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Where can I learn Harry Potter-esque magic?
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Never shower or brush teeth and drink profusely
Film school.

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Im a black serpent.

Dont ask me anything!
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How are you doing?
im trying to control somebody
How so?

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Why the did God get so angry over the Tower of Babel?? Everybody was getting along, working together, and God decides, "you know what would be better? Thousand of years of war and prejudice."

God also says (in Genesis) that this nation of people are capable of literally anything. Is he just afraid their collective efforts might make them his equal?

Also, why does God repeatedly refer to himself as "us" in Genesis? Even when hes describing his divine acts of creation, he occasionally calls himself "us".

And why did God need to rest on the 7th day? He literally formed the world with words, demanding it to form itself, and he's an all-powerful being, but he gets tuckered out?

Also, why does he ask Adam if he ate the fruit and Cain if he killed Abel, as if he doesnt know? Is it just because he wants them to admit it?
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Old testament is just nuts in general, don't think too much about it. The hebrew God was just into random acts of dickery.
Yeah I know right. And also since there is absolutely no evidence for the building site of this postdilluvian structure of monumental proportions I am lead to believe just maybe, its all a bunch of bullshit?

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The christfags are going to finally fuck off when NOTHING happens on the 23 ? Or at least they would leave the not jew-god religious threads alone ?

I'm a God, there are other gods, ancients gods were ancient powerful aliens and there is nothing you can do to make me kneel to your god. FUCK OFF
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I'm a Christian who says nothing will happen on Sept 23.

Don't generalize.
I'm sorry but, did you just admit that you're going to continue being a faggot no matter what doesn't happen?
Look more roleplaying.

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The more you have trust in yourself, the more your will can influence reality. So, how can you trust yourself more ?

How can you rise your self trustiness ? Lifting and running helps a lot in the beginning but what else, sigils, rituals ?


This kind of trust seems to be different than having high self-steem and confidence in yourself. When you have high confidence in yourself you can easily talk to attractive girls and if they reject you, you say fuck; them they miss it.

But when you trust yourself you know that what you are doing is going to turn great and the obstacles are going to bend according to your objective. Is like having certain degree of confidence that your will is going to influence reality so you can archive your goal. Maxwell Haltz in his book psycho-cybernetics calls this "the wining feeling"
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Fuck off chrisfag
>muh sky fairy

this isn't 1300 you fucking retard, stop forcing this meme already

I think I get it, I've been working since the eclipse. It's a groove, or a personalized path. You wake up; shit-shower-shave, maybe some breakfast; and something happens. You're moving to your own music. Bounce in your step and everything. It's pretty cool. I'm working on expanding on it.

What would happen to you If you deeply meditated for 48 hours straight in a sensory deprivation tank?
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Spontaneous human combustion.

oh jeeez BRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPP you really made me think with that one WHEEEEEEEEEZE *fart AWWWWWW HSSSSEHEEEEEEEEYYt SO ORIGINAL phspftfffffffffffffffffftt
Depending on the type of person you are, it could range from almost nothing except getting really hungry to ascertaining novel and deep inner truths that guide your spiritual development

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>God can BTFO you
>This means he is completely benevolent and also the ultimate divinity

I don't see this logic. It seems something unambiguously prophetic and divine could happen and we still wouldn't know whether this is all just some phoneshit in a higher plane. The bible itself involves mostly God kicking people's asses or having various jews do it for him with few incidences of kindness. I have to say, I'm not hopeful.
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You're still alive aren't you? You still have consciousness don't you?
yes and yes, unfortunately but what is your point?
Specious Christian bullshit is his point.

Those who seek higher power to elevate them are stuck in a spiritual cage of their own making

They lean on their primitive yearning for a protector and guiding hand, and there yearning keeps them spiritually safe, secure, and stagnant.

Your logic is correct. Just because God is a powerful spirit does not mean it is just, benevolent, or beneficial for your development. Just like in the real world, you have to bow before entities with the ability to revoke your permission to exist, but only until you attain enough power that they cannot harm you any longer.

So, in short, worship and fear God, but always plan ahead for yourself, not for it.

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same reason why the op is always a faggot
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Due to the higher flood risk, low income housing is often built in low lying areas. And just like lightning is attracted to the highest location, tornados all move down hill.
>tornado goes over brick house with 22" thick walls. No damage. No reason to report it.
>tornado goes over portable, lightweight housing that's literally on a trailer 3 feet off the ground. Does major damage.
ZOMG!!! Tornados only attack trailer parks!!!!

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So as we know, there's going to be a lot of let down anons on September 24. Let's try to be kind and loving, okay? Curb the "I told you so"s and "AHAHAHAHA NOTHING HAPPENED"s and just welcome them back into the warm lubricated folds of /x/'s vaginal canal.

Seriously, they already will be dealing with massive emotional upheaval upon realizing that all their preparations and expectations were for nothing - do we really need to exacerbate that by telling them they're fucking idiots? It's unnecessary.

I love you, September 23 anon. Please don't feel too bad when nothing happens. It's okay, we've all been let down by something in life.
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>christians call me a reprobate for months and telling me to repent
>I cant call them out on their bullshit when they are proven wrong

Fucking double standards m8
Consider this: they truly believe, TRULY, that if you do not repent to (their version of) God within the next week, you are going to hell for eternity. They literally, truly believe that!! So can you blame them for wanting to save you for eternal damnation?

I'm totally okay if someone tries to evangelize me. In their eyes, they are doing the highest good. In my eyes, they are deluded. I can let them be deluded in peace.

Freudian slip haha

how would one animate a inanimate object so that it can move on its own free will
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you mean like
a puppet?
i mean like bringing a puppet to life
>i mean like bringing a puppet to life
God would have to breathe Life into it, which is the presence of His Holy Spirit.

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” - Genesis 2:7

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