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Newfag to this board here.
Can anyone make Nikki so that I can make a papercraft out of it? Some dude posted something similar on /i/ but it didn't really worked and since then I have really wanted it.

Here's a reference sheet.
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I got you bro, gimme a few days :)

I recently saw this Dinosaur T-ReX on someone's blog. It was not a papercraft blog so there was no reference or resource for the model. I have check most papercraft sites to no avail. Does anyone know who or what company published this Dinosaur model? I would sure like to make it. I know other is a much more complex one put out by paperpino or cool4cats. Thank you.
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It looks like it used to be a pre-cut kit that flying pigs had. Looks like it is no longer available.

Thank you very much! I will write to them to see if it is possible to still get one. Does anyone have the template by chance, to share or sell?

I was wondering if anybody has this unicorn head template:

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you just posted a link to the template. if you wanted it badly enough you would pay the small amount of $13 for it! quit asking for shit like this for free!

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Can anyone make a papercraft mode (and a template) of this world of warcraft human house, pls :)
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search the internet for the tools that already exist for you to do that.
I think wowmodelviewer will let you export. then use pepakura. I did something similar to get weapons from WoW into papercraft, but it's possible that I had to do some additional work in 3DStudio Max to flip some normals that for some reason were reversed. I don't have Max anymore though, so I can't do that for you.

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Hi, I am interested in pet vehicles (cars, tanks, boats etcetera). Does anyone have templates? Thank you in advance.
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if you didn't already know, SUCK UK sells these, along with planes, fire trucks, and other vehicles. i doubt paper would work, if an actual pet were to use it.
I think papier mache maybe be more applicable? For something that complex? I mean the weight the pet is gonna really hurt.
i suppose you could use the templates + papier mache could reinforce the paper, but i think a cat would destroy it. i'd just plunk down the money for SUCK UK, probably, 2 or 3, because even with it being cardboard, cats are going to tear it apart. the uneven surface of papier mache, would make a cat scratch at it even more.

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Hey, I'm new to papercraft in general and wanted to get into it because I've seen some of the things people have posted on here. I've downloaded Pepakura Designer 4 and I was hoping someone knew of any models I could work on that would be easy enough for me but still look really cool.
I noticed someone made a skull mask... thing and wanted to work my way up to making one of them one day, as well as some of the dragon skulls and things I've seen.
If you have any links to nice models can you please leave them in a comments? I'm not at all interested in making the little box people that seem to be everywhere either. It would be greatly appreciated.
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Why do you want to learn to run before even learning how to walk?
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Well http://gedelgo.deviantart.com/gallery/ has some cool stuff if you lie low poly animals. Be carefull though, that t-rex skull is probably the most difficult papercraft on his page. I don't recommend doing this one first.

I made the stark direwolf as my second papercraft and it went pretty good ! Pic related. Basically low poly stuff is fairly easy but it still took me a shit ton of time to complete.

Yon can also look on http://www.papercraftsquare.com/ there are tons of stuff there.
I'm also new & need help.
I've wanted to get into papercraft for a long time, but I haven't made any progress beyond printing out a mask and cutting out half of it, 3 or 4 years ago. {I spent a lot of time lurking /po/ and looking at papercraft cosplay crafters on youtube, using bondo on their helmets for high detail, and craft foam for the non-helmet armor for light-weight and durability}

I'm really easily discouraged, and I don't know how to select the right project that's both easy enough for me, as well as interesting enough to be motivated to do. I have a bunch of things from games I'm interested in. Would a dagger be easier than a mask? The mask doesn't have any complex geometry, although the full thing has 6 large horns.

I found the cutting to be agony for my perfectionism. I was considering buying a $200 cutting machine, but my mom thinks it's a lot of money {I'm on disability which is low income, but I have a lot of savings now so $200 isn't much} and that I'll still have the perfectionism problem with the gluing. I think gluing would be much easier, since there's more room for error in timing. With cutting, once you do it, it's forever, no adjusting.
I looked at lots of comparisons of the recent models, and it looks like the Cricut is better quality than the Silhouette. I'm a little worried the software might not work on Ubuntu. Hrm. I think I looked into this and it requires a VM instead of Wine. {I really do have a knack of screwing myself over, making things complicated when complications discourage me.} "Even more fun, the design software runs in a browser via a plugin and you effectively "print" to the device from a browser." Sad that the software is such garbage when the hardware is so good. I really expected the Silhouette to be better.

What are some accessible, yet comprehensive books that a beginner at origami can buy?

Also any books on gift wrapping would be appreciated as well.
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When I first started I remember I just went on youtube and searched for how to make an origami. Youtube unlike books is basically free, and like a million more guides than a book.
You start out with simple things like cranes and rabbits, and you just move onwards. Just try stuff, it's a pretty easy hobby if you know how to follow steps and take each step carefully and slowly.
I mean hell, considering how youtube has expanded nowadays, the videos are probably a million times better than back when I did it.
Considering I learned from some kid with his moms digital camera in a half lit room showing you how to fold a crane, you should have no problem with the stuff they have now.
But if you're really insistant on using a book, just go to chapters and pick out any, all the books I have seen were for beginners.
Also if you do attempt this hobby, go to the local art store and buy some actual origami paper like pic related, it's easier to fold, looks nicer, and you don't have to cut it into squares unlike printer paper.
Origami Omnibus has a nice variety of good models, not too difficult.

Looking for some Starwars Tie Interceptor origami tutorials, advanced ones not those stupid looking ones, origami siege weaponry tutorials and models are also apreciated.
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Hey /po/, any idea of how to do a paper gun that don't look like shit?, some friends of mine want to craft some for cosplay purposes.
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why don't you make one of those shitty looking ones and put it inside a nice papercraft model? you would have to modify some things but it would work
Sounds fair
look up hoborginc on deviantart

So, /po/.
Instead of folding metal sheets.
Could you find me a hardener powerful enough to make a paper ninja star dangerous?
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Your cat is afraid; too much autism.
polyester or epoxy resin

this is going to be he most underwhelming school shooting spree ever. OP is gonna get 2 special ninja stars thrown with no damage and then some kid from the football team is going to take him down.
Maybe soda cans?

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