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So you guys ever found the "schematic" or what's it actually called for the little red dragon yet?
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its western dragon by shukikato
It's red cuz you're all fucking nazis
and you're a dick-sucking son-of-a-bitch rag-head mother fucker

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a tribute to Eric Joisel.
What about Parasaurolophus ?
Check here:

There is a lot of awesome papercraft from this anime called Last exile, example with this warship called the Silvana.

The problem is that all downloads I can Find are totally broken :c does anyone by any chance have the original files? Thanks in advance!
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Here is another papercraft from the series with a craft called a Vanship c:
Having a look.
Mostly get the broken links through Papercraftsquare.
Did find this, but having trouble getting the magnet link torrent to work. http://magnetfox.com/download/269544/bumajnyie-modeli-iz-last-exile--silvana-i-vanshipyi--silverna--vanships-papermo

It seems to be a magazine/booklet thing so you might be able to buy it. Hoping to find HQ scans of it in a imgur or some shit.
It works, just took a while.

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Is anyone else super hyped that /po/ will host the 2017 Spring Babby 4chan Cup? Who knows, with 1000 cranes maybe we could win again...
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We aren't hosting the cup, we're only hosting the Fetus which we "won" last year, and thankfully not in this time. I still hope it's /po/'s year baby.
What do you mean by host ? i just hope this doesn't bring to much shitpost.

Can you give us a quick rundown on the /po/ team ?
Hosting is just what you do after you win a tournament, normally you just get referees and maybe a couple of knockout rounds in /po/'s stadium. The thing is /po/ just won a qualifier known as a Fetus for the last tournament in Autumn, so they're hosting the Spring edition of the Fetus, /jp/ are hosting the actual Spring Babby Cup as they won the Autumn cup. As it's only a qualifier they probably won't make referees and just use older ones from previous tournaments as the qualifier isn't really a tournament, normally they have grim reaper referees as the teams are trying to stay alive and not get aborted by not making it to the Babby cup. Hosting a cup will bring very little if any traffic here, particularly as /po/ aren't in the qualifier, but /pol/ are in the Fetus so we might get one extra /pol/ thread.
/po/ currently are in the Spring cup by not managing to get promoted in Autumn to the higher level which is a Winter or Summer Cup, but they didn't finish low enough to end up in the Fetus and have to qualify again. There's a wiki for the cup which has information on the tournaments and teams, here's the link for the /po/ team and the Spring Babby Cup.

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Hi chans!! since long time ago, i was want a file, The Wormhole expansion: Verus.
Anyone have it?
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see this >>545867
i saw it, and no exist the file requested.
Thank U
I have a free file about Verus,U can download from hie website.

Christmas stuff
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But we are in April anon
Not in Australia, cunt :DD
In Australia, it's also April even if they're walking upside-down.

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Post collections of anything you've been working on here.
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Nice collection ! is it yours ?

I'll post some pics of my project when i'll have time to take pictures.
yes, some old ones in there too, I think that bear cub is from highschool 1999 haha
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And there is is, my last 2 completed folds, i still need to shape them with MC a bit.

Question OP : what is this white paper you used for your models ?

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I've been seeing a lot of models out of this anime and I wanted to try my hand at them. Anyone got the model for it?
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Erm, *models or templates
Look at Ninjatoes' Blog. He's linked three that I can think of (detailed Serval and simple versions of both Owls)
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This is note from past me to future me.

1) Stay off of /pol.
2) Kek is turning gay, due to more posters posting gay stuff.
3) Dubs have been comprimised.
4) I have no 4th note. Also stop over concerning yourself with sexuality.
(saged) Its like I have my own private general.

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Hello, I'm a first year architecture student,and I need to make a design that only folds. I've got the concept for what I want to do, but I don't know if it's possible to make it using folds only.

Thanks beforehand, and sorry for being a newfag.
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Everybody is new at some point of time.
The slope, the bottom and the vertical wall can be made of one piece. The rest (recangular frame and traprzoid walls) of another.
Thanks. I asked a teacher if the design could be made and he said that nothing was impossible and showed me another design based on pentagons, and if that could be made, why mine could be not.
I really don't want to change the whole design, since I really thought a lot about the concept behind it, and it needs a frame, slopes, and a bottom to keep it all together.

Alternatively, the entire lower "bowl" section could be its own piece of paper and the outer square rim could be its own piece of paper as well

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