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Its a program can turn any 3d model into an origami shape. It was created by erik demaine and some tachi dude
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It's called orgamizer
I want to _____ that bunny!

Someone has the "origami art" book by michael lafosse
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Yes. And that's a great book!
I would appreciate it very much if you could pass the book in pdf format please
two days ago, I saw an thread here at this board from a guy who posted three links to mediafire/googl drive
and in one of the deposits there was LaFosse's books

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I am going on holiday to Japan in a few weeks, and was wondering if anyone has any advice on origami related places/museums/shops that I should make the effort to visit
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Thanks. I had googled it and seen that link. Was hoping if there was anyone who had local knowledge of things that were of the radar

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th (2).jpg
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Hi /po/,

Which is your preferred paper format for cut and glue projects?
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I prefer A4, because I don’t live in a state where a yard is three feet and a foot is twelve inches and nautical and survey applications have yet another units.

Unlike Letter, A4 has an aspect ratio of 1:√2, which makes scaling much easier by simply doubling the number of sheets.
I always use letter sized (8.5 x 11) cardstock
Letter, because I'm not a communist/socialist cuck

Someone on /diy/ suggested I ask people on /po/ about this so I hope you can help me.

I need to make these two different engine sizes for a star destroyer model I'm making out of steel. To get the size of the steel plate right, I'm drawing it on paper first and then cutting it out and folding the paper into that shape. But it doesn't match the right sizes.

Small engines:
Small diameter: 24mm
Large diameter: 36mm
Height: 21mm

Large engines:
Small diameter: 44mm
Large diameter: 72mm
Height: 53mm

If I just draw a circle of 24mm and 36mm then the height won't match. If I draw a 24mm circle and then another circle 21mm larger (height) and fold it to the large diameter size then the smaller diameter becomes too small.

How do you calculate the correct sizes to draw this out on a flat piece of paper?
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This attached image should help you (from wikimedia).

The picture on the right is what you want in the end.
But first, use the one on the left.
Draw the bottom trapezoid (with the r and R values, i.e., 12mm and 18mm, and your height of 21mm).
Then, you should be able to calculate a' and a with basic trigonometry (or just a to-scale drawing).

After you got the values, use it on the picture on the right to get what you need (you might want to add a flap to be able to paste the cone closed).

Hope it helps!
So, any news?
Why do you expect a following to an answer?
That's 4chan, they ask, and if they get what they want, they won't thank and will ask again later...

Does anyone know who invented this do many other people do this?
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What is it
A way to stop notes unrolling for those of us who indulge in snorting powdered substances
Care to show how? Not for doing drugs, but for papercraft.

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origami shield.webm
3MB, 828x471px
>Origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield
>Uses a Yoshimura origami crease pattern to expand around an officer
>In testing, the barrier successfully stopped bullets from 9 mm, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum pistols.

>SWAT now uses a tactical folding screen

A thus, /pok/emon is born

(/k/ thread on >>>/k/34780134)
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I like it.
>Yoshimura origami crease pattern
I didn't realize a basic herringbone needed a name

Can someone help me out with a template for this Beatles Yellow Submarine 3D Pop up card? Also, templates and instructions for this particular kind of 3D pop up are practically absent on the internets, so other links are appreciated too.

Check link for a more detailed view of the card.


Thanks in advance!
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Hello there newfriend, i see you're new to the board. I hereby say welcome to you.

/po/ is a slow ass board, no need to bump your thread before at least a week without answer. Don't worry your thread isn't going anywhere anyway.

Be patient and good luck.
Hello Anon! Thanks for the welcome to /po/
I'm so used to fast ass boards and threads 404ing that I bumped asap.
Also, the card is for a crush who loves The Beatles. That too.

Thanks for the heads up Anon.
Why don't you just pay the U$15 it costs? Surely it will be much cheaper and faster than you trying to make it yourself

I'm a book binding enthusiast, does anyone know of any good paper stores with good prices for A4-A2 paper, particularly in the "Cream" shade?
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Sorry i can't help you anon because i'm european. And considering the population of this board i'm not sure you'll get an answer.

However i'm interested, how did you get into book binding ?
Is there a Arts and Craft's district/street there? I used to think that there was no way of getting paper in Guadalajara (my Fellow iberian rape-baby) but then I found a whole street dedicated to arts and crafts.
A City as big as São Paulo should have a mal or a district where you could find good paper in you do enough digging

Guys, so help if possible

I was looking for this template, but it seems to be hard to find, i have looked everywhere but it keeps linking me to the artist DA page, which only contains a broken link.

Any help?
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the virgin greentext
>posts on /po/ because he is embarrassed of someone finding his search history
>leaves textbox in default position so as not to mess up the webdevs work
>uses all lower case so as not to draw attention
takes frequent breaks to not strain the reader
>deletes post if he thinks people will reply to it. they never do.
>always replies to a specific post to get his daily dose of social interaction
>always finishes typing before verifying so he doesn't have to panic-change after being ticked
doesn't look too hard to diy

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