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Anime from the Dead

btw Rei-chan doesn't look that much different than the zombies behind her with that retarded look in her eyes.
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>We are the Highschool of the Dead
The artist needs to step up and push for getting the series renewed in serialization. Hopefully Daisuke left behind some notes on how the story should progress because the artist by himself isn't a great writer.
By scanning the full color volumes.

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I'll start
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He though people were too stupid to connect the dots and realize something was up with a sudden drastic decrease in crime.
Or he just wanted to be seen as a God.
Or both.
Plus it seems he seriously believed that there wouldn't be someone else on the planet smart enough to rival him.
So yeah, no. He fucked up from episode one.
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Why the fuck did he actually do it?
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you know
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Don't pretend you don't know.
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You know why.

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We know that light and dark elves are for rape but what about tanned elves?
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Still elves
fucking hell

those tits are amazing
Half rape

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It finally happened. RIP in peace /opg/.
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Carrot will get a raid suit and eat the snow fruit
pudding his heart broken, the only person who lovs her third eye is with another woman.
Luffy x Boa Hancock
Zoro x Nico Robin
Sanji x Nami

All the other ships can go fuck themselves

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For anyone who still cares, volume 4 extras are out. In Korean though

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And in English.
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Gochiusa?
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Great threads.

Intelligent discussions.

High quality memes.

The BEST fanbase on /a/.

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S3 when?
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more ari ozawa engrish?
Yes, when. I must know whether Kuroki wins the Senabowl.
Sold like shit, so never.


Whats the appeal of autism?
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She is not going to go fuck around if she is too socially retarded to meet other people
It's the complete opposite of being a normie and normies are boring.
She's cute and has interesting hobbies. If I wasn't already married to Maki I'd be interested.

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Scans out; will dump
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>tfw there will never be kaiji s3 because s2 sold like shit
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Just read the manga

S2 was shit too, 26 episodes that should've been 8
I've read all the manga, but the current arc translation is 100 chapters behind the japanese release
>implying I'm smart enough to understand simplified mahjong

Which one /a/?

Are the left two's shows worth watching?
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pink is basically infinite stratos minus mecha, it's not bad. Anti magic platoon was a little interesting, but it got shitty.
Honestly all three of them were bad.

It's all been down hill, in terms of battle harems, since Absolute Duo and World Break.
What time does tanmar worth watching

Can we agree that JoJo part 4 was perfect besides these 3 things?
>Never explain Josuke blatantly getting saved by his future self
>Josuke never uses his powers to heal Okuyasu's dad
>Make a big fuss finding out who Kira is when they could have just used Joseph to find him(I mean for fucks sake the reason Joseph came into town in the first place was to find Akira, did they forget he was there?)
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I disagree with that second point. Josuke can repair things that are broken, he can't undo genetic mutation. The real sin is that Tonio couldn't cure him.
Didn't he need to work really hard just to cure his wife of cancer or something? Whatever Okuyasus dad has seems worse.
>he can't undo genetic mutation
His power specifically is restore things to a previous state, not just to repair things. It's completely in his powerset to restore the dad to the state he was in before he had Dio's cells.

This might be the most unintentionally fucked up ending ever.
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those eyes are creeping me the fuck out
Don't you just wanna take her home where it's safe, anon?
No I'm pretty sure they intended to fuck up that bad.

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Here comes the important one! For once.

>Chapter 161: Fist Master vs Sword Master

There's a 'pun' here that's really stupid. The words used for "fist master" and "sword master" are both written/pronounced 'kengou'. So it's "Kengou vs Kengou", with the difference being in the kanji.
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>Narrator: At the emission of the light, that place...
>N: Was engulfed in kindness.
>N: Therefore...
>N: Therefore: even stronger... even brighter...
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>N: Even more light...
>N: No...
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>N: Because it creates shadow,
>N: Light is sweet.

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