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ITT mangas that have a clear indication that best girl will win, regardless if it is ongoing or not
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Kami nomi

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But I already do.
I hate it!

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Thank You Crabman
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>that lab
>labcoat man
fuck i dont trust any of this
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so it was suu's mom all along, but that monster form, where have i seen it?
in any of it seems like we got some foreshadow to rachnees mom from 53 so finally my girl rachnera can be in the spotlight at least for two chapters
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>pages 11 and 12

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A beauty smile like a rose.
A super star who's too dazzling.
A shining face that's sparkling.
I won't let anyone get pass me up.
An idle kiss that sends my heart.
I make perfect jumps, no matter when.
A sparkly heart that makes your heart stir.
Grow up! Grow up! I will forever.
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Is this character from fairilu or jewelpet?
Winx Club.
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How do you want it to end?
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I think that's isdero or whatever his name is

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Why are JCs the ideal?
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Now that Mary is confirmed for shit, can anything stand up to Yuasa-sama?
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Lmao poor man's ponyo
Ponyo is retroactively a poor man's Lu after this masterpiece.
Where can i watch it.

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3x3 Thread
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littlest pet shop
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I won't let your shit joke go unnoticed.

So, Mizukami is making incest manga now?
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...just because they're the main characters.

LNshitters also tend to apply to this, though there are some notable exceptions.

Why? Why is Japan so fixated with the idea that even bland, boring as shit generico federicos will be loved so long as they're the main characters?

Obviously these two take the cake, but there are more. Post them.
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The funny thing is that these two are still less bland than the main cast of KnK. At least Mitsuha and Taki have personalities, KnK defines its cast over disabilities with them having hardly any personal traits. I though Kimi no na wa was overrated but after I saw KnK I realized that that movie truly takes the cake.

As for your question: most shonen mains. Naruto, Gon, Goku, Luffy, nice upbeat always happy boy who wants to make friends. Very unique and imaginitive. Mika from IBO comes to mind as well.
>the show/movie expects you to care about ...just because they're the main characters.


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Why are all the best girls always the one who aren't focused on?
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They aren't you're retarded.
You're a contrarian
If they got any focus, they'd stop being best girl for you.

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This announcement brings us to 27 light novels, with the introduction of:
Shinomonogatari 1 (Deathstory)
Shinomonogatari 2 (Deathstory)

The anime is about to air volume 17. We have a lot more to go. Is Nisioisin milking?
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He started milking the franchise volumes ago. There is literally no reason as to why he should still be writing for this series. Just give us the Bat end and finish it already.
Nisio has been milking it since the Off Season.
He still making Zaregoto/Katana spin offs. He just likes writing about characters in the worlds he created.

If he was only doing monogatari I can understand the milking but if ppl buy it why not? He has like 2 new novel franchise out also.

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I'm still mad, Kohacka.
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>almost shooting your crush to avoid her discovering your porn stash
The Old West was a different time.
On that note, the deputy is going to get a girlfriend before Evans isn't he?
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At the rate Evans is burning his own flags, yeah. His only chance is with the bounty hunter because she's the only one persistent enough to stick through his antics.
Yeah, that's something Evans will never get to do.

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