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I have no idea where to post this thread.

I am interested in pens for comfortable writing.

I need recommendations on pens.
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i would really recommend Nils Sturmanns' pens. They're all handmade and you can really feel a difference between a 'normal' pen and his since doing stuff out of wood and especially making pens is his passion.


(pic related)
Not OP but thanks very much for this, I never knew I'd need it but here we are.
Muji makes great pens, you can get them cheap on eBay.

It's kind of like Japanese IKEA. You can get down to .35mm if you want and in a variety of colors.

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Any tips on making origami animals, /po/?
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Depends on a couple of things. First, are you folding a preexisting model or designing a new one? If the latter, what kind of animal is it?

I fixed my chair with some paper-craft!
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Prost. Hau weg, den Guten!
How is that fixed?

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If you remember this game, you had a good childhood.

ITT: What were your first origami models? Boats, hats, planes, swans or anything else?
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I started out making simple 4-pointed ninja stars.
Do you know froebel stars I always folded some for Christmas.
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Sure, they are a lot of fun to craft.

Good morning /po/ I'm just starting out in the papercrafting world and I've decided to do a basic helmet for my first build. Okay, not so basic, I'd love to do a Cobra Commander, or Cobra trooper helmet, but I can't seem to find any files anywhere. Does anyone have ideas? And yes, I will be posting updates as I work on it.
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>tfw this place has literally no mods
Anyway here's a cool plane I found on imgur. Cool planes thread.
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Guys please reply to me

We already have a paper plane thread. I'd advise you to look through the catalog before posting again because you just pushed off a good thread for this crappy self-promoted piece of trash.
I accidentally typed /po/ instead of /pol/ but that is indeed a cool plane

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Does anyone know where to get 50x50 cm paper? I'm tired of making tissue foil.
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It depends on the kind of paper you're looking for.

I buy most of my paper in art stores, it is sufficient for the origami i do. If the artstore is good and big enough it should have a wide variety of paper. You'd want to avoid anything labbelled as origami because it's usually only kid stuff and 15cm kami. The art paper section is where the good stuff's at. I've found lokta, unryu, elephant hide and rice paper in nice big sheets (approx 50x70cm).

The only downside is that you replace the hassle of tissue foil making by the hassle of methylcellulosing your sheets. But i would advise you to try double tissue (with methyl cellulose), it's way better than tissue foil on a lot of levels.

An other option is buying online.

Finaly the last option i see is getting in touch with industrials. Industry use some nifty tissue foil sometimes. For example some chocolats wrapping papers or the paper in cigarettes packets are very nice tissue foil. But it's hard to find the paper manufacturer and they usually don't sell to individuals (except if you want a 500m roll). If you ever do that plz come back here and tell me how it went.

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Could you help me find diagram for this?
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Start by putting the source of the image and any information you know about that papercraft...
Here the maker shows how to build the surprise zombie... this model is like that one: https://www.youtube.com/user/girigiriou
looks cool.bump

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Will papercraftsquare ever come back?
Its been down for weeks
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Try https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&q=gavitex%20site%3Apapercraftsquare.com , click on all cached links, and use archive.is on them.
actually some objects work if I refresh it a lot of times
This, I litterly only have to refresh the page and it loads.

Does anyone have FOCA annual collections or specifically this 1993 one?

Also questioning the same about this https://archived.moe/po/thread/503038/#q503059 | https://archived.moe/po/thread/503038/#q503136 collection.
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My guess is your googling skills need polishing...dont be vague search subject and author but forum..app pages and hash tags also...ex-vagos and tagina

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