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Is Rin the pinnacle of JKs?
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I prefer JC idols
jk? what?

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Was this scene really necessary?
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Are you a puritan burger?
Is your continued existence necessary?
Set the tone pretty well.

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Psycho-Pass wasn't even half bad.
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Yeah, first season was top tier. Kogami, Shogo, and Akane were great characters.
Is the 2nd season worth watching?
Not on your life

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Is it worth getting on BD?
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It certainly doesn't make the Island/Africa arcs any better but otherwise it certainly worth it.
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Is there nudity and sex in the show?
Because it is crime for her not get exposed and sexed with her body.

PV 2.

Ippen shinde'miru?
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Didn't even know this got a 4th season.
Holy fuck.

To be honest, I never considered this more than a 7/10 anime. Too repetitive, mediocre animation (though the character designs were top-notch).
And it had a couple of 10/10 episodes, pic related.
Hell Girl! She's sassy and cute! Hell Girl!
The first three seasons have been on my backlog for a long time. I guess it's time to watch them.

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>everything shitty in LWA is happening because she doesn't just tell Akko her secret

Why?!? (its not like as if croix doesn't know who she is by hiding it)
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>Every time she actually tries to tell Akko, something contrives for her not to.
>The next episode is directly all about this even.
Fucking hell.
can't wait for "deep reason" as to why she hasn't told her yet
>muh emotiuns
Women are retarded.

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post animes you thought would be flicks/movies tier but are actually kino
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Fuck off and kill yourself, you cancerous /tv/ crossboarder.
What the fuck are you even saying?

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This is Melona. Her breasts are about to explode.

Say something nice to her.
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Source please. wait, google, yandex all give nothing
queen's blade now fuck ogg newfag
She's cute, shame about the evil and murder and shit.

Guys, I'm kind of in bad shape today.
I love Hifumin. She is beautiful and heartwarming and I love her so.
But she isn't real, and that weighs on my heart sometimes. Today things are particularly bad.
Post here if you know these feels and love Hifumi romantically.
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Not your blog, fuck off
Where is this Hifumin raid coming from?
I'd be more concerned that she seems kind of gay.

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[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - 08 [720p].mkv

Why is there no thread?
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Who impregnated Reiko?
Was it a human, a youkai, or Madara?
Damn, did anons not like this episode?
It was fine with ending I didn't anticipated. But I would like more Reiko anyway

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Ral is now the narrator of the last anime you watched.
Is it awesome?
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>Mr Ral will never narrate Re:Creators
Itchy butts would make those long speeches so much more fun
Yamizukan suddenly got interesting

> tfw it's not just the eyes

Wonder how this got passed the tv censors...

This was actually shown on national television

Tsugumomo might be the first ones to do this
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I'm not seeing it.
There's some kind of white something on blue's arm, otherwise I don't see any difference.

Could we get a hint?
it's cum on their arms and backs

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https://nyaa.si/view/927542 Drama CD + manga chapter, finally TLed. Mii-chan a best.
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Any relationship development?
Nah, it's a side story set around the time of Volume 5. Covers Akina, Kaede and Mii-chan going to a movie, karaoke etc., then some good scenes with Konatsu's group & Makoto. Mostly just comedy, SoL and a chance to hear the character voices (which I reckon fit pretty well).
Meh, won't bother, fun manga nonetheless

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How would you go about making an A.I. Chan anime?
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By sending retards back to >>>/trash/ lmao
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