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Any help with some dragons? Origami
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Imagine if Cats are like that hehe
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y0sGezNX_w Here is a tutorial on a dragon. I personally love the look of this guy. PS, use some big paper if possible.
Has video tutorials and PDF too. Here is my butchered attempt at baby dragon

Post your Cranes
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Bigger version of the smaller ones
A few folds in the wings to give the feel of feathers

>Still working on perfecting this one
Whoops, here's the pic

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strike freedom.jpg
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I made this guy over a year and haven't done any papercraft since. Gimme some links to some more gundams to make, preferably in a normal scale.
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That's fucking cool, it reminds me to those chibi MGS figurines that came out a while back.
That's really fucking cool, i'm certain I'm not able to do it.

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Starting the Battlecraft thread again.
are you Dudes Still around?
Especialy Pik-Acht and GG
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Still here, still not enough time to build all the models I want.
can you post the Spinish Truck Plans?
Yup, incredibly, I'm still here...

I still dabble, but haven't made one of these figs in more than a year.

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has anyone read this book or is super into the math behind folding? what level of math and other general knowledge would I need to engage with this text at a reasonable level?
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i have the pdf of this book, i was interested by the fold and cut theorem. It turned out it's not the kind of math i like. But different people like different math so...

Anyway the book is pretty big and there is many more stuff than the fold and cut theorem. You should download it and see if you're able to read it.
Could you perhaps share the pdf?
Nevermind, I found it! 11mb though, so too big to upload. For anyone who can't find it, look on libgen.

As for the amount of math needed to read this comfortably, a second year math major would be able to do so. Notably just being comfortable with the notation and being able to read a textbook. But you can certainly read this at a highschool level given that you are okay with reading google and wikipedia for notational questions.

Start reading it and if you have any questions, ask about them here and I will be around to answer.

papercraft toy props go go go!

I'm currently compiling a collection of papercraft consoles, all at 1/12 scale, onto a single sheet of paper. Will post the page when it's done.
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Anybody has a layout for a horse head like this one? My GF came up with it, and it would be a nice last minute craft to her
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just ride her will do. ;-P
Had it, but my hdd crash took it before I could build it. So looking for this, other trophies or masks too.
anyone have this?

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10 videos demonstrating working paper engines, including single cylinder, straight 4, v6, v8 rotary and sterling.

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(Oops, missing comma between "v8" and "rotary".)
This is super cool. Thanks anon
Wow, I was trying to get to /pol/ and ended up here by accident, and this is actually super cool

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Ey /po/, one of the new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon version is Kartana. It looks like this. Can you make it in real life with origami, and if so, how?

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It's possible, but you'd need a rather large square and there would be quite a bit of paper wasted on the premise that this thing has too many long limb like flaps.

Either that, or you make it from several sheets.
Cortana is an computer program, not an Pokémon. There's no way you can actually make it in origami form.

(for an serious answer, yes.)

Yeah, orange white and yellow is difficult to work with.

japanese kanji = paper
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紙 = paper,
Hope its not too late to get a refund on those evening school classes from your local unemployed weeaboo teacher.

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