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The Tactical Assault Penis is a lightweight, body fed, liquid operated, hip fired weapon capable of firing a high precision stream of bodily fluid in excess of 25 mph. It is easily concealed, unregulated, and requires no license to own or operate. According to the TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) all penile weapons are highly dangerous and should be banned.
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Bin that dick.

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MtF here, Cis gf is taking my buttginity tonight. What do I expect? I've had things in there but never been fucked before. How do I make it better for both of us?

Pic violently unrelated
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Lube, a lot of lube. Finger play. Give yourself an enema and shit and don't eat really anything before you do it. Put a condom on the toy. Go slow.

I want to start my transition to a female with hrt but i have no clue how to start any tips /lgbt/?
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Get HRT.
Take HRT.
Look in mirror at 9 months HRT then again at 2 years.
Decide if need ffs
Fucking lurk for a bit you imbecile
HRT does not make you passable by itself.

So I need advice or really acceptance.

I went over to a friend's house for their 21st to get drunk and this little. femme boy was there he was "18" and very very cute. He turned out to be FtM which is a huge turn on to me, but the age thing freaked me out. The birthday girl was hitting on me and showed me her tits but I kept my attention on femme boy. I ended up feeling his legs and hitting on him most of the night. Telling him how handsome he will be after doing T, and I even left him a voicemail calling him cute and cool because I was shit faced. His legs were a little bit prickly and I fell asleep on him.

I feel super bad for being attracted to him and I wonder if I should fb message him or something. I don't want to do anything illegal, but he was so fucking adorable. Is that a horrible idea?
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Go for it
They need love too
Hypothetically what if he was 17...I mean hypothetically.

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Am I gay if i let a good looking dude suck my dick? Im not physically attracted, but a wet mouth and a dark room is nice.
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Gays have girl brains and wouldn't be caught dead having your pic saved.
If you care about how hot he is, even in the dark, that's pretty gay.

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>you were born just in time to be able to grow yourself supple conetits, rename yourself Alice and have daddy fondle your conetits AND estrogenized benis
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I don't understand this meme.
another retarded shitpost
nice job agp hon

So I'm about a 1 on the Kinsey scale. I generally prefer women, but I like t-girls, traps, femboys, twinks, etc. A lot of gay porn doesn't do much for me, but when the guys are fit, not hairy, and/or slightly feminine, it gets me rock hard. Aside from Belami which is my favorite of everything I've found so far, what gay porn studios would you say make the best "entry level" material that barely-bisexual men like me would enjoy?
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>a 1 on the Kinsey scale
Just use the technical term, GAMP.
Never heard that before, and a Google search comes up with nothing. What does it stand for?
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Tell me how to transition and pass so that I don't kill myself
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Start before puberty or kill urself
I turn 26 next month anon
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Hey /lgbt/ at the highschool I currently attend there are no trannies (AKA tfw no trap gf). If I go to a UC school do you think I'll have a better chance at finding love?
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Lol like duh, Cal/Davis/LA/SB/SC all have some but it's hilarious that you mention the UC system.

Be ready for radicals and leftists.
Yeah, Eli Erlick is gone so you won't have to worry about getting raped :^)
Trannies aren't cute irl

No other group cries bigotry when people don't wanna date them.
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Because transbians say that from a place of privilege. They know that the people that they're demanding things from, cis lesbians, won't talk back and be violent in retaliation. So they just walk all over them, the same way the did to women while they were living as a straight man.

Straight trans women know that if they ever said the same things to cis straight men, they would be attacked and killed.
I don't know. They literally do things to their body women don't want them to. Then they expect women to date them. Lmao. Such entitlement!
My cis boyfriend broke up with me to transition to "become a lesbian", and then a year later he stalked me and tried to rape me.

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I had a sexual encounter with another man. I'm gay. I'm actually gay. When I was masturbating to gay porn I could rationalize that it was just porn, I'm not gay for liking it. When I was attracted to other men I could say I just think they look good, I'm not gay. When I was having cyber sex and fapping on cam with other men I could explain that it was only the attention that excited me. In hindsight it seems so obvious. I was super repressed when I was younger and didn't even start liking guys until I was like 24. I thought I was over it but I guess it kinda stuck and I was still in denial. Since I didn't act on my feelings I was somehow Not Gay. I've never even kissed a girl. They flirt with me and I refuse to reciprocate. But I had sex with a man. Casual, anonymous sex with another man. I'm gay. It's real, I'm gay. I really am gay. This is my life now.

Sorry if any of this comes across as offensive or condescending. I'm just in a really weird place emotionally. Trying to process my thoughts. What does this mean for me? What's it like being gay? Am I part of an oppressed minority? A vulnerable population that faces violence and discrimination? Is there a political scene that I should be active in? Do I have a responsibility to "come out" and be visible? How will this effect my sex life? Where would I go to find partners? Should I inform my doctor and get on preventative medication like prep? Worry about STDs from (safe) sex? Do gay men have boyfriends or am I doomed to casual hookups forever? What online scenes or communities could I look to for support, or romance? I really feel like I need some support right now.
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How did you find him?
What kind of apprehensions were you thinking before?
>How did you find him?
A moment of weakness on grindr. I liked to browse and lurk. Never sent a message until today.

>What kind of apprehensions were you thinking before?
I don't know. Would I regret doing it? What if it changed something in me? What if I felt disgusted and ashamed forever after? What if people found out? I just felt like it was a big step to take and I was a late bloomer anyway. I liked the fantasy but actually going through with it was scary.

I really wanted my first time to be with a nice, gentle, caring bf that I can trust and I know is safe. That's kind of an unrealistic expectation I know but idk I'm a romantic or something. I've been looking for someone for 2 years now and I'm not getting any younger. It made me want to finally get out there and get active. I felt like I've been wasting valuable time and even if it was something casual with a stranger it's better than nothing.
>I'm gay. I'm actually gay.
Judging by your pic it's more likely you're trans.

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>too fat to even attempt to pass
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have secks with me
Why do you want a fat nonpassing repressing boymode tranny

so stop eating

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All trannies may post in this thread and only this thread. The rest of the board is now devoted to LGB and you trannies will have this one and only thread. Please enjoy your new thread and remember to only post in this thread as it is new board rules. Thank you.
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btw chris has a new sweetheart, but this time it seems even he isn't convinced its not a troll(likely is)


he can't lie very well
implying lgb could even use up the board
Trannies use up the board because they post the same thing over and over again.

This board just keeps getting worse and worse. Vitriolic tranny whores tearing each other to shreds over pseudoscience and narcissism. You make me embarrassed to be trans.
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I know it's bad but let's face it, every other trans forum has even worse Blanchard denial.
There are a lot of full-blown autistic girls here who are veritable overgrown children. I'm not kidding. There's a serious lack of maturity on 4chan in general, and I'm pretty tired of seeing DDLG fetishists parade around with a superiority complex just because they have power in numbers when the rest of the world recognizes them for the pathetic wastes that they really are.
Blanchard is a meme that exists solely to give insecure autistic girls an excuse to bully others as an attempt to improve their own self-worth.

Any advice?
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Aldara. Mine cleared up on their own seemingly anyways after 6 months.
Jump tbqhonest
Should have had your HPV jab.

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