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I read that the pineal gland is involved in the metabolism of common anti-depressants.
Perhaps this metabolism is linked to it's calcification.
Is it possible, then, that They want to increase the diagnosis of depression - and the subsequent administering of anti-depressants to the population - in order to ensure 100% pineal calcification rates?
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Pineal gland calcification isn't a real thing. Calcification refers to one specific thing: accumulation of calcium salts. The crystallization we see in pineal glands doesn't appear to be calcium at all, but does very much appear to be a natural part of the aginf process, which can be demonstrated by comparing the pineal glands of individuals of varying ages, across cultures. You will find a similar phenomenon in 3rd world countries and in the brains of humans who dies without ever making contact with the civilized world. Because it appears to be universal, and the only logical common cause for this is the natural processes involved in aging.
>entirely aging
That just makes me more curious what would happen in someone who reversed it. Aging is the foe of ages! Maybe the pinneal gland has a secret yet to be unlocked.
>Pineal gland calcification isn't a real thing.
"Calcification of the pineal gland is typical in young adults, and has been observed in children as young as two years of age.[30] The calcified gland is often seen in skull X-Rays.[30] Calcification rates vary widely by country and correlate with an increase in age, with calcification occurring in an estimated 40% of Americans by their 17th year.[30] Calcification of the pineal gland is largely associated with corpora arenacea, also known as "brain sand"."

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how to time travel?
its pretty important need to save myself
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Would also like to know this
There is no time travel, time does not exist.

You are fucked. Good luck. .
I've been thinking about this for a while. It's obvious we can go forward with ease. You could sleep for 8 hours and wake up to a whole new day, and it'd only feel like you were out for a second. You could be put under by drugs. Cryogenically frozen, though this one less so.

To go back, though... You'd have to stop existing at this point in time, I think. You'd have to die and be able to hold yourself together after death. Like a ghost, but something a little more concrete than that. A ghost is just lingering emotion or something caught in a loop, slipping into our dimension. But a person who is dead and still remains aware... I think they could go back.

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What does /x/ think of labels (or spells or whatever you want to call them)? Do you think they're fixed by divine right of whoever made the language, or can anyone define anything within a single context and this fact should be acknowledged so we aren't manipulated?
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Labels aren't spells, retard. Learn to word or nobody will be able to talk to you.
(Since I don't expect anyone to have the sensitivity to parse such a delicate message, I'll clarify. Your answer is "the question is stupid, the answer is neither". You have to communicate in ways people can comprehend, or there's literally no point. Changing the words around constantly indicates incompetency, not competency, and it will slaughter your memetic transmissibility.)
Kek, get baited, kid. I called them spells just to trigger label pedantics. Of course they aren't spells in the common vernacular.

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island earth.png
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its not flat earth
its not globe earth
its island earth.
infinite plane of water.
one island.
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>one island
You're fucking retarded.
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>The Earth is a videogame map where if you go out of bounds it's just water or untextured bullshit
now u get it
big rigs
we have to become big rigs

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Binaural beats, meme or real???
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Meme and real.
More like a real meme
Binural beats put you in a trance and make you feel unsettled
Anything you hear beyond that is bullshit

Can anyone identify the groups in each of these photos?

Pretty sure Chaotic Neutral is just a random group of chaos magicians, but there could be more to it

Lawful Good has a very Templar-inspired aesthetic, Lawful Evil is obviously Satanist, possibly Laveyan

Chaotic Evil is particularly ominous

otherwise I'm lost
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How is Memphis-Mizraim "Neutral Good" and OTO is "True Neutral"? What are the criteria they used to make this?
lawful neutral are asatruer
The only 2 I don't recognize are "Neutral Evil" and "Chaotic Evil"

There is no such thing as "good" or "evil" only flesh and the patterns to which we submit it.

There is no "heaven" above or "hell" below us only the here and now and what the flesh can know of it.

There are no "gods" or "devils", "demons" or "angels", just explorers of the further regions of experience. Beings possessed of senses you cannot begin to imagine, appetites you cannot hope to comprehend, many-angled "realities" that even the most fevered minds would not dare dream of. Oh what wonderful sights we have to show you...
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I liked hellraiser also
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>There are no "gods" or "devils", "demons" or "angels"
>oh btw have you met our buddy Leviathan?
Can you hear the maddening song what has echoed across the stars since before time immemorial? This song of reality which permits the dream of flesh to persist, the order of chaos which forever battles the absolute lucidity of entropy. Pray that the dreamers never wake.

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The simulation theory, Christianity, tulpas, it all makes sense now. Our universe is just some angel's imagination. We're being changed and customized by our completely controlled environment until we become refined enough to be created in the angelic realm. This "life" is just the planning process. We don't actually exist yet. If we become a good enough idea we are actuated into the creator's realm (heaven). If not we aren't loved and just disappear for eternity (hell).
Good luck /x/ I hope you're all good ideas!
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Holup, we wuz imaginations n shiiet?
Dude, I'm still trying to find the other 4 real people. Now we got angel imaginations to deal with?
Earth is hell.

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So, sacrifices were a part of a lot of cultures. It seems strange that humans in various parts of the world came to the conclusion that sacrifice living creatures would make Gods give them something in return.

If sacrifices did work, why? Did the most loved people need to be sacrificed in order for it to work? Like exchanging currency for goods, are souls considered 'goods' to Gods?

If they didn't, why did people continue to sacrifice things?
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because sacrifice is one of the reasons gods go out into the world and an intrinsic part of the relationship between mortal and god
obviously there are more than one ways of giving up something to a god, you don't have to murder your virgin daughter for god points
Let's sacrifice a nigger to the KFC gods.
So... They were summoning a God, basically? If a God is supreme (or at least supreme to humans), why would he come for anything BUT human sacrifice? That seems to be the most valuable thing you can offer a God.

Share videos that you think are convincing evidence of paranormal activity

I'll start: https://vimeo.com/62642949
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That was spooky
I hope this thread takes off. I love creepy ghost videos.

Lools like it was pushed by some animal, rodent or a cat, my cat tends to get into very weird places in my closed or behind stuff in my cupboards and if he started to move his fat ass there it would look just like this.

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