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Best time of the week.
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She's going to be okay, right?

This whole experience isn't going to scar her too deeply right? It won't haunt her, seeing the man she loves choose another woman, right? She'll be fine in a few weeks, right? She won't do anything stupid right?

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who's this?
Funny you mention her anon, I was just thinking about her.

I always really liked her character and wished she was more prevalent.
Mamika from re: creators

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Anastasia is a sex bomb
Banana eating slut
I need an Ana thread in my life

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Kill Me Baby thread
Season 2 when?
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Same season as Kaiji S3, Nichijou S2, Daily Life of Highschool Boys S2, Highschool of the Dead S2, and Yotsuba&! S1.
No hope.

Will they ever let her work as a VA again or is she barred for life?

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Let's settle this once and for all.

Does he love her?
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>Toriyama: Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that [Vegeta holds his family and wife dear]. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.
He did in dragon ball og
As much as his brain-damaged self could.

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Asterisk yuri spin-off anime when?
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Not soon enough, especially if we could see Claudia bully Julis sexually.
1 > 4 > 3 > 2
Slutella an rakudaifags are shit
I want to fuck Kirin.

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Wow. It took them a mere 2 episodes to get to the same point as Evangelion. It might not be as pretty to look at without the harem aspect but I'm sorry for making fun of you gundam lovers out there. All you chuuni lovers will still be able to self insert in 0079 as you did with EVA.
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Wait until you get to the good gundam series
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Worst Girl.jpg
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Gundam's a fun ride m8, enjoy yourself.

Also, don't believe her lies.

>captcha: archisan ZETA
>I have ADHD so any development can't be more than 2 episodes max

Cool blog post, kid.

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FMA is 10 times better than HxH.
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What a massive bullshit. It's 5 times better at best.
10 times 0 is still 0.
It's not even slightly better.

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He just wanted to turn back the time
>your plan is retarded you will destroy the world
>dont care, i wanna

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What's next for /ourguy/ Roba-chan?

Chapter 17 Niggastream:

Chapter 18 raws:
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> Aphrodisiac tongue

this is what I believe the average /a/ user looks like
Karen-chan is a BITCH

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WOW, how come nobody is talking about this?!
Budget for this must´ve been insane!!!
There were shit-ton of threads about animation of that fight in BnHA two weeks ago but there isn´t any thread about this fight???
What´s wrong with you /a/?
BSM just saved this season...
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At least try to be ironic after the subs come out you fucking retard.
I can't tell if this is sarcastic or not
What a shitty quality.

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What did they mean by this?
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It looked cool.
Christian symbolism is cool
Nothing just like Anno said. It is not Crime and Punishment, the plot was written by people who know nothing about Christianity.

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>No Ochako thread
What are you guys, faggots?
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Ochako makes cam videos for money
I got my dick sucked by a guy last night, so I might be gay.
Like your sister?
You're a fåggot

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Why do people like Jojo Part 4? Everywhere I go I see people say its one of their favourite parts but after just finishing Part 3, it seems like its taken a dip in quality in both animation, style, and music. The OP and ED is shite, and the town plot is boring.
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>still animeonlyfag
>not like Crazy noisy bizarre town
Because sweet slice of life with a touch of DUWANG. Also, read the fucking manga instead of watching the shitty anime.

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You're waifu or husbando is your princess! Be sure to treat them like one anon!

Lets get things rolling

How would they react to breaking something expensive by accident?

How would they react to you breaking something expensive by accident?

How would they try to cheer you up?

What helps make your relationship with your loved one unique compared to others? Is there anything different that you do together?

Do they inspire you?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all super mega awesome yo

Also, if you want to know more about another anons waifu ask away! And have fun!
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-Expensive? She'd be depressed about it, but probably wouldn't pay it much mind. As for the reverse, I'd probably be even worse, though she'd be a bit more reassuring. I mean, it's only an object.

-Alone time. We'd go off to someplace private for some gentle reassurance.

-I doubt it's all that unique, really. Most are able to express/support their relationship better. I just do what I can in lieu of that. Writings and all that.

-Yes. I doubt I'd be where I am if she hadn't come into my life. Even now I can still hear her cheering me on.

How judgemental is your special one? Are they more than willing to accept, or are they quick to scrutinize?
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I think if I tried treating her like a princess she'd expect it more often and ask me to do things because she couldn't be bothered, haha.

>How would they react to [you] breaking something expensive by accident? How would they try to cheer you up?
Depends on what it is, really.
If it's something which can be fixed, she'd probably try to pretend nothing's wrong before sheepishly asking if I can have a look at something because she 'may' have broken it. Chances are we could figure something out if it's salvagable.
If it was, I'd probably start figuring out how to fix it right after breaking it, so she'd be a little confused and alarmed when she gets in and sees me in the kitchen with something in pieces trying to figure out instructions about how to fix it.
If it isn't though, she'd probably get a little upset about how it was expensive and we can't afford a replacement and she doesn't know what to do. To which I can just pat her head and tell her it'll be fine because we'll manage without whatever it is. If I broke it, I'd probably get my cheeks pulled on and called an idiot for doing it, though I'd probably have to make up for it somehow with the next paycheck in some way.

Unless it's a game console or PC. Then we both kinda freak out and start finding ways to afford to fix it. It's reaaaally lucky that consoles these days like to use the cloud for save files.

I don't really imagine either of us get too wound up over it happening and we get over it reasonably quick, if it was something exclusive and rare then we might be a little more upset, but we'd probably just relax for the evening together and poke the other in the face if they sigh about it happening. There's also being able to treat the other to either food or something dumb related to what was broken, such as imitating something related to what was broken if it was a figure/merch/manga/anime.

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