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How do I experience an ego death?
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>Get drunk.
>Try suicide.
>You wont do it.
>Drink more till you pass out.
Kill yourself.

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How do I talk to God? I don't mean through prayer, I mean an actual face to face conversation. I've had enough of this suffering he's bestowed upon me and many others, he cannot go unpunished...
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What would you say?
He has to decide to talk to you. You can't just summon Trump on a whim.
"what the fuck is this shit all about bro?"

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Is mbti more accurate than zodiac?
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Zodiac signs are complete nonsense and this is normie-tier popular psychology. So yeah, it should be a tiny bit more accurate.

Does it reveal imprinted patterns in your subconscious?

Is it closely analogous with the archetypical psychology?

Can it explain strange behaviour and events on a daily basis?
A little bit. I'm not too keen on function theory itself and how things like introversion and extroversion, thinking and feeling, etc. are seen as mutually exclusive. Especially the thinking and feeling bit. I don't see each individual type as a definitive label that each person wears, rather as different modalities that people often shift between as situations call for it.

Those who have been abducted, I am privy to some important information. You may have many questions, and I may have the answers. I do know that these "aliens" are false, and are taking advantage of you. They are not what you think, I want to form a group. A community to help safe-guard you from these "things", I tell you now the evil they're committing is great and you're apart of it. So I ask you, may you humbly take my hand so that I might aid you?
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Go on....
You an abductee? This thread is only for that dissemination, as I need to know more about them to provide the proper help.
Guess we don't have many abductee's? Infact I will ask you to contribute first, please drop personal stories as well. Some of the more bizarre ones.

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I think I may have just had an out of body experience? I've never had one before although I have experienced some minor 'psychic' phenomena [spoiler]I've seen/predicted the future a couple of times, eventually I realized they were all car-related. I can share some if you'd like.[/spoiler] But i'm kind of REALLY freaked out after this, it was really bizarre and doesn't seem like any kind of astral projection I've ever heard of. I may even ask /sci/ to debunk it after, because it doesn't seem like ASMR either (which i don't have)

>20 years old
>have traditionally had very vivid/surreal/horrifying dreams (but not always)
>this has ramped up significantly since i moved into my own apartment
>got one a few weeks ago that was a 'looping' dream and was particularly awful
>kept teleporting around my grandma's block, periodically appearing in a square department store with 4 areas
>I'd encounter this bug-like creature that kept "sloughing off" [spoiler]i got this word in my sleep[/spoiler] its skin, revealing a skeleton I couldn't quite make out
>when i'd get to my grandma's porch there were a ton of insect legs there, scattered on the ground, all golden and metallic, they reminded me of a cicada's, almost, or a scorpion's
>wake up with the skin thing on my grandma's lawn
I should add that this is the grandma I don't particularly like, she's still alive as well. At first I thought this was induced by cold medicine, because nyquil/dayquil have always given me horrifically surreal dreams or made me loopy, respectively. But it seems significant after this.

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can you make the sun blink like this guy?
Oh, right, i forgot: no spoilers on /x/. Okay, i'll stop doing that. Anyway, continuing.

>The night before last, I went to sleep at about 4am, and didn't sleep too well as I was a wreck at work the next day
>got a dream about a girl I sort of like, who i'm fairly sure has been trying to flirt with me for a while now (she works in my office)
>the dream is in a house I've never been in before, that seems to have a large number of rooms, all of which are very oddly shaped
>posting on 4chan at a desk on a computer that has an old school CRT monitor for some reason
>the girl looks over my shoulder, i don't want her to see what i'm posting
>she says something i can't quite 'hear', along the lines of 'come hither', like she wants to fuck
>fast forward to us spooning on the floor of that room in a blanket, i try to grab her hips but she doesn't seem to go for it for some reason, even though 'she' wants to
>starts to tell me something, i can't 'hear' her again, but i 'know' that she's talking about how we can't be together because I like someone else (a girl I know IRL, i believe i'm in love with her, we actually went out IRL but broke up after one date because complicated reasons, we haven't spoken since even though we have the same entire group of friends, and I still don't know exactly what the reasons were)
>'says' she knows what's going on with her
>screaming internally at my dream-self to ask her what's going on, but wake up before i can
I think I know what this one was trying to tell me, I'm mostly just including it because it was really vivid. Now for the thing that just happened, (cont.)
>go to sleep on my couch the night after, not remembering what I dreamt about exactly, but a couple of them were "waking up" dreams, like ones where you think you're getting up to go get ready for work/school
>remember going into my room in the dream to see that it's 8:18 (or possibly 8:28, i'm not sure)
>actually wake up, go take a piss and head into my bedroom to check the time as my phone is dead
>it's 8:18 exactly
>dick around for about an hour, take a shower, go get some food
>eat and read some comics, then get super tired because sleeping on my couch is less than ideal for a person as tall as i am, so it didn't really work for me

This is gonna be a long post, so (cont.)

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Okay /x/ which belief system do you subscribe to?

nihilist faggot:
>I am God.
>There is no God.
>Nothing matters.
>I am the chosen one.
>Nothing exists but me.
>I have no responsibilities.

not nihilist faggot:
>I am a rather small creature in the grand scheme of things.
>I still matter and have responsibility.
>God is real and we all emanate from him.
>Even if I were chosen I would never claim to be such a prideful thing.
>All things exist and there is even more beyond what we know possible.
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The real question is what category you fall under
not nihilist faggot
Dis one

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You have five seconds to explain why you haven't smashed your TV to bits if you ever owned one.

Netflix is no excuse. Shit is worse than the regular MK Ultra propaganda.
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I don't own one. They perfected mass thought steering when there were still tubes. By the power of Greyskull. The GABA effect in broadcast. TV is the Lithium, of the masses.
Don't destroy the old world technology grandpa. Donate to the local museum instead.
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What's MK ultra propaganda?


>When you're dropping red pills to fluoridated people
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Just burn all the cities. We don't need them. Be sure to remove Jim first.
>when you're dropping STDS on normal girls with your toxic cock
>When you're a deranged has-been that has taken too many drugs and thinks he's smart because of it

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Explain it to me x/phile, why aren't you walking around with a Satan's Relay on your head for fun and profit yet?
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>The tefillin are to serve as a reminder of God's intervention at the time of the Exodus from Egypt. Maimonides details of the sanctity of tefillin and writes that "as long as the tefillin are on the head and on the arm of a man, he is modest and God-fearing and will not be attracted by hilarity or idle talk; he will have no evil thoughts, but will devote all his thoughts to truth and righteousness." The Sefer ha-Chinuch (14th century) adds that the purpose of tefillin is to help subjugate a person's worldly desires and encourage spiritual development. Joseph Caro (16th century) explains that tefillin are placed on the arm adjacent to the heart and on the head above the brain to demonstrate that these two major organs are willing to perform the service of God.
This kind of has promise but is mostly just a gigantic word salad. Do you have anything better, dude?
I'll break it down. The Teffilin as worn by modern observant Jews as a relic of lost technology. Or maybe a satanic worship of sorts...

From weather control to simulation theory and back to 911 it's all been a lie. What is the truth

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>From Waco to Paris, and back to the World Trade Center. It's all been live.

>From Columbine to black helicopters and back to Jet fuel isn't hot enough to melt diamonds. It's all been fine.

>From Mcdonald's, to Wendy's and back to Carl Jr's., It's all been fried.
that the earth is round
The truth that they don't want you to know is that we are pure energy beings. By making you fear things, even made up stuff, they bring down the vibrational energy level of your consciousness. By making you focus on the material, they bring your consciousness down as well. The elites are astral parasites, just like any other negative being. They know what humans could become if we all just lived peacefully, focused on the spiritual positivity of what we truly are.

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Do you feel in charge?

There were giants in rural France up into the 1940's. AFAIK, the Nazis killed them off.

They had already converted to Christianity, according to the story of Olentzero.

About to go the a makeshift burial site for Native folks. How do I respect the spirits while there?
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how about you just dont go
That's not an option.
Are you a white person? If so they'll hate you no matter what you do. Take some thing for protection.

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What's the least amount of evidence that would make 75% of humans believe in aliens?
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Nothing will unless they see them on the news and the president acknowledges it. The indoctrination runs THAT deep.

Also there's plenty of evidence, I see more tangible evidence of aliens than of air being real.
Ship lands on the lawn of Buckingham Palace and their Ambassador is received for negotiations by Her Majesty. Total worldwide coverage. Thats what it would take.

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So all current threads are shit except for >>19576084 so lets have a nice comfy greentext thread
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can't let this thread go

Can you provide some examples of your psychic gift.
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Oh, I do. For example, I can predict when my father comes back from work based on his schedule. I can also sometimes predict weather by looking at the sky. I call it anticipation. I'm also predicting you won't be very happy with this answer. It's almost unbelievable, isn't it?
I can change stop lights at will by jumping realities. I can predict things by saying them accidentally before they happen or manifest them (either or). ALl i know is that every possible outcome is entangled and the minds eye is sometimes able to jump quantum realities.
>be stuck in traffic
>behind 3 cars
>change realities
>now i view the light as green
>honk my horn
>people look at me like im an idiot
>they still see it as red
>mfw they are the idiots

sure bud

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