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>Joss Whedon reworked about 40% of the movie to be more lighthearted and straightforward after poor test-screenings. Lex Luthor and Deathstroke have been cut, but Henry Allen and Darkseid will still appear.


>Based on the "Throne of Atlantis" storyline. King Nereus and Black Manta are the main villains and are responsible for the war between Atlantis and the surface, while Orm is a sympathetic antagonist who just wants to protect his home. Nereus was also made into Mera's father.


>Based on the "Curse of Shazam" storyline. Doctor Sivana is the villain. James Marsden is the current frontrunner to play Shazam, with Joshua Sasse and Jack Reynor also in the mix. Actors with comedic timming are being favored. John Cena was approached, but negotiations fell through. Ben Mendehlson and Hugo Weaving are being eyed for Sivana. Jaeden Lieberher, Max Charles and Ty Simpkins among contenders for Billy Batson.


>Script development. Matt Reeves will direct. Original story described as a "murder mystery". Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons and J.K. Simmons confirmed to return. Joe Manganiello will no longer appear as Deathstroke. Hugo Strange will be featured, but there's no word on whether he's the main villain. Eyeing a 2019 release date.


>Script development. Patty Jenkins will direct. Set in present day. Circe will likely be the villain.
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>Script development. Joss Whedon will write and direct. He plans to create an original female villain for the movie. Batgirl will be 21 years old, and there are plans to cast an unknown actress for the role. J.K. Simmons will appear, but no word on Ben Affleck.


>Script development. Chris McKay will write and direct. Red Hood will be the villain. WB's watchlist for both roles includes Dylan O'Brian, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Dacre Montgomery, James Norton, Jack Lowden, Taron Egerton and Taylor Kitsch, among others. Again, no word on an appearance by Ben Affleck.


>Script development. Black Mask will be the villain. David Ayer is off the project and WB is scouting female directors, including Mimi Leder and Rachel Talatay. Haley Bennett was in preliminary talks for Catwoman under Ayer's direction, but there's no word on whether that's still going on. WB's shortlist for the roles of Catwoman and Poison Ivy include Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Ana de Armas, Kathryn Winnick, Anabelle Wallis, Jessica Chastain, Rosamund Pike, Diane Kruger and Laura Haddock, among others.


>Script development. Gavin O'Connor will write and direct. Plans for it to be a "dark and gritty" spy thriller, avoiding the world-ending stakes of the first movie. There are plans to feature Manganiello's Deathstrke as one of the villains now that he's no longer slated for THE BATMAN. Killer Frost and Multiplex are slated to appear. Katana might not return. The Joker will appear in some capacity, but elements of his and Harley's proposed storyline have been reshuffled to their standalone spin-off.


>Script development. Glen Ficarra and John Reque will direct. Based on the "Mad Love" storyline. Margot Robbie will co-produce. No word on an appearance by Ben Affleck. Jared Leto will appear.
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>Early development. Dwayne Johnson wants his frequent collaborator Brad Peyton to direct. Vandal Savage will likely be the villain.


>Early development. WB is meeting with prospective writers. Brainiac will likely be the villain. There's been talks about bringing back Zack Snyder.


>Script development. Nikolaj Arcel, Mike Flanagan and Trey Edwart Shultz in talks to direct. Andres Muschetti, Damian Szifron, Daniel Espinosa, Gerard Johnstone and Cary Fukunaga have already passed. Numerous script rewrites. Core plot remains centered on John Constantine assembling Zatanna, Etrigan, Deadman and Swamp Thing to fight Anton Arcane. Colin Farrel is the top choice for Constantine.


>Based on the "Secret Origin" storyline. Older veteran Hal Jordan mentoring young rookie John Stewart. Watchlist for Hal includes A-listers such as Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Watchlist for Stewart includes up-and-coming actors such as Michael B. Jordan, Dayo Okeniyi and Stephan James. The Manhunters will be the villains. Sinestro will not be feature to distance the movie from the 2011 version.


>Based on the "Flashpoint" storyline. Robert Zemeckis still in talks to direct. Michael Bay and Morten Tyldum have also been approaced. Several directors have passed on the project including Sam Raimi, Marc Webb, Matthew Vaughn, Tim Miller, Jordan Peele and Duncan Jones, among others. Plans for Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher and Jeffrey Dean Morgan to appear, but not Lauren Cohan. The Joker subplot will likely not be included. Studio watchlist for the Reverse Flash includes Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, Oscar Isaac, Joel Edgerton, Ed Skrein, Adam Driver, Dan Stevens and Tom Hiddleston, among others, but no offers have been made. Vera Farmiga and Carrie Coon are also on the watchlist for Nora Allen.

>We are the knights who say "Ni!"
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seeing beldevere releasing pairs of birds sporting coconuts slays me every fucking time
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>there was a time when you thought this was hysterical, highbrow comedy
python has always been the silliest shit, but brilliant

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Frig off Barb
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trashy kino
yeah frig off, chill out, back off
Your scalloped potatoes are FUCKED, Barb

Wow, that was the boldest condemnation of religion I have ever seen
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So basically just Christianity yeah?
wtf is this even about spoil it for me /tv/
Javier is god. God/religion treat women/mothers like shit.

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You guys ready for a 40 year old woman to fuck a fish man?
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only every fucking day
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>literal mute fish monsters get more girls than me

Wow, what a lame start! I'm not sure if think Matt and Trey are writing the show anymore, and boy, does this show.

Isn't it telling that the quality of the show drops whenever they're working on other projects? When they were working on "Book of Mormon" and then "Stick of Truth", the quality from seasons 12-17 dropped significantly. It's hard to tell what went wrong, but to me, it seems that episodes were ghostwritten by Comedy Central's secondary staff.

It would also explain why the quality significantly jumped at season 18 and 19 respectively since they could devote their full energy writing the seasons. Once production for "Fractured, But Whole" started, the quality dropped again.

I think Trey desperately wants to break away from South Park, but he's trapped in it because it's his only guaranteed source of income. Why else would he star in Despicable Me 3 when he doesn't need the role at all? It's completely uncharacteristic of him to star in anything outside his own creations.
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South Park has been zombie mode for 3 seasons now, its over dude.

Last good episode was cock magic


More like 8
People actually watched this?


post carreykino
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did he steal her hands
first one's better

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Itt boring kino
Starting with a classic
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Slow West

Barry Lyndon
blue ruin
the eyes of my mother
the red white and blue

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does it have more flat earth clues?
bautista's a genuinely good actor. makes the rock look like an ass
What's up with the posters being ass?

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This literally cannot be refuted.
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ones a cool flick the other is sjw garbage
Oh wow, another Capeshit wars thread. This time over literally the same character. Fuck off OP
You are an idiot of the highest order. This board needs to be purged along with your scrotum

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>now why would you say that?
>why did you say that?
>grabs hand lightly
>come here, come here
>why did you say that?
>why did you say that?
>hang on, its ok, hang on, wait a second
>whats so funny about that? thats ridiculous
>do you like making less of people, is that it?
>is that, do you like doing mean things to people?
>hey hey, no no, dont cut to commercial. dont cut to commercial. no, no let me handle it, i dont care
>its incredibly rude. i'm here giving you an interview, and answering yoru questions, and you do something really nasty
>youre a jerk. youre - youre a jerk!
>well, you know what, youre a jerk


Is this your brain on Scientology?
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>people go out of their way to make Tom the bad guy in this situation
He handled this perfectly. Didn't sperg out but he could've called him something with more power than a jerk
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What can we expect?
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This is why I don't watch these things anymore.
Does Stephen want to kill Donald Trump, or suck his dick?

I can't tell.


What did he mean by this?
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He means he had an erect phallus, most probably belonging to a member of the negroid race, placed inside his anal cavity.
Was it rape?


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How would you depict cosmic horror on film?
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More like reddit horror

Film yer mum's snatch lmao
*ear-shattering fart noise*

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where is he and what is that behind him
Holy shit is this for real?? lmao modern Hollywood is dogshit.
The fuck is this

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