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I thought this was anime was genuinely fun and adorable, and there's absolutely nothing you can do that will convince me otherwise.
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Little girls
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Daughteru get.jpg
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the issue with it was that it was fine when it was actually doing something
just the first 5 episodes kept doing these weird sol/training montages instead of actually letting us get to know the characters
and the action was often unintentionally hilarious
that and the fight where the purple haired guy gets stabbed through the leg is the most unintentionally hilarious and poorly animated scene I saw that year

>aims gun
>bgm starts playing
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I am not interested in reliving the '90s.
Even though they took a lot of wild liberations with making the movie, one thing they did that I absolutely love is how cool they made Killy. I dont think there was a single moment I wasn't thinking 'damn he's so cool'
Artbook scans where

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download (1).jpg
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A little late to the party, But I just finished 2 episodes of this & I have no idea what the hell is going on at all.

It jumps all over the place and just assumes you know what's going on. I have a strong feeling that I am missing something.

I know there is a light novel for this, should I have read the light novel first before watching this?

If nothing else. ITT: Discuss 'Humanity Has Declined'.
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it's fine going as you are, everything other than the last few episodes is completely episodic although you will notice some like her first job that stick out
it's a strange romp, but probably one of the silliest shows I've seen
the LN's are neat too but won't actually explain too much more than what's provided in the show (although they probably explain it in a better order)
I don't understand whose the target audience for this anime.

But it's interesting in the very least.
It explains everything you need to know in the first episode. Post apocolyptic world where humanity has literally declined and magic fairies who like candy exist. Watashi works as a mediator and they go on episodic adventures.

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Sorry for starting late
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Explanation Part

"We're having a debate today"
"What's that?"

"A debate is a discussion about a special theme"
"Which is split between a positive and negative side"

"Even if the subject goes against your own opinions, you have to think from that perspective"
"So you need to have objectivity"

"That's why you can use it in humiliation play"
[Banner] S is more important in SM
"And I'm an M..."
"Don't use my image"
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Comic 1

Positive team

Negative team

"Let's do our best as allies today"

"I-I'm always gonna be your ally"
"Let's be antagonistic now"

Comic 2
Idol circumstances

Subject: Being a student idol
Yes or no

"Recently in the performing world"
"Idols keep getting younger and younger"

"By the way, lolification and love dolls are also progressing well"
Yokoshima-sensei is the judge
"Excessive information is disadvantag..."
"Ah, they're popular!!"

Pic related
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What if Guts saw the Idolmaster games as a way to relieve some stress he's gotten. Would he play it?
>the hell is this? a mouse I can't eat?

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How insecure do you have to be to not like Eromanga Sensei?
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average e-manga hater.png
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About this much.
Why should I like a meme pedobait anime in the first place?
Thank you, I have a good idea what type of people complain about it here now.

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How does /a/ feel about Netflix exclusive anime?
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I wish Netflix had better taste in anime.
their best animated show is about a talking drunk horse.

that is all that is needed to be said about Netcucks
Nothing is exclusive in this day and age. I'll watch it somehow.

What is the most overrated anime of the season and why is it Gabriel Dropout?
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>Gabu dropout
>Spring season
File: 1483856255801.png (288KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
288KB, 1000x1000px
But Gabriel Dropout was last season.
>Isn't summer yet

File: IMG_20170530_213018.jpg (166KB, 1138x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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enter squid
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squids are not for entering
Please don't sexualise the squid
exit squid

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Let's settle it once and for all.
Is her butt hair unshaven or she has it(it grows) but she shaves it?
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I'd like to imagine it as unshaven, she's probably too pure to even think about shaving there.
I know the anime tries to sell her as "pure" but her skirt is so short it doesn't touch her chair when she sits.
She's not too bright admittedly and may fall into impure behavior accidentally, but she doesn't do it on purpose. Don't blame her, blame fashion and her family for being a bad influence!

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>Still doing the retarded subs vs dubs argument

I sincerely hope you don't stll do this.
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There is no argument. Subs > Dubs.

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New Natsume episode
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Fucking CR needs to be raped for the delay.
File: 1496196263639.jpg (183KB, 1440x810px)Image search: [Google]
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would you suck that lolipop?

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Nekone did nothing wrong
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Too cute, but also too much Tsun.
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1MB, 1920x1080px
I just reached the capital in the game

holy shit can they just stop beating up Haku for a second ?
S2 had no reason for being as good as it was.

File: 2000px-Studio_Shaft_svg.png (78KB, 2000x686px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there anything they can't do?
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Lose to KyoAni
There are now 10 (You)s
Stop sucking Nisio's tiny dick.

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Was it justified?
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Justifiably hilarious.
Fucking slut.

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