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>[smooth jazz intro plays, interstitial card with try-hard pun flashes on screen]
>Niles bursts into the room in a frenzy
>*laugh track*
>Frasier: "Why Niles, I haven't seen you in such a tizzy since we went to [insert opera here] last Saturday!"
>*laugh track*
>Niles: "It's my wife Maris. She won't let me buy another Ming vase!"
>*laugh track*
>Frasier: "That wretched woman wouldn't know good taste if it hit her like [insert 17th century European history reference here]!"
>*studio laugh track*
>Martin: "Will you two fruits shut up? I'm trying to watch Buxom Bimbos Gone Bananas 3?"
>*studio laugh track*
>[Upkempt British woman enters from other room]
>Daphne: "Did somebody say banana? That reminds me of the time back in Manchester when me poor mam was sat queueing for the new Oasis album and slipped on a banana peel that fell out of the rubbish bin. She must have had a bruise on her arse for 6 months!"
>*studio laugh track*
>[Martin's dog urinates on Frasier's shoes]
>Frasier: "I just bought these Mantellassis!"
>*studio laugh track*
>[cut to radio studio]
>Frasier: "Hello Seattle, Dr. Frasier Crane here. Today's topic is marital disagreements."
>[Ron Howard is today's first celebrity call-in guest]
>Ron Howard on phone: "Hi Frasier, my wife says she wants to try new things in bed."
>Roz: "He has a small penis. Trust me, I would know".
>*studio laugh track*
>Frasier: "Stop it, you wench!"
>*studio laugh track*
>[Bulldog enters]
>Bulldog: "Nice melons, Roz."
>*studio laugh track*
>[Niles also enters, having somehow gained security clearance]
>Niles: "Yes. Capital knockers".
>*studio laugh track*
>[caller hangs up, dial tone sounds, Frasier turns red with fury]
>*studio laugh track*
>Frasier: "That does it! I'm leaving you imbeciles and going home. Thank Freud for expensive sherry!"
>*studio laugh track*
>fade to black
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This thread is going somewhere
Was Roz a slut?

Hey, anons- mind posting good horror movies I can watch? I want the scariest shit there is or something out of the ordinary.
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Heres a few i enjoyed, not claiming that theyre all works of art, but i love them nonetheless

Jeepers creepers 1 and 2
Vhs 1 and 2
Abc's of death 1 and 2
The omen
The exorcist
Poltergeist (1982)
the shining
Children of the corn (the original)
The den
Texas chainsaw massacre (1974)
The thing (1982)
Dawn of the dead
Night of the living dead
Evil dead (1981)
The Blair Witch project
Silence of the lambs
The cabin in the woods
Deathgasm (horror/comedy/metal movie)
Carrie (1976)
House of a thousand corpses
Cannibal holocaust
your list ok. Not enough supernatural horror.
Supernatural horror bores me, so thats why there isnt much on my list, theres only so many movies i can watch where the whole family cries because i vase is knocked over at night by itself.

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Was it a war crime?
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100%, Aragorn violated the NAP
that only applies to the living
dunedain of murder

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>its real

Will be watching Casino again tonight in honour

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If your top 5 doesn't feature a woman, you're getting kicked out of bed
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My top 5 women are:
-Your mom
-Your sister
-Your neighboor you had a crush on
-Your math teacher
-Your nasty dog

I fuck 'em all daily.
So when someone drew that they were being facetious right? R-right?
the fact that I can't tell if this is satire is depressing

Do you rate him as an actor?
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I loved him in Planet of the Niggers
what an awkward pose

>i don't know what to do with my arms
kind of boring i guess. his part in the circle was not even a difficult thing to act.

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kill switch.webm
2MB, 480x270px
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what the hell is the point of posting the same fucking stupid webms over and over and over god damn
I love these movies so much but they kind of all run together after seeing the same cast play so many different characters

I've been watching this 15 mins and It's already my new favourite show on television.

Will /tv/ ever get tired of being wrong?
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is your view not aligning with a website problematic?
Doesn't /tv/ like it, though?
Yes, but they said it would be shit

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what would you say to him if you had the chance?
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Nothing, I have nothing to say to any celebrity except maybe Gustavo Santaolalla but he isn't really famous.
sell out

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I am unavailable.
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So close
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Mistledubs alert

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Bojack has Season 1 Xavier levels of clever wordplay
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>governor woodcuck
>his wife calls him woodCHARLES!
reddit tier trash

Name ONE (1) other film directed by a woman that was actually good
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The Hurt Locker
Half of the matrix and then later all of it
The Woodsman. Am I not allowed to name more than one?

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How did he blow the tank up with a pistol?

I don't get it.
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The power of friendship
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He is playing with big crits option enabled.
Went through the viewport, hit the ammo rack. Boom.

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non-american here. What's the joke to "white people renovating houses"? What's the punchline to them being white? is there a stereotype in the US that white people renovate a lot of houses or etc?
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The joke is that white people still exist in 2017. Mandatory castration for white men and breeding by superior black bulls for white women when?
>expecting an actual answer on /tv/

I guess Euros make up most carpenter and building jobs?

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8:30 RES

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