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>New Isekai
>MC is a rapist
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>New Isekai
>MC is a truck
>New isekai
>MC is killed in the first episode and it becomes just a regular old fantasy story
thats not uncommon at all in issekai

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Just a reminder your waifu is a shit
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tfw ive only ever had three waifus
tfw theyre all on this chart

rias -> maki -> horo

also fuck you horo is pure
She is not there. Baaaka

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What does /a/ think of older, dominating-type lady?
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theyre ok cute small girls with medium tits are better
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Very good, but it's better if they have dicks.

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Is there any forum/group which accepts or considers suggestions for manga to translate?
I have the raws of some obscure stuff I think is pretty good, but since it's so unknown people can't decide wheter to translate or not.
And sending requests to groups which are already busy doesn't work TBQH
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You pay__ them.
Dump what you have and hope for an anon to take interest.

>this is considered fat in Japan
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that is considered fat anywhere but the US
No, Faggot.
Starving girls have weaker judgement skills and are more likely to do strange things for money.

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Why does anime have such shitty worldbuilding compared to pretty much any other medium?
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Really? I think anime tends to have pretty good world build, but shit narratives and character writing.
People enjoy things actually happening in anime instead of half hour expositions on economy and politics.
because japanese know nothing of the outside world

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Can Shelter be considered as an anime ?
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Can it be? Yes.
It can't because it is
It's literally animated by Japanese animators. So no matter what your definition of anime is, it should definitely count as an anime. Porter's only associated with the song. The animation itself is Japanese so you weebs can just admit it's anime.

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> [HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - 10 [720p].mkv
Get ready for comfy
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Reminder the OST is out now.
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Shoujo prince full power
He is an actor after all

>main characters are in love with each other
>they never kiss or even confess clearly their feelings in years

WTF is their problem? I feel kinda scammed.
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He isnt in love
Shou-chan belongs to Ueno
Ueno didn't even love Shouya.

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any1 hyped for MAPPA's Kakegurui?
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Can't wait for hayamin to use her crazy voice
What's their current big dick project as far as TV anime goes? This or Altair?
she sounded p fucking demented in the trailer and I love it

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well, starting with Amano today
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cardcaptor sakura made me want to have a little sister to bully.
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Does it also make you want to have a gay fuckbuddy?
I was under the impression he had a sister complex personally. I can see how some people would ship him with snow rabbit though, but then that episode where he dates his sister's clone exists.
>I can see how some people would ship him with snow rabbit though
They're fucking canon.

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What's your stance on sneks?
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Snek genocide when?
is it a crime to love a snek?
I hate snakes.
Kill them all.

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Special screening already finished and got great praise, among comments about the screening:
As expected of big brother
It was super funny
Big brother to the space
As expected big brother is too strong its not fair
Cute first half and last half is battle
The presentation of magic was amazing
As expected of big brother
Garnidelia theme song was the best
Bathing swimsuits and the expected steam!
The end is as expected of big brother

* Looks like Oniisama fights in space too
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Is there an animator list?
official site just lists the animation studio 8bit
Praise Jesus.

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I summon Trickstar Lycorissica and set a card.
i attack with koumori dragon
I place 1 litre of petrol face up and ignite it.

Your move

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