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Can anyone identify the groups in each of these photos?

Pretty sure Chaotic Neutral is just a random group of chaos magicians, but there could be more to it

Lawful Good has a very Templar-inspired aesthetic, Lawful Evil is obviously Satanist, possibly Laveyan

Chaotic Evil is particularly ominous

otherwise I'm lost
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How is Memphis-Mizraim "Neutral Good" and OTO is "True Neutral"? What are the criteria they used to make this?
lawful neutral are asatruer
The only 2 I don't recognize are "Neutral Evil" and "Chaotic Evil"

There is no such thing as "good" or "evil" only flesh and the patterns to which we submit it.

There is no "heaven" above or "hell" below us only the here and now and what the flesh can know of it.

There are no "gods" or "devils", "demons" or "angels", just explorers of the further regions of experience. Beings possessed of senses you cannot begin to imagine, appetites you cannot hope to comprehend, many-angled "realities" that even the most fevered minds would not dare dream of. Oh what wonderful sights we have to show you...
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I liked hellraiser also
File: Leviathan.jpg (15KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>There are no "gods" or "devils", "demons" or "angels"
>oh btw have you met our buddy Leviathan?
Can you hear the maddening song what has echoed across the stars since before time immemorial? This song of reality which permits the dream of flesh to persist, the order of chaos which forever battles the absolute lucidity of entropy. Pray that the dreamers never wake.

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The simulation theory, Christianity, tulpas, it all makes sense now. Our universe is just some angel's imagination. We're being changed and customized by our completely controlled environment until we become refined enough to be created in the angelic realm. This "life" is just the planning process. We don't actually exist yet. If we become a good enough idea we are actuated into the creator's realm (heaven). If not we aren't loved and just disappear for eternity (hell).
Good luck /x/ I hope you're all good ideas!
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Holup, we wuz imaginations n shiiet?
Dude, I'm still trying to find the other 4 real people. Now we got angel imaginations to deal with?
Earth is hell.

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So, sacrifices were a part of a lot of cultures. It seems strange that humans in various parts of the world came to the conclusion that sacrifice living creatures would make Gods give them something in return.

If sacrifices did work, why? Did the most loved people need to be sacrificed in order for it to work? Like exchanging currency for goods, are souls considered 'goods' to Gods?

If they didn't, why did people continue to sacrifice things?
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because sacrifice is one of the reasons gods go out into the world and an intrinsic part of the relationship between mortal and god
obviously there are more than one ways of giving up something to a god, you don't have to murder your virgin daughter for god points
Let's sacrifice a nigger to the KFC gods.
So... They were summoning a God, basically? If a God is supreme (or at least supreme to humans), why would he come for anything BUT human sacrifice? That seems to be the most valuable thing you can offer a God.

Share videos that you think are convincing evidence of paranormal activity

I'll start: https://vimeo.com/62642949
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That was spooky
I hope this thread takes off. I love creepy ghost videos.

Lools like it was pushed by some animal, rodent or a cat, my cat tends to get into very weird places in my closed or behind stuff in my cupboards and if he started to move his fat ass there it would look just like this.

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I've fucking solved everything.


Sophia's fear of mortality is our own. We have ourselves given rise to the Demiurge. We have placed blinders on ourselves, lost the ability to perceive the oneness. Kill the demiurge, embrace the oneness. Perceive Indra's Net.
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I'm the demiurge!

No, I'm the demiurge.

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Will the human transformation of Earth cause animals to increase their intelligence and eventually become rational?
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Animals have smaller cerebral cortex, witch is responsible for higher thinking.

lol I said witch.
we also did have small brains
No, you furry faggot.

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...yeah, is it?
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So sad, I hope Pepe is feeling better soon
spirituality always seems to irritate the cynics for some reason
It offers some interesting insights and perspectives but I think those who buy into too much are desperately trying to escape reality and more than often have some kind of mental health issue. A thirst for knowledge often comes from the insecure who want to appear that they know something and want to appear more than what they actually are.
It's not quite bullshit. There is signal in human communications. It's just... there are also ways to fake signal. Spirituality is full of 'em, and even honest people who learn too much of it can lose sight of when they're on real signal or fake.

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I was happiest when I was a Christian, but I fell off and became bitter and was drawn to magic and New Age practices. How do I become a Christian again? I'm so unhappy.
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No trick to it, just live by its core principles. You don't have to abide by the dogma of a faith to live by what it represents, contrary to popular opinion.

Do you want some christian juice or somthing? Can't you think a little and realize christianity isn't a telco, just recover your old belief system.

If you're baptized you're in the church registry tho, you never stopped being a christian no matter how much fuckery you did with the new edgy practices.
This is a stupid troll question. You can never get unbaptized so you're stil a Christian.

can someone here read my palm? also explain how does palm reading works?
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It says that you are a massive faggot.
I can see Wendy's in the near future
palms need to be decoded

they are written in griptogram

I had an encounter with the Hat Man last night. After I fell asleep in my recliner while reading, I was awoken a few hours later by a sudden chill. It was a painful, excruciating chill - the temperature outside was in the 60s, but it felt like deep winter. Then I felt a sense of dread. I saw in the corner of the room a broad dark figure. It was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and it was staring at me. I felt fear beyond reckoning. I saw two red eyes manifest in what must have been its face, and I felt them piercing my very soul. Then a high-pitched noise started buzzing from my surround sound speakers - I nearly pissed myself. But then I remembered the Gideons had given me a free pocket Bible earlier that day. With a sudden burst of confidence, I grabbed the pocket Bible and declared "no weapon formed against me shall prosper!" After a few seconds, my lamp turned back on and the temperature returned to normal. The Hat Man was gone...for now. I'm going to Church tomorrow for the first time in years. I need training to fight these powers.
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Grim Reaper
If that really was him/it, that is REALLY REALLY not good.
What do you mean? Why is that?

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have you ever encountered a person with "supernatural" or unusual abilities in real life?
how'd you react?
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i once met a man who had an unusually agressive goldfish as a pet
same but funny thing is the guy i know lived in a dessert

how does that work???
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That unusual. Also my frogass needs some soccer play

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Hey I have a question.

If you love someone and she loves you too. Where do you start in finding each other? You might have met and had that special connection, that one connection.

I know a lot of people talk about oneitis, but I know I found her and she found me.

But the problem is, I don't know where to start looking?
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What? If you found eachother just ask for a location to meet you dumb twat, what even is this?
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Obvious answer is obvious. Sorry OP, better luck next time.

There's no one out there for you.
If you have found why are you searching?

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It is as it is.jpg
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In this thread we post things that have bought us closer to enlightenment or has bought us samsara for even a moment, for a moment is eternity.
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For all Eternity.jpg
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This is Jim Carrey's Interview. Motherfucker is woke.


To find the source of my pic, google some of the statements in the comic and you will find.
Alan watts is the man. Combine his recordings with study and bidda badda bango. You're remembering.

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It's time to wake up.


The collaborate soul is slowly waking. End of the world is just ego death as if you lose everything that describes who and what you are as labeled by others, then would it not be considered death.

As you can observe things outside of you. Who/What observes the thoughts you have?

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what other paranormal sites do you lurk /x/?
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Scp containment breach is always chill
I barely have time to keep up with this one. Of course, all the alternatives are less active than here, but still.
Yeah my husband got me into spc there's sooooo many stories I would like another site though. All I have is this site and I use this 90% for porn 10% paranormal

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