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It's been over a year already and it still hurts. I don't understand why Subaru would choose a generic waifu bait elf girl with no personality over this caring and faithful yet flawed Oni girl.
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I hate that she'll never be happy.
You can try to revive the threads all you want. If Rem can't become happy because she can't have Subaru, she is completely deranged and a waifubait. Bye.
That doesn't make any sense. She's just a well developed character with believable motivation and it's believable how she fell in love with Subaru.

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opinions about Ajin?
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I like the anime. The Cg was done very well.
i liked it, was my fav the season it aired
Anime was cancer, manga is great.

ITT: Overrated shit
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I thought that's common knowledge

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Why won't you cherish your bouquet, Okyaku-sama ?!
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Google R/a/dio to listen

Good evening. Welcome to the monthly /a/ stream. I will be your host tonight and I am sorry for you all
Requests are closed for now. I have something else in store for you all.
No, it will not be fun.
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/r/ jaapari park
where the fuck do you niggers live it's 7pm on Thursday for me.
/r/ myonmyonmyonmyonmyon

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There wasn't any deeper meaning to it besides that you should go out and meet more people. All the characters were just archetypes you'd insert someone you knew into so you'd listen closer to the message (except for Asuka)
>but muh waifu
What did you think that scene in EoE was really about?
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Wow, what an idiot. Everyone knows evangelion can't be reconciled with mere human language, Anno's mind gave birth to abstract feels and messages indescribable in the tongue of mere mortals.
literally the only good thing about it is the animation
wew, kids there days are really dumb.
If you think that ''that you should go out and meet more people'' is the main message of NGE than you were asleep during the entire show.
The show is about learning how to love yourself and that even though getting closer to other people can hurt you, it is worth it, life is only worth it if you try to lower your barrier and fears ( your AT field) and try to get along with people and not being a pessimistic retard who doesnt do shit in order for people to like the retard in question. (Shinji expects love without trying to be a better person and helping other people first)
I know this is old bait that has been going on for ages, but incase you are a newfig, there you go.

This line right here adds an extra 20dl of blood to my dick.
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Bubble Girl is cute as heck

Thought she was delicious brown, a bit disappointed she's blue, but whatever

Want some tea?
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нет, иди нахуй
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fuck no
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Hey guys, does anyone know what happened to KissXSis? also general talk about this series, i just finished chapter 112 of the manga and i can't find anything else from there on
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Nothing? Scanlators are two chapters behind if you count the latest one which was released two days ago.
oh really? It's still going? thanks bro for the info, now i need to learn japanese to read this raws
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They didn't drop the series. And they're apparently starting to work on 113 next week.
And since it's a monthly series they should be caught up pretty soon.

Latest chapter is also on the magazine cover, high-res picture over here:

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What are they thinking?
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Mental CPU @100%
So Hikigaya isn't as ugly as he's drawn right?
>they changed the character designs

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At which point mediocre isekai turned into just another seasonal genre?

And why am I enjoying them all?
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Most of the time it's just cute and fun, comfy watching
What we really need is more highschool battle harems.
I had to increase speed to 300% to finish IS
England a best

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Will there ever be another masterpiece like K-ON?
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NNB is already better.
K-On!! and K-On! The Movie

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Too busy raping vampires in space
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Saki deserved to be in a better show.

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Episode 4 in 16 hours
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>Episode 4 Preview (http://fate-apocrypha.com/news/?id=44074)

16 until air or 16 until UTW?
Evil Cat finally getting her deserved screen time

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