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Just saw "forgetting Sarah Marshall". Solid flick.

The important question however is whether there is any woman that is hotter than prime Bell?
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prime anna sophia robb
Prime Bell was her stint on the first iteration of Heroes.
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Yes. Biel.

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Why did Megan never get her comeuppance?
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Because she's the Jerry to their Tom.
But Dan gave her the comeuppance hard.
Because she was the stereotypical untouchable brat you see in sitcoms.

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Did anyone here find Richie annoying? I heard a few people in the theater sighing and muttering whenever he said something. I thought he was kinda funny. But the gazebo kid was great. The worst was the Jewish kid, I forgot his name but he was a terrible actor.
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I thought most of the kids they cast were bad. Movies like this featuring an ensemble cast of kids going on adventures and solving grown-up mysteries depend on the gang to be good. Think Goonies, Monster Squad, Stranger Things, etc.. etc... No of the kids here were all that good or memorable or interesting, aside from maybe the fat one. None of them were really memorable characters.
I didn't laugh at all at his jokes but the people in my theater all did. They weren't good but neither were they cringey. They were repetitive in a way you'd expect from a child.
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Eddie > Richie.

>Mfw "Derry started out as a beaver trapping town"
>"It still is, am I right? *High five*"

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This could be a great movie
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a short at max
What a fucking nigger.
Are there any movies with similar aesthetic?
Shit was comfy as fuck

>haha truck drivers aren't going to have jobs anymore
>dude go to college lmao
>buy an alexa goyim
>rednecks want to kill all muslims and blacks

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>I have welfare queens.
>Wah, I can't keep up with advancing job markets, fund my PBR government!
Yeah, but we can find Laqueesha, Consuela, Abdullah and their twelve kids right?
Rednecks BTFO
If your job can be replaced by a computer, you're a fucking retard.

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He just nailed it.
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Oh man, I'm stoked.
franco doesn't sound ilke tommy at all

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>The year is 2040.
>worldwide fiber connections, Bittorrent 2.0 and other competing p2p protocols have been developed with perfect anonymity and security, making piracy have zero consequences.
>piracy has destroyed almost all film profits as fiber connects 70% of the world's population, computing power, server space, and p2p technology have made it so there's simply no point in paying for movies or TV anymore because it all gets posted online in 4K HDR quality within seconds of release
>Netflix, Amazon, Apple and every film studio has had their movies posted online and people decide not to pay en masse.
>indie content also gets posted online because pirates shamelessly just post everything that has any kind of small online or DVD release
>only films being made are variants of Capeshit, Transformers, and romantic comedies for the ladies.
>President Eric Trump calls for legislation to help hundreds of thousands of destitute film industry workers receive training and develop skills to help them find work in other industries.

Congrats, /tv/

You have just destroyed the film industry with your piracy. There's nothing but the lowest kind of entertainment being made now. Kino is extinct.

How do you feel now?
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>people start making films for fun and artistic purposes

What's wrong with this, exactly?
I wont be alive in 2040 so I don't give a shit. I'll enjoy what I can while on this earth, who cares about what comes after.
There's so much older kino that I haven't even seen yet, so I don't really care

Why was Nancy living in a small shitty house when she was the local weatherwoman?
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i guess the local tv station did not have a huge budget
>Local news

Pick one
Dale spends her fat paycheck on Super Male Vitality

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best girls 2.jpg
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HOH: paul
Veto: TBD
Nominations: josh/kevin

previously on /bb/ >>87689739
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first for kevin
Josh going home?
For sure

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what is her fucking problem?
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she's looking into a camera instead of looking at me IRL
White people... baka.

I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers
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Who the hell let's a little child go play outside, all alone, in a storm, and play in the street.
Negligent parents.

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Play Dubsieri
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Ahh now that is a challenge

Check em
Now that is a challenge

*plays tripsieri*

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Hell yeah
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yassss, this is a victory for us leddit users amirite :)
but why?

I though people had accepted that TFA was kind of underwhelming in retrospect

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Predict their careers once the show ends.
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Isn't the redhead like a descended of royalty or some shit and was already rich?
The others idk, hard to take them seriously when they've played a single character for so long.. Sansa was already shit in xmen
Hound is best boy
Comic-Con 2011

ITT: physiquekino
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Brad Pitt snatch.jpg
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Literally DYEL

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