of a big deal honestly. It just stands out a lot but the series still had pretty great characters, even if only a few survive till the final episodes.

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Have you tried drawing your own manga series?
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No because I'm not from Japan. It would just be a regular comic book.
thats really good

never been able to get the shape of the face right
That's pretty good.

>FIVE movies
>Violet Evergarden is their only TV anime in sight

How will you deal with the wait when they eventually stop making TV shows?
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Sad, yet happy to see KyoAni rise to take Ghibli's place as the top anime movie studio.
Too bad Ghibli has been reborn into the new studio Ponoc so that's not happening.
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>They know their audience.
>They have good business practices.
>They're looking to expand.
>They're very profitable.
>They have experience.
I wouldn't be surprised if the go 20 years without losing money.

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Why does Kyoko love Apple so much?
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I'm Kyoko! Nice to meet you.
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What's going on here?

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Once he made Disappearance, you just know the man can do no wrong.
He didn't make Disappearance
As in, made the Disappearance movie. Directed it.

I know he didn't come up with it.

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Don't tell me the staff going to pretend that C.C. wish didn't exist in the upcoming season >inb4 motherly love towards her friend's son
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>staff confirmed they don't have feeling for each other

Also only autists try to greentext in the name field
Milly fag here. Everyone and their mother know that Kallen is the endgame
>>staff confirmed they don't have feeling for each other
But they kissed.

Are you as dedicated to your waifu as Grape-kun?
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I'm too pathetic for friends but not delusional enough for a waifu. Where does that leave me?
It's not in love, it's scared and keeping watch for its colony.
Stop being a cringy faggot.
Forever alone.

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what are you looking at, anon?
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Trying to find your penis.
Please die.
Even if the tail weren't there, there would be no pussy.


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Put up a translated summary for a friend.
Might as well post it here.
3:00 You can choose which song is equipped and plays for the Symphogear user in your party when they attack
You can collect every song they sing and pick your favorite
The story that comes up is a VN form of an anime arc, this time it's an excerpt from the first season's storyline
Yes, that's right. It's fine to pick up the game and play even if you haven't seen the anime because the story is there
Wait, Tsubasa!
Don't lose your head over your old partner's Gungnir.
The story in the game is extremely long
We tried to match the content of the anime and have it full voiced by the seiyuu
As you can tell, each attack has their own screen cut that's faithful to the show
The leader of the team you pick affects the battle music
The art director put a lot of effort to make it seem as if the characters are fluidly moving in 3D using 2D art techniques. He seriously worked his ass off.
Unlike the anime, with the same plot here, you can see the character's thoughts and famous lines alongside each other
It's not full voiced but we tried as much as possible to retain the feel of the anime. The story comes with all the plot from the three seasons as well as a game original story
You can click the Music Box icon on the main screen to open up the music box
Different songs give you different effects and you can listen to the songs of the 7 girls here
The parameters for the girls improve with the song level.
11:40 Kanade's song is an original for the game. Oh should I have not said that? It's okay? Phew.
Interviewer from Famitsu: I came here earlier in the morning and this booth looked like a big hit with people. Have you thought it to be well received?
Symphogear staff: Yes all the polls that we did received extremely good feedback
90% of the surveys that people playing the game at the booth gave the feedback option of "Extremely good" on their survey form
The interviewer asked the staff if there's anything that they wanted to highlight to the players
The staff member says they worked with Satelight to go over the original drawings used for the attacks in the anime from the studio directly and reproduced that into the game. A lot of effort went into the skills section of the game and he says he thinks it's safe for players to have great expectations for them
18:30 Interviewer: "When is the game going to be released?"
Staff "....."
Staff "I'll let the other guy take this question"
Staff "we hope to get it out alongside season 4"
Interview: "I have a feeling that we viewers aren't totally satisfied with that answer but we should just expect it alongside watching the upcoming season broadcast"

How far my favorite anime has fallen.

Guess who decided to say fuck you to the plan and ruin everything just because?

Not Sinbad. Im betting on David.

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Is baba seriously duping sinbad this hard. This nigga has literally come up with the last 3 ideas and MADE sinshit think it was actually his.
He learned from treating bitches with ego like Kassim, you dont have to obviously override their savetheworld plans or they get mad. Just point them at the correct direction and unless they are Hakuryuu they will go along with it.

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Nasty Knight
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>your slutty blonde teacher steals your onii-chan and brainwashes him with mindbreaking sex
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RIP Billy.
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RIP Sheep.

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And the wait for BD with subs begins!
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>still no rips of The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

Quite a lot of notable key animators: Shinya Ohira, Shinji Hashimoto, Hokuto Sakiyama, Satoru Utsunomiya, Takayuki Hamada, Ayumi Kurashima, Hiroshi Shimizu, Tomoyuki Niho, Nobutoshi Ogura, Jamie Vickers, Alexandre Ulman

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Mugi is best girl
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Hello Tyrone.

she was just a necessary plot device, they had to have a rich friend to fund all the fun, she's the least believable character.
>he doesn't have a super rich foreigner friend

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Literally every single person on earth wants to look EXACTLY like Koito.

Please explain.
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Ass is weak
She's the cutest girl on earth
This is literally a false statement.

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