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Real Akarin posting hours who up
I want to impregnate Akarin~!

New basilisk anime and manga adapting the novel sequel. http://basilisk-ouka.jp/

The original basilisk had some of the most beautiful character designs. They should have continued with that style.
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I dunno man, everything is changed, the sequel is not written by original Yamada, since original Basilisk has no sequel. For the manga adaptation they got some hentai artist. And the studio will probably not be Gonzo who did the first anime.

Will watch ofc but I doubt it will be even half of what the first glorious one was.

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So many bad things wouldn't have happened in Danganronpa if this guy didn't make anime
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lol anime l
To be fair, he couldn't do anything about Junko.

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All that boring rival political family shit is over now and we're back to the main action, finally.
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Stories like this always drag on for so long I don't get how anyone can keep following them.
Yeah but the question is, Akagamins or Impatient Scans?

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When will Japan legalize gay plural marriage?
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I see only one girl.
What color is her hair?

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>tfw autistic powerlevel discussions on /a/ introduced me to one hell of a story
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Dr. West best boy.
I can't argue with that.
The worst part is that you never get to really see those autistic powerlevels in play.

Still good fun though.

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I surprisingly like this show even with its low production value. Guess I'm just weak to bullying plotlines. And I'm interested on the viewpoint of the bystander who's too afraid to speak up against the masses.

And it seems like it's going to be a short and sweet tragedy, which is just right my alley.

Can't wait until the two betrays her.
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Even oncoming traffic tries to bully her. Anyways, they're probably going to be seen by their classmates at the aquarium and then bullied collectively despite trying to be discreet using only e-mail instead of SNS to communicate.
Anyone else thinks the artstyle for this show resembles that educational time travel anime aired a while back? No one watches both either.
Time Travel Shoujo? That had a few consistent viewers and posts each week, whereas Clione no Akari seems mostly DoA.

Also, the art style does seem familiar but I don't think it resembles Time Travel Shoujo. This is the studio's first show too.

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Majino coming xoon!!

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You don't really get to call it "the Movie" when it's the second one.
The video introduced BC Freedom School, with 3 new characters from it

>> No Asparagus
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Why is Ainz going to fake his death? Wouldn't that make the Sorcerer Kingdom look weak to the other nations and would go against their plan of world domination? I don't get it.
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He will come back like jesus
Why has he never once even tried to log out and get back into the real world?
He tried, can't access the options or UI

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Why don't you have a thick urakaka gf
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Hey, calm down
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Because I have no personality and a small dick.

3D women are cancer.

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Which servant would you summon in a holy grail war?
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Anyone of the women who are famous for being "the most beautiful." With command seals, at least my last night would be something remember.
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If I wanna win?

Jesus / Hercules / Thor / "Death"

If I wanna sex?

Helen / Ann frank (nazi role play) / queen dido / some random succubus or siren with the full body of a women / Ronald McDonald

If I wanna win and sex?

Athena / Hera / Archangel Gabriel (male) / mother fucking earth

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Epic crossovers
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No replies in the DB for this post!

You see this and you don't say nothing. Not even a yamete kudasai. And then you have the gall to homolust for him in his sleep?
What do you have to say for yourself Nisaka-kun?
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Where's my government assigned wife?

this is the best show of a season. and you cannot do anything about it
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Maybe when it stops being Kou Game, and turns back into being New Game.

>When the MC is fighting the main villian and the OP theme starts playing
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>when it's the S1 OP in the S2 finale

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