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Why do people enjoy this show?

No shit, no troll. I watched all three seasons, so far, and I genuienly can't tell why it's entertaining, and why the internet is fucking exploding over this.

Can any of you stupid cunts explain?
>inb4 IT'S SO SMART!!!!11!!one
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It's funny.
I only watched the first episode and that was enough for me not to waste anymore time with it. Though people keep telling me that the first episode is not as good as what comes after and I should keep watching. Maybe I will one day.

Also a lot of the fans I encounter are real dicks about anyone not liking it. That makes me want to watch it even less.

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Post other actors that have tried to sing.
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Spooky goose


Which tv show or movie has the absolute worst fanbase?
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Wubba lubba dub dubs dubs!!
Game of thrones
MDE World Peace

What would you do if you were Jumper?
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shit tons of crime
(also which is a better power, Jumper or Hollow Man?)
Start delivery company.

Is comedy at an historic peak right now?
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>s comedy at an historic peak right now?
its at the top of a mountain of shit
so yes
Last time comedy was this low and sycophantic was when they we're court jesters.
If i had a gun with 6 bullets i'd use at least 3 on Ed Helms for good measure.

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Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched
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>Bruce Melvin dies in a hurricane
>no new lbg threads for a week
I guess it just goes to show that no one wants this circle-jerk general anymore.
RIP to Bruce

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RIP in piece, sweet prince

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literally who
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Nobody gives a damn, you dumb burger
he had a good run for a guy with no neck

Wow. Just wow.
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turns out jezebel was secretly /our site/
Wait, what? They do know this was based off his real life, right?

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What the fuck was his problem?
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single parent
In the book his father is a racist who hates Blacks and beats Henry up. Henry becomes a racist too

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Let's have one of these lads.
Bonus point if it's comfy and/or japanese but as long as it's asian and it's good, it belongs in here.
Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOJwOlS1iXs&t=14s&ab_channel=nemesis0sun

Here my favourites:
Linda Linda Linda
Little forest (summer & autumn but winter & spring is nice too)
All about Lily Chou-Chou

Honorabru mention:
The taste of tea
Like father, like son
Au revoir l'été
Swing girls
Sweet beans
Whisper of the heart
Tokyo Sonata
Woman in the Dunes
Raise the red lantern
The Great Happiness Space

Haven't seen yet:
More Hirokazu Koreeda and Naomi Kawase
More Hou Hsiao-hsien, Zhang Yimou (not sure wuxia qualifies as comfy)
Still Life
Adrift in Tokyo
Petal Dance
Midnight diner
Love and Pop

I guess this is a good starting point for anyone who's looking to get into this kind of movies.
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>put effort into making a new thread
>not even a single response
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Life of Yonosuke or smth is pretty good. Also Crows Zero can be comfy. The Nana live action movies are also neat
Adrift in tokyo

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>cleanse the world of pirates
>fucking pirates
>sadistic, thieving psychopaths
>be painted as the bad guy
>get curse
>live in a cave for decades as ghosts
>finally get your life back
>in the end be left to drown with all your crew
What the FUCK were they thinking?
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>giving away the compass releases them to hunt down jack
>even though jack had given it away in previous movies with no consequences
Pretty poetic and sad when you think about it

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What went wrong?
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He was a thot.
>alcoholic woman-beating white supremacist pedophile with a crippling gambling addiction suddenly stops being funny when left trying to run his own show
He has a show with Artie now

>wants to be an action star before she gets too old looking
>says she started getting into ax throwing as if it was this new skill she picked up while "acting"
>goes so far as to challenge Jimmy to an ax throwing contest on TV in front of millions
>goes so far as to tease him by pretending to be about to throw the ax at him when he goes to check his first attempt which missed the wood completely
>goes even further and tries to startle Jimmy so that he messes up and doesn't even care that startling him while he tries to throw an ax might get him hurt
>can't even throw an ax properly to the point that she gets the motion all wrong and makes the ax spin more than it should for the blade to hit the wood
>throws the ax 3 times and still can't figure out that she's putting too much movement into her throw
>gets beaten in an ax throwing contest by a skinny, goofy comedian who has probably never trained to do anything but because he is a man he has enough logic, spatial awareness and dexterity to figure out how to throw the ax so it sticks to the wood.
>starts screaming about it like a sore loser and starting hitting the wall with the ax.
>clearly annoyed that she couldn't even score a single point and pretends to laugh it off when Jimmy goes to give her a hug.


Why do actresses want to be taken seriously when they aren't even willing to put in the work?
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She isn't n actress she's a dumb fucking whore. She cant act.

Her career exists because she was a weinstein girl.
maybe next time she'll challenge Jimmy to a doughnut eating contest and win.

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what went wrong?
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I saw it last night. Many of the problems with the movie are problems with the source material: Too many characters. Remove Michael and Stanley (the two driest characters by a wide margin), you shave off at least 20 minutes right there, make the movie a lean 1 hour and 50 minutes.
I haven't slept for a week now after I saw this new Pennywise. I just kept getting scareder and scareder when I watched it. It sent chills into my spinal fluid. I am so afraid of this clown, do not see this movie it will fuck you up seriously. I have heard there are people that got so scared they died in the theater.
Overreliance on CGI and monster-like stuff, no atmosphere of true fear and horror, no pressure on the audience leading to the climax.
It feels like your typical teen-horror of these days, belongs to the same box with movies like Mama, Sinister and stuff.
I would've enjoyed it if I was around 15.

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>still on the first stage of kino consumption
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Can you fuck off you fucking fag. It's cunts like you who are the reason the servers are always being flooded. You cunt. It's not even an updated version. Kys you piece of shit. I bet you're a fucking spic aren't you? Yeah just fuck off you worthless piece of shit
What servers?
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>Hulu is not available abroad
I want it so bad

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