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Filthy LGBT scum, they took everything away from me, my friends, my self worth. Everyday I think of my way of revenge to get my only friend back. Should I shoot up the school in return?
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How did LGBT people hurt you?
Tell the full story, anon,
Please don't do anything out of revenge, not yet anyway.
is threatening to shoot up a school something that qualifies as "illegal content"?

i got a time-out for using it incorrectly once, but i feel like this is something that shouldn't be just erased and ignored.

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Name anybody who passes better than her
Protip: you cant
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What do you think of this man? i need the Internets opinion,
his name is Mr fisher
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I think you're probably too young to be here.
wtf is this shit?
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I never knew you would find my r.i.p bubbles video so easily from a simple google image search. i have much to learn

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If I had a dollar for every gender there was, I would have two dollars
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According to feminists, you'd actually have $1.77
You’re not gonna find much opposition here. Go troll tumblr or something.
2$ and millions of Monopoly bills.

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Hey /lgbt/, I don't have a strong opinion on whether to vote YES or NO in the SSM plebiscite, and I'd really like to understand the argument from both sides.

The NO vote is pretty simple:
> muh Bible
> muh slippery slope
> Faggots are kiddy fuckers
> If it ain't broke don't fix it

Although there are lots of slogans and rainbow flags, I haven't heard anyone articulate a coherent argument FOR gay marriage.

But I'm embarrassed to say I haven't heard anyone articulate a coherent argument FOR gay marriage in Australia.

So help me out /lgbt/, I'd love to have a solid argument to ponder before I decide.
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Vote NO because:
>marriage is bad
>letting the left dictate the political agenda is bad
>letting the left thing it can get the LGBT vote by pandering like this instead of focusing on real issues is bad
>letting the left divide people into minorities who can be bought with targeted policies is bad
>the vote is a waste of money and the govt should be punished for holding it
>the vote is illegal (look it up) and the govt should be punished
>real equality is bigger issues than marriage
>civil unions should be here instead
>the federal government should stop trying to make decisions for the states
>the govt should focus on the big issues of today's world, not encouraging people to wave rainbow flags
That's a solid NO argument, but I'd like to see someone articulate a YES argument as well.
Thanks anyway
Each of those are separate and valid NO arguments.

I posted them because the four you listed weren't exactly great when it comes to understanding both sides.

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If you pass, what steps do you take to go stealth? Is it possible to hide everything? Is it even worth it?
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What do you think would make you feel better?

Being looked down upon by more people for being who you really are, or being accepted by more people for being who you are not?
it's best for your mental health not to try to be stealth.

if you're open about being trans, and look good, there will always be people who will despise you for that. No matter how good you look.

But people will despise you for other things too-your choice of career, your interests, your fashion, the fact you browse 4chan or reaction images....no one is safe from judgment.

The only way to deal with people's negativity is to live life with distance to yourself and world, and be proud of your life and choices. Which is someone who is trying to be stealth by all costs will never know. It's a life of constant stress and lies.
>being accepted by more people for being who you are not
That's what I'd like, but the biggest problem in being stealth is hiding it. It's virtually impossible to truly wipe out all traces of your history. And you'd live in constant fear of being found out. That's how I imagine it, anyway. First hand experiences are obviously welcome.

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>that tfw when you finally realize your honbod/fridgebod problem is not due to your shoulders or your hips but your thick as-fuck waist
At last I truly see.
How much ribcage surgery costs, my men?
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It's called a corset
>tfw you knew you were a faggot at 12 and bound your chest every night for years so now you have a small chest and waist compared to your hips
indecisive latefags btfo
I am already skinny and can feel my ribs. How could corsets help me?

ribcage and shoulders and most of the bones don't matter for passing, unless you're naked. most people can't judge by glance if someone has normal shoulders for a cis woman or not, or a proper ribcage shape or whatever. That's why people-and cis people-measure themselves when buying clothes, most people don't even know whether they have board shoulders or not until they use a measuring tape and compare their results with whatever number is considered "average".

Only three things matter. Height, face, hands. If I see a woman I suspect is a trans, it's only based on one of these three criteria-she's either too tall, or two manfaced. If she's too tall for a cis woman, but has feminine face-or the other way, if she has manface, but normal height-I glance at her hands for final verdict. If they are average or small, I just decide it's cis woman, and don't even try to see anything in her torso or waist shape or whatever the people obsessed with passing fret over.

Like I made this thread based on my recent visit in body passgen. To me, all of these bodies looks more or less the same, and the only difference are boobs. If someone told me these are bodies of mtf, I'd believe that. If someone told me these are bodies of ftm, I'd believe that. And that's considering most of them were naked.

There is literally no way to tell if someone is clothed. Only height, face and hands ever stand out.
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>she's either too tall
define "too tall"
I'm 5'7 with a decent looking face and I guess kinda masc hands and I feel like my shoulders really fuck me over
you know, if she's taller then most women, all every woman around

and then it's not unthinkable that there are cis women who are 6'0 or more. It's not wrong to suspect that they are trans based on height alone, but if nothing else(face, hands, also voice) supports this, no one is going to actually think they are mtfs.

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Are trans girls who can pass as cis girls getting cis privilege through deception?
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Absolutely. I know this cute petite trans girl who gets treated like a princess because everyone thinks she's a biological female. She doesn't even face the same issues the average trans person does, she should be shunned from the community.
>cis privilege
female* privilege
No. The concept of "privilege" is retarded, however trans people are always trans, even after transition. It doesn't even get rid of dysphoria! There are many in stealth who even choose to detransition because transition doesn't work.

Don't trap yourself.

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Trans women BTFO
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>/pol/ makes a video trying to BTFO a tranny and fails miserably

lmao holy shit
>long hair
>repression beard
>spends "his" time watching trans videos on youtube

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