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This motherfucker right here is hiding his power level. This guy just screams final boss
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Do you like Elves?
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Only if they're blue
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IRL Elf.

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Reposting from last thread:

Query: If you could pick which category you fit into, which would you choose? http://www.strawpoll.me/13483327

I'll list the categories and notable Hatsu for speed readers.

Enhancer: Most notable Hatsu are Gon's Jajanken Rock and Ovu's Big Bang Impact. Both of these are really strong punches. This is the really strong punch choice. Also good for not dying to rockets.

Transmutation: Most notable Hatsu are Hisoka's Bungee Gum and Killua's Godspeed. You transmute your nen into whatever.

Emission: Most notable Hatsu are Franklin's Nen Bullets and Razor's Nen Balls. You use long distance nen. This is the ki blast option, mostly, although not always.

Conjuration: Most notable Hatsu are Kurapika's Chains and Kite's Crazy Slots. You summon a thing.

Manipulation: Most notable Hatsu are Sharlnark's Black Voice and Illumi's Needles. You manipulate living and non-living objects.

Specialization: Most notable Hatsu are Chrollo's Skill Hunter and Neon's Lovely Ghostwriter. This is the category for everything else. If you like stealing powers, pick this.
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I like Bill. I hope he can deal with Benjamin's guy.
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Hes gonna job man

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Shitflinging between 99 and remakefags is nothing new but what do you anons think of the old Greed Island OVAs?
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New chapter soon?
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Why does this piece of shit take so long, him and Yoshihiro Togashi need to be locked in a room with a pitbull inches from their crotch...as motivation
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Indeed. Is chapter today?
Read the original. Is better. All of this is filler.

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20 years later and i still don't get it.
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I just never understood the black rose arc. Everything else is crystal clear.
Stupid waito piggu gaijin is not suppossedo to getto supahrioru Japanese storyterring.
I love the black rose arc. Its so twisted. I think it also added a few new tracks the ost that are really awsome

It's coming back....
>"To top off the second anniversary celebration, an important announcement will be made during the broadcast."

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Bleach is shit.
Please, no. The last thing we need is more fucking Bleach.
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I'll only watch if they don't give it back to Pierrot. But while of course they would, I don't think that'll be the announcement.

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The roar of the engine. The smell of burning asphalt and gasoline. The Gs pushing you back in your seat.

You know it can only be one thing...


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Screw you, you reignited my eurobeat addiction

Weekly comic rankings

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>soma still hasn't pulled in 300k
>not using an adblocker
What the hell?
>mobile posting
truly the /a/ we all dreamed of

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show me your edits
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Is this alright?
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How come this is still the best shoujo of the century and it isn't even finished?
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This is not a shoujo, it's a josei
It's not.
It's shoujo, Cookie is a shoujo magazine.
>It's not.
Which one is then?

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(Insert stupid, bait-y general here.)
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>Bakugou smiling
>Todoroki smiling

Look at these best buds

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Is the bunny girl from the opening actually Riko's mom? She has the same white feather and long hair as her, and the eye colors match. She also appears right after the mom disappears and joins the team on adventures to protect her.

It makes a lot of sense.
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This post has to be a pretty high contender for the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read.
"Appears right after the mom disappears"? Anon, Lyza hasn't been seen since Riko was about 2 years old.

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