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Would eat her meat.
Garbage series.
I liked the anime ending. Not that it ever would have happened, but it could have set up for a Kino road-trip sequel of sorts

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How do we fix her?
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Why fix perfection
Judgement from above
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Times when the hero uses his skills to narrowly survive death?
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I don't remember Gear Fourth looking like that.

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He didn't deserve it
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He truly didn't. Fuck Guts, Donovan broke no laws.
Donovan did. Also, Gambino didn't own Guts' ass to sell it. Dono basically bought stolen goods
Fuck off faggot, he was looking after Guts. There were no adoption laws or anything. Donovan broke no laws and was viciously murdered.

Pluto anime confirmed?

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The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is happening right now in France, and anime production entreprise Genco has a booth here. They're displaying some of their works, and among them is a poster of characters from Pluto. The character design seems to fit an anime production.
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When will OL(Office Loli) become a thing?
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In three weeks.
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I don't think that's legal desu
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I want it

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Name a better bro this season.
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I had to read the manga to get the details in between but Warabi is pretty based, she's currently my favorite Five Swords
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>he doesn't watch twin angel

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New yuri James Bond anime this season

>The stage is set during the 19th century London, in its capital where a wall divides the east and west of the Kingdom of Albion. Five high school girls, who enrolled in the prestigious Queens May Fair School, are involved in spy activities that involve disguise, infiltration, car chase, and more. These girls take advantage of their special abilities and fly around the shadow world.
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The only thing that looks good next season.
So, the guy responsible for Code Geass is behind this?
I look forward to it. Hope it doesn't get shitposted to death like their last show.

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I'll humor you, anon.

RPG mechanics are a pox on isekai that must be stopped.
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>My Harem of Ssssexy Girls Keep Destroying My House!?!?
A Minecraft isekai, would you watch it?
Oh /a/, when will you ever learn to not poat the same shit threds every day without even adding the smallest amount of a contribution yourself?

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Okay, this is Oreimo 2.0 with more fanservice
>tfw Kirino wins again.
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It's better than Oreimo
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truly the AOTS
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Who else wants a new Ranma 1/2 series?
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I don't.and actually I think that's a stupid idea. What we got was really good and it doesn't need a remake or a sequel or anything.
>a new Ranma 1/2 series?
So new manga, new anime, new movies, etc?

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>finally find a manga where all the girls are delinquents
>the art is fucking ugly
This is some horrific monkey's paw bullshit isn't it?
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Those just look like gyaru to me.
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Gyaru often are delinquents, but here have a traditional Sukeban.
That art is great.

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Just watched the first episode of this after putting it off for so long. I already regret not watching it alongside /a/...
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At least you can watch the confirmed sequel with everyone.
That garbage is not even anime
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It was a magical time.

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Why can't Nips make good anime anymore? why is it always moeshit after moeshit?
Don't they realize they're killing anime with the amount of moeshit they produce each season?
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Kill yourself.
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Why can't they make good anime like Cowboy Bebop anymore???
Is this the before 2000-s anime thread ?

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