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ITT: Directors who got worse with every work

This man's short-lived career was a literal decline in quality.
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He literally got better with each work.
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New Madhouse Film

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Looks like shit.
Looks pretty good
They're not even being subtle about ripping them off.

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How can we improve this archetype?
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It's impossible, they're already the best.
god they look so fucking boring

You have an empty canvas to make anything you want, no matter how ridiculous or cartoony it is, and you come up with that. Fucking gooks
>bad taste

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3x3 thread, anime and or manga

1. respond to others
2. remember that the more you criticize others online anime taste the happier you'll become in life
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4/9, apply yourself next time.
oh maybe my taste is too unrefined
> notices kemono friends
oh.... hes retarded
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.5 Nichijou

3.5/4 TV .5 Nichijou
6/6 Film/OVA
1/2 manga
>liking that 2deep4u manga in top mid
I haven't been that confused since I watched A Space Odyssey

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It's obvious, but child is left and teenager is right.

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You really spend a lot of your waking hours thinking about Rin's butt, don't you.
Looks like she thought her childhood panties could still fit her teenage rump.
If she moves around in those panties, they'll get stuck in her crack for sure.

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Murata just woke up from a power nap
Currently drawing Volume 14 content
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New page
Why is he redrawing the Choze fight, it was already great
As long as he doesn't remove the ethic cleansing beam
It's Murata. Great isn't enough for him

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This is the true dragon ball opening kino

Rock the dragon is pretty high for me but i think universe survival arc opening is better.

Absolute best intro to get American kids in the late 90s interested in a show.

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Is Linlin going to die? No way her 5 year old self can survive an attack from a giant.

Also One Piece thread.
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you must be the most retarded person who posted in this board.
took the bait , but just dont reply or dont give him attention.
Please tell, why am I retarded for making this thread?
>Linlin dies
>Giant loli is actually Big Mom

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Anyone else think Steins;Gate is fucking amazing?
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Robotics;Notes is better desu.
They are pretty equally amazing.
I love it but my friend doesn't. He also prefers S2 of Pyscho-Pass to S1

Was it rape?
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i fapped to mirai nikki multiple times!!
No, idiot. Yuuki saved her.

Tokyo Ghoul manga is the best. Goddamn.
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What's the best way to kill myself?

t. etofag
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Best girl.jpg
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Eto a cute!

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Isn't she a little old to still be doing this?
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You're never too old for anime
But is 17 year old and god know how many months
Never too old to do something people are willing to pay you money for.

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New chapter's out

Overall this manga is kinda really comfy. Good pace, no real bullshit yet, no powerlevel shit. I'm impressed.
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The fuck this chapter felt too short.

Gugu got way too many deathflags that makes me think he will survive.
he's a goner
at least they found a way for her to realize just who he was
I Hope that fushi Will cuck gugu to be honest.

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>i will never lose to something like a dick
>she doesn't lose
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The fuck does "losing to dicks" even mean? Every time they say this in hentai I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about?
Getting fucked silly until sperm oozes out of their pussy and their pupils turn into hearts and they pull a stupid face and decide they can't live anymore without a dick inside them. Or something like that.
>Fairy Tail full of hot chicks begging for pron
>maybe two good doujins
>not even on model
>To Love-Ru has a million doujins

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For me it's Tsumugi, the softest and most beautiful of the Keions.
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I'd rather have a McChicken to be honest.
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For me it's Ritsu, the smartest and sexiest of the Keions
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For me it's Yui, the cutest and most talented of the Keions.

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