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It's time to do pushups for your waifu
If your waifu is posted, do the last two digits in pushups
Dubs mean double the pushups.
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Just passing to make you fags work. Peace because I don't want to be here when mine gets posted
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Well fuck.

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Your new wife.png
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Your parents put you into an arranged marriage with Aoba Suzukaze. How do you feel about this?
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>arranged marriage
Feels like I'm going to scribble out Aoba's name and write in Hajime. Or Kou.

She would be a nice wife and I wouldn't mind at all, but there is enough of an abundance of amazing New Games that she just seems a little weak an option out of everyone.
Tell them I'm not Hifumi.

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Nothing... happened...!

Name a cooler scene in shounen. You can't.
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I liek when Naruto used the ransengan to beat the big bad
The one where they all NTR him from his home.
Eneru restarting his own heart

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I'm about 100 chapters in, does the romance tag ever exist or is it 300 more chapters of
>gross thing!
>please dont say gross thing
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>Expecting romance with Tsuda 'Flag crusher' Takatoshi
There are just a few moments.
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It's a gag series, OP.
Any romance elements are just setups for a joke.
Shipping Tsuda with nearly every female character just adds spice.
Is it time?

Where the fuck is today's episode?
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It's finally out.
>Edgelord episode

Oh boy.
>Airing delayed 30 minutes
>CR simulcast delayed almost 7 hours

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Here, an ara girl.

I dare you to do better.
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I see your ara, but I rise an ara-ara.
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alicia under floating island.jpg
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> See that Freesia is completely scanned
> pick it up after who knows how many years
> this happens
Fuck, and everything was going smoothly for Kano
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That's the whore that was trying to make him jealous by fucking randoms right?

I don't see any value in her
File: Freesia v08 c52 - 188.jpg (317KB, 836x1200px)Image search: [Google]
Freesia v08 c52 - 188.jpg
317KB, 836x1200px

Yeah, but eventually she got her shit together and genuinely tried to become a better person.

I actually stopped reading in this exact chapter(what 7 years ago?) and was relieved af.
What happened was such a low blow.
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>things going well in a Matsumoto Jiro manga

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Is Polygon Pictures the beginning of the end of 2D japanese animation? Is time to kneel to our 3D overlords and say goodbye to anime as we know it?
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Yes anon, it's time to admit 3D is superior.
yes and no
yes because they make it
no because netflix pays them too
Considering how choppy Blame!'s CGI was, I sure hope not. Outside of the action scenes, every frame was eye cancer.

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Is the 2003 version the only battle shounen that never went full retard?
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>Nazi plotline
Sounds full retard to me
>Lol alternative universe magic Nazis
>Didn't go full retard

Nigga, it's one of those that went off the deep fucking end.

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2017 and we still can't get a better MC than pic related
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And he ended up with best girl.
Yes he did. I really didn't see it coming.
This is a man's man. That scene where he confessed was the most manly thing I've seen. Takes some serious balls.

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What do you think about Lovely Complex?
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I want to hear your opinion first, OP. Tell me what you thought about it, please.

Its pretty much my favorite romcom.
good romcom

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Is Suicide Squad a fundamentally dumb concept? Would adding cute girls like Gunslinger Girl make it viable?

>In the year 2808, criminals are no longer just wasting space in prison cells. The Cyber Police have turned to using these “patrons” by giving them a choice. Their sentence, or to work with them to catch other criminals and knock some years off their sentence. But getting off easy isn't, as each criminal is fitted with booby trapped collar that operates on a 24 hour cycle, stopped ONLY if they capture their intended targets. As time runs out on each case, someone's head must roll... the target's, or their own!
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I'd watch it
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>fundamentally dumb
man it's gotta be tough living in a world where nobody agrees with you
well the main reason i havent finished cyber city is because they are all guys

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Find a flaw.

Hint of Professionalism: you are unable
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Her series is shit.
goofy eyelashes
she's more likely to fuck you than she is to let you fuck her, and I mean that in the worst way possible

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ITT: meme studio
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Why Ufotable and not Trigger, which is the textbook definition of meme studio?
Forced studios
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So when is Is this a zombie getting that third season? It's still coming out, right?
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I doubt that we'll get another season.
Eu is best girl btw.
File: IMG_1736.jpg (78KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't see why not, it's only been a few years
It's been that long?
Jeez I feel old.

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