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Hello /x/.

About two years ago I woke up in the middle of the night. I woke up to a low frequency humming sound. I opened my eyes and saw a large shadow being lying on top of me. The humming sound became louder and louder and I couldn't move.

It was like I was forcibly held in place by the entity. I could not move a muscle except for my eyes. I looked up and saw a pair of eyes and teeth. I panicked and tried desperately to move. but could not.

My heart started racing, like if I had just been on a run, and I felt true fear.

The entity got closer to my face and the humming got even louder, almost unbearable.

Suddenly the humming and being was completely gone. And I was still wide awake. I could move again and turned on the lights.

I sat with the lights on for 3 hours in my bed wondering what the hell just happened to me.

Now, two years later, I have started waking up in the night, with the same feeling of fear. It is a very special feeling, not comparable to anything else. I have not seen the entity though, but it worries me that it might return.

Does anyone have any idea of what happened to me 2 years ago? I do not have experience with these kinds of incidents.
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Look up sleep paralysis, it's pretty common. The demon shit's a common meme for it too, just your imagination
Sleep paralysis of the sporadic kind. It wont happen to you to often but you are more likely to hallucinate while having an episode
Not an /x/ poster here, just a tourist but... I've been through this too. It's sleep paralysis. I saw shadowy figures, felt pressure on my chest, movements etc while being unable to move. First time really spooked me out until I learned what it was.
Here's a friendly tip: Sleep on your side, not on your back. Take care.

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I've been looking for a video on youtube that features a series of supposedly found tapes showing a series of bizarre paranormal and undisclosed material. One is about a secluded village in communist Russia of supposed primitive humans with primitive cyborg prosthetics, another of a serial killer who attempted to replace a man who looked identical to him and documented the key points with film, One with spanish divers apparently being dragged under the surface by a strange swimming man, another of a man adrift at sea documenting his solitude, one of mysterious vanishing/teleporting spirit people in the dessert, a world war ii soldier filming mysterious people who walk into the sea and disappear, etc.

In the mean time enjoy these other offerings to come.
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Exit (1990)
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2008 - AM1200.gif
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AM1200 (2008)
Begin Again (2016)

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kys weeb
Get camera from apple fly through.
Thank you.

What is the best creepypasta and why is it NES Godzilla?
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>le haunted vidya games stories
if I remember correctly is not haunted its just a fucked up mod.

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u are a fictional character in another dimension's anime
Both of y'all are fictional characters in MY anime.
It must be a really shitty anime tho

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were schdinger's bear

both stein and stain at the same time

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>born to experience cushy childhood and early adulthood leaving me with little in the way of survival skills and high expectations of standard of living
>shit is going to hit the fan in so many ways its unprecedented

Is this just a fucking joke at our expense? Is there a worse time to be born than in the 90s?
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Yeah, our parents left the world in a shitty condition for us, but is this really /x/ related?
No I mean the september 23rd, the rise of AI, the mutagens in anarctic ice, the one world currency you'll need to augment yourself to use. I'd rather be born in the fucking dark ages desu
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>No I mean the september 23rd
Well, I don't think anything's going to happen there, but AI defiantly scares me.
>I'd rather be born in the fucking dark ages
I wish I could have been born in colonial/early America

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Hey, /x/. Is autism real, or is it just aliens?
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It is real and it came from child abuse from Catholic and Christian men.
Autistic children are vessels for demons. They don't really have souls that's why they act so weird.
On the contrary, a demon would rather possess a more suitable and strong vessel than a.. unstable one.

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>Voice 1
First voice i heard starting 3 months ago. Came in a time i was lonely and she asked me how my day was every evening. DIdn't mind it too much and thought it was brain making up someone to deal with my lonelyness. Weirdest thing i experienced with her was a debate of 3 hours discussing the meaning of life

>Voice 2
Soft whisper voice. Tells me shit about creatures that need to be "freed" , wants me to start a cult and find more members. Actually helped me out once during a test.

>Voice 3
Someone who claims to be my future son , literally came to be a few hours ago and made me make this thread. Talks only about how i sacrificed her mother and doesn't let me talk back.

It's 8:30 am and i'm not able to sleep due to voice 3. How to erase/control him?
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antipsychotics make the voices go away for me.
You should go to the doctor.
No idea, anon.

Personally, whenever I am on the very edge of falling asleep at night, I sometimes hear a female voice saying my name and it freaks me the fuck out.

Just my name, no special way about it. Just kind of like a statement.

I think she just likes fuckin with me. Sometimes it's just so loud, like she's right next to me. The voice doesn't sound like anybody I know either. Weird.

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Does anyone have this weird thing were when i focus my eyes ( not really focus but its like a switch ), i see light like pic related and everything become blurry?
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You are an illusion to yourself my son
But actually ya lol
it's called bokeh and it's just an effect of changing the focal point of your vision by controlling the muscles in your eye

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