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Lets have a papercraft designing thread.
ITT discuss what things you've made, methods of designing papercraft and programs, stuff you wish would be made, etc.

I've only made simplistic papercraft for D&D miniatures so far, more 2.5D than traditional papercraft. My process is mostly piggybacking off of Eddnic's designs for the shapes needed for people and some animals and taking images from google to create custom minis using GIMP. Was trying to teach myself to use metasequoia last year but got distracted with work and since then feel like it would just be better to learn Blender. Has anyone had success with importing Blender models into Pepakura without destroying the model by reducing poly counts?
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How are you, OP?
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how are you guys

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I'm interesting in seeing /po/'s best work.
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Here it is. A 1:1000 scale origami rock with full detail.
Folded this one just now!
Me too

because the last one got toxic

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the graceful of origami , anyone ?

How about it, anyone have this?

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I'm getting into model design but can't find a good way to graph 22.5 degree angles without a protractor. How do you guys do it?
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Does this help at all? This is my first time coming to this board for fun so I have no idea what's going on.
That line doesn't bisect the 45* angle, even though it appears to.
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How about this, pretty much folding a 45 in half.

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First person to suggest a med-intermediate origami model and provide instructions will decide what I fold.
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If your actions depend on what some anonymous stranger in 4chan tells you, then you must have a really meaningless, sad and empty life.
And you don't?
He obviously doesn't. He comes to /po/

You're welcome

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Hi there, friends of /po/!

Does anybody know, where I get the template for pic related?

Thank you.
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in the description of the first youtube video with the thing there is a link to a tmeplate
thank you, but which youtube video?

that is the homepage of the guy.

here his youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-t3cqLWoTg

template, because I am cool like that

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holy shit
4chan has an origami board?
im in heaven
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welcome to /po/
Hello, make yourself comfortable. What do you like to make?
I love folding and designing different animals, mainly birds. been folding since I was six in 2008

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Hello, This may or may not be too relevant about paper but I don't know where to ask. Why do everybody tells me to "Go back to /po/" when I remind them of basic biology?
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You tell them paper is made of cellulose and they continue to stupidly believe it's made of fire and earth
Go back to /po/, stormwinner
they probably ment /pol/

This is a mashup of Jim Bowens (Newobmij) Flipit & Miniature Dungeon Adventures with a grim dark theme.

All pdfs can be found at https://mega.nz/#F!g4xkDILJ!lbICqt6d2h4pu-Dw26MSBw

Originally I made the chibis just to amuse myself. Jim + OgnennyAngel + some other folks have since added LOADS more. So now we have quite a good collection. But there's still plenty of models missing... (hint hint). Id not done much on these chibis for quite a while but recently got the itch again so after adding some "Nu Marines" Ive updated/tidied the mega folder.
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Where can I find some of those nids? Really like the only model I want out of that pic
The nid termagant is on the mega folder in /_Other/1 of each race.pdf
Is there an easy way to download all these at once?

yo, dudes, dudets, and or non-binary /po/ frens.
i was wondering if anyone had some kusudama instructions lying around,
thank very much.
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Man. I love kusudamas. I usually follow youtube vĂ­deos for it.

I use printear gift wrapping paper as it's the easiest way I can obtain single sided paper on my country, and most kusudamas rely on the diferent colored faces.

I usually give them away as little gifts to people, everyone loves them, as they are so simple yet so elegant to display, but I think I have some pictures somewhere.

I'll post them if I find any.

Pic is one of my favourite models. Super easy to fold, but a bitch to put together. Impresive result.
Get a kusudama book here:
I bought a book from Ekaterina Lukasheva. Its got 29 different models that can also be constructed from 30 pieces or 12 pieces, making a cube.
The paper I use is just some russian art collection book that cost 0,50 euros from the library. Its got a few hundred pages so it will last me a while to use the whole book.
Also considering on buying small led lamps from ebay or something and gluing them inside the paper balls. Will also possibly start selling them.

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