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Will inducing lactation make me feel more like a real girl? I just ordered two breast pumps from amazon
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Depends. If you consider that real women lactate, then yes, if not, most likely not.
Well I know that males can lactate and not all females can lactate, it's just a psychological thing for personal validation. I grew up in an abusive christian household and was constantly told for years and years that I wasn't a girl and even though I know my dysphoria is legitimate it still nags at me.

Hey /lgbt/, did you ever watch any Cute Girls doing Cute Things anime/shows, or ones that at least had them in the background, and relate more with the girls than want to fuck them? Also in more action-oriented shows, did you also like the episodes that were filler and like them just as much as the things were action episodes?

I watched A Certain Scientific Railgun and I liked it a lot even during the filler episodes. I related a lot to the characters, too, but I couldn't admit it until recently, because I was too scared of being 'girly' to any extent at all.
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MtF here

I honestly can't stand almost all anime.
I mean that's fair, too. Everyone's entitled to their own interests after all.

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This isn't a question directly about LGBT, but about sexuality/gender so I hope this is the right place to ask.

Is being a heteroromantic the same thing as being a permanently abstinant heterosexual?

What are heteroromantics attracted to in the opposite gender that they can't be in the same gender?
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"heteromantic" is a fancy way of saying straight.
I botched the second question. I meant to ask:

Is being heteroromantic asexual the same thing as being a permanently abstinant heterosexual?

Is an asexual hereroromantic straight?

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Gimme the best faggotronic album and songs of the last 30 years please (bonus points if ive never heard it)
This album particularly 10:37 Get Me Close
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This is for me and my lesbos sisters
Actaully this is a better version
my mum used to tell e the gladioli hanging out of his back pocket was something to do with gayness so here

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Why do transbians always resort to using violent homophobic slurs when insulting straight trans women and cis lesbians?
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they're basically straight men who throw temper tantrums over not getting what they want, especially sex. its male entitlement and socialization
This: >>8865960
Transbians are to cis lesbians as Straight trans girls are to straight cis girls.

Abusive, mangry bitches.
To be clear here, when you say straight trans women, do you mean heterosexual AGPs or homosexual "transsexuals"?

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I'm like a demented madman when it comes to my sexuality and what I get off too, I keep asking myself do I really like cocks or do I like girls. Am I just a perverted mentally ill person?

When I jerk off to porn I get a numbing effect, and don't think about what I'm actually attracted to because the screen has hot sexual tension, big cocks, hot girl bodies/faces, girls moaning. I'm pretty sure porn made me this way and this confused. (((They))) said pornography was healthy, (((they))) lied. Not even once.

Porn actually made me suck dick, think about it for a sec, porn made a straight guy with low self esteem suck dicks, there's no going back from sucking a dick, the Pandora's box has been open.

I never get pussy because I had crippling social anxiety and learnt to avoid people so I never got to know anyone of my peers. Also, im so afraid of any kind of social reject that I completely avoid being in that kind of situations, so I don't get rejected (pic of a black guys pointing index finger at his temple). This is basically how I've lived my whole life and that's a big reason why "don't get any pussi". Also autism.
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> (pic of a black guys pointing index finger at his temple)

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How does one go about dating/searching for a partners while stealth?

post advice and greentexts etc.
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I have this problem. Meeting people through friends who know I'm trans is the only thing that's worked. If you're so stealth that you have no friends who know you're trans, then I guess that won't work.

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>agp's are straight man brained/aggressive/creepy/entitled men
>I get along best and feel kindred spirits with with the femme gay lisp qt gay bois in my workplace
Explain yourselves, Blanchardistés and transbianphobes!
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You have pseudo-friendship.
I hate flamboyant faggots even though im a faggot myself. They annoy me beyond comprehension.
So now I'm being a pseudo-woman by enjoying contextualizing myself as belonging among really faggy men?

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I want video proof that HSTS get mangry.
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You aren't going to find anyway.

Meanwhile, this >>8863242 is happening in another thread.
*find any
HSTS anger is passed more in passive aggression and manipulation.
Fuck me, Euron's crazier than I thought

So Im single and i have a question, do you guys like lisps and should I keep mine? I don't really like having it personally, it embarrasses me a lot and it can be a dead giveaway of my sexuality if I'm trying to stay incognito. It can be very annoying trying to speak to other people, but getting scared because I don't want to be laughed at. Is there any way I could get rid of it? Voice training or something?
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I think lisps are really cute if you aren't a flamer
Non-flamer fem guys in general are really attractive to me

But yeah if you don't want people to know you're gay you should try and lose it
Can't be that hard to record your own voice and keep trying till you're de-lisped.
Lisp is a really cool programming language, and it is a band about math as well.

If you find a nerd interested in programming or math, you can convince the nerd to like your lisp through music, programming and math.

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