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did he love her?
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Sure, let's go with that.
More then C.C at least.
More than shirley.

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you're a bad anime
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Or are you a spicy habanero?

Fuck she looks so creepy when she smiles.

I think I'm in love.
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>I think I'm in love.
Congratulations. Rita is a lovely girl.
Well, she is fucking cute by the end of the day.
best girl and 2nd best sawashiro

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New Hi Score Girl chapter.
Akuma vs Zangief
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1st page
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Guts in MS Paint.png
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I only am making this so people can see this masterpiece again.
Bless the Anon who made this.
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sure why not
You know drawing things like that in paint isn't really that impressive considering they're likely using a tablet
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I love all the anons who used to do things like this. Post a standard template and everyone draws whatever character they want.

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That fuck are you on about?
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Anime has changed
>The Beatles
>Hong kong

But what does it mean?!?!

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Chapter 10

Was beginning to wonder if they'd dropped this.
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This man is my hero
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Also a pedophile. But a lovable one.
She fell in love with him first, so that doesn't count as pedophilia.
>You don't understand your honor, she loves me


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Between Berserk and Hunter x Hunter, which will end first? Also since Berserk is back, and since Hunter x Hunter is coming back, which will go back on hiatus first?
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Berserk will go on hiatus next chapter. HxH will get two before going back.
The real question is who will die first, Miura or Togashi.
One Piece will finish before either of them and that's saying something.

That feeling when you know something is about to be the next Anime of the Year if not decade but because no one reads manga they act like it will suck.

Its like a combination of Smug and Sad. Cant wait for everyone to start trying to claim The Angel Class Rep.
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Just fuck a horse, you degenerate.
Nah, goat girl is going to be the popular one while tomboys fags cream themselves over imp.

Hime is going to get a whole lot of poop jokes made about her.

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Are you ready for the new greatest love story ever told?

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>more hetshit
Does it involve cellphones?
Needs more mechs.

Not even kidding, if they made a romance anime movie with all that cute chromatic aberration and warm light and shit, and mechs, it would be good.


I was at work, so I couldn't reply to this shitpost.
Hifumi has plenty of personality, asshole. She just keeps it hidden because she's withdrawn. It's clear that the cogs of her mind are always turning. If you become friends with her, and she shares her heart and mind and soul with you, you'll find that she's a fascinating girl with unique and illuminating thoughts on every subject you can conceive of.
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How assblasted do you even have to be?
Hifumi's asshole has plenty of personality.
Is Hifumi's personality feminine, masculine, or androgynous?

What genre is Rosario + Vampire? Full disclosure I dont really know much outside of surface level shit on the topic of anime. Anyone who can recommend simular ones feel free.
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harem? with a bit of action.
Its a generic ecchi harem my dude. Not saying I didnt like it but there are tons of shows like this
Depends on whether he means the manga or the anime if I'm honest. The late manga was Shonenshit with a bit of harem. I assume he's talking about the anime.

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go to sleep nick
more like cumiko
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Do you have hope?
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I f*cking hate this show too much autism not enough paperclip
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I believe
Paperclip is worst girl though.

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