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Who was your favorite L O S T character?
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I really liked Ana Lucia because it felt good to have a "badass" cop on your side. Died too early though

But more seriously, obviously Locke. The most alpha, beta man in tv show history
sexy Kate
she is my favourite MILF of all times
so fucking hot

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>Be a kid
>Watch Little Nicky
>Love it
>Talk with friends at school about how great it was and they agree
>Used to think that because they played it on TV so many times, it was considered a comedy classic
>Instead, even most Adam Sandler fans hate it

Has anyone ever been tricked about a movies popularity?
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>most Adam Sandler fans hate it
All 3 of them?!
I still think it's good.
Even as kids me and my friends liked it ironically because it was so retarded

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Who is right? What is the greatest challenge an actor could ever face?

Also, are there even any male actors who have had to do scenes where they were raped besides Ian McShane?
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ian mcshane had a rape scene?
why do women always have to one-up every story you have?
Every actor has a rape scene when they're a kid, it's just not put in the movie.

ITT: Directors' best/runner-up/worst/underrated/overrated

The Social Network
Panic Room
Fight Club
Gone Girl
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I feel like he should issue an apology for depicting ALA as the Zodiac now that the case has basically been solved.
Fight Club
Panic Room,zodiac, button
Alien 3
pleb tier

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Was the fuck was his problem?
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Lack of robot ears
He was a genius
wasn't beaten as a child
didn't have metal legs

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Just finished this. Thought it was pretty good but I had a few gripes.

Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux were phenomenal throughout the whole show and Kevin and Nora's stories were clearly the strength of the show but all the other characters outside of Matt seemed fucking pointless.

What was the point of Tom's arc, Meg's arc, Jill's arc etc.? Seems like Lindelof just completely ran out of ideas and never really had a purpose for them.
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Lindelof isn't capable of writing a complete story.
Yeah not a fan of how Tom, Jill, Lily were all written out of the show for no real reason. Obviously they wanted to focus on the other characters but it felt a bit sudden.
Lily is the strangest, how exactly did Christina, a teenage girl, who abandoned her baby in a public bathroom, get custody of her again? Especially since she was legally adopted by Kevin/Nora.
Their arcs were wrapped up. Much of their issues stemmed from their parents and adolescence, which they'd grown out of from their parents reconciliation and time skip

This is a pleb

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I like to get dubs, did you know i'm utterly insane?
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Don't just stare at em. Check em.

>It's another "Patrice goes on a 3 hour rant about how women are shit" episode
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Nobody has ever done that better than Patrice though. He turned misogyny into a philosophy and an artform.
So gospel basically

>It's a Patrice talks about his time in jail episode


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>we're not so different, you and I
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>Character taking a shower
>He doesnt shove a finger inside of his poppy hole so he can get it clean
Wtf do burgers really do that?
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>"Where are we?"
>"No, WHEN are we?"
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>looks like I picked the wrong week to pick up a new hobby

The Simpsons
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Show ended over 15 y ago... this is just a meme of the real show

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How do you go from this...
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...to this?
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...to this?
File: Chloe Moreliftz.jpg (85KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chloe Moreliftz.jpg
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...to this?

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Was this scene the biggest cop-out in the history of cinema?

>Early cuts featured a subplot about Korr Sella, played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Leia's envoy who is pleading the New Republic's support against the First Order and is killed in the destruction of the Hosnian System. All of her scenes were cut to avoid evoking the political aspects of the prequel trilogy and she's only seen for a split-second in the final movie.
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establishing a star wars universe with interesting stuff going on and reasons for things happening were the only good thing to come out of the prequels and they just shat non everything, remade New Hope for kids and didn't even have the fucking decency to explain anything at all. You need to fucking google and read a wiki until you get some explanation why things are happening. What the fuck is this 40k?
Fuck Disney and everybody who just wants to sell toys.
Also, people didn't dislike the prequels because of the politics, they disliked them because of the characters. Even New Hope had more political exposition than TFA. Remember the conference scene? Fuck Disney and fuck this tepid, boring, superfluous rehash
What do you expect? Literally every shot of this movie would have gone through several rounds of focus testing and the average person gives no shit about anything that happens in a movie that isn't CGI fight scenes.
All Disney movies are made with this same scientific level precision to hit maximum marketability


Id be interested in this if it wasn't starring Jennifer Lawrence. She is so bland.
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Why do her tits look so big here?
Why does she have the face of an Inuit person?

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Fuck this retarded gook and his shitty food
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I don't mind the bait, but getting this wrong is not excusable.
you're objectively right but i just know there's an army of braindead sushi "connaisseurs" incoming and they'll either tell you that you're a burger and/or foodpleb or that you never tried a 100$ sushi so you never had "real" sushi...
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Oh, hehe, this thread again.

What's your favorite roll /tv/?
I'm kind of split between Spicy Tuna and Unagi (Eel) rolls.

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>This Friday night at 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT, I will be joining Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, and Zoie Palmer for a reddit AMA

Guess I'll make a reddit account
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is she the next glau?
>someone asks what breed is this?

don't do it you autist

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