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quick question....
is there software i can use to change pdf origami templates to 3d image that can be saved/converted to stl for 3d printing?
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The only way I see this being possible is if you took the time to model the piece in something line blender. There's no program that can take a diagram and make a 3d model that I know of.

lies there must be one
I'm going to safely say no. The pieces in PDF format are images you would need to actually assemble the pieces then scan them into you program of choice then print them. (I've wanted to 3d print paper crafts for strength for costume parts

However if you have a PDO file you can export it to OBJ and convert that to STL and print it from there.

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Need to make a 3D asterisk out of paper as part of decoration for a party this weekend. I tried to make a net that seemed to work fine, but I can't figure out how to make the sides the "branches" of the asterisk fit. It doesn't seem like there's enough room on the net when it's flat.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm really stuck.
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bump for another 76 days
Whoa. This is a fast board

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Would you have any idea as to what I can do in order to craft this?
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layered paper
Webdude Rick made a Scotsman, Jack, and AKU....his models are currently being hosted at Zealot and Papermodelers
celtic magic

Where is the best place to order one at around 5 feet to be printed and delivered? pic related its what i want a cutout of
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could i get some cheese on top of that?
Do you actually have a high-res enough photo for that?
lmao is this not high res enough?

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Long hiatus from folding designing and posting /po/, need some ideas to get the juices flowing.

Pic related, doodle I just made.
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What a shitty dragon.

It's nice to see you again.
I love it! Did you make it out of a triangle?
Thanks! Sorry for the long absences, focusing on one hobby for too long burns me out

No, it's a square. I just made some final upgrades to the model that utilize the pieces better

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Got lost on my way to /pol/ and found myself somewhat intrigued by this place. I figured this might be a nice and quiet hobby that would keep me busy, so I just went and bought pic related. I have never attempted origami in my life so what should I learn first?
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Anon, this is autistic

I wont tell the other guys on /pol/ though ;)
Thanks buddy.
Wait a minute now, you're not me! By golly.

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Hey /po/, long time papercrafter here with a question for you folks. When I first discovered the hobby, this very site was my source for projects back when the board was first created. I'd since found other sites to follow, first Papercraft Museum, then Paperkraft.net, then Papercraft Square. Each was pretty much a blog that posted papercrafts of all skill levels and from everywhere in the world, but they all just up and stopped posting, in 2013, 2015, and now 2017, respectively. Anyone know of any other good sites of this nature?

Pic unrelated, just my Mask.
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>hasn't posted in over a week
Definitely the right kind of site, but... that is some sporadic as hell posting, and you'd think there'd be more posted each time with how infrequently they post. Anyone know of any others?

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It took me several hours and seven YouTube tutorials (yes there are YouTube tutorials on it) and finally I made something the Bible had fortold, something no one was expecting but needed, I made a ninja star...out of paper... Then lost it... In a drain...
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Tree Frog, by Rudolf Deeg
praise kek

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This pains me

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