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Forgive me if this is inappropriate, but I've always thought that the "L" in "LGBT" is extremely redundant. "G" is for those attracted to their same sex, the "B" is for those who could go either way, and "T" is for those who don't identify with their birth sex. These are all reasonable to me.

But that "L" is just "G", only specifically for girls. Why is it even a thing?
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Better question, why aren't the other letters divided by sex and other types too?
Right? "GBT" accomplishes just as much as "LGBT" does with one less syllable.
Because gay men and women want nothing to do with each other.

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lgb wtf is a twinkhon
why embrace all this stupid board culture and just call yourself nonbinary or genderqueer or something
or just go to tumblr and wave your girldick while reblogging trans positivity posts
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A twinkhon is an mtf that can't pass, but looks like a super fem twink. It's not a voluntary thing people would want to be, but something you're forced into because you're non passing.

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The place I want to go to says that I should send them all records, labs and documents relevant to endocrinology before I make my first appointment with them. I'm not sure exactly what to do, I'm 18 and live with my parents who aren't supportive enough to help me, so which forms do I send them? I don't know what to do.
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They want the records from any previous doctors you may have seen.
If you haven't seen anyone previous, you don't have anything to send.

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Life has purpose. Therefore, repent to God Almighty and seek the truth before it is too late. Porn is folly and disaster. Enjoying folly and disaster is sinful. Also, causing sin is worse than committing sin.

Please follow Christ.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm a male bisexual virgin. 22 years of age. I'm wondering if there are any religious LGBT people here.
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7% of millennials are gay:


Millennials draw no distinctions between discrimination protections that should be afforded gay and lesbian people, on the one hand, and transgender people on the other. More than seven in ten (73%) millennials support legal protections against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations, and housing for gay and lesbian people. A nearly identical number (72%) of millennials say they favor these same protections for transgender people.

While no significant racial or gender differences exist on either question, there are large religious divides in support for expanding nondiscrimination legislation. Roughly eight in ten black Protestant (80%), white Catholic (82%), Hispanic Catholic (81%), religiously unaffiliated (83%), and white mainline Protestant millennials (78%) favor laws that would protect gay and lesbian people against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations, and housing. About two-thirds (66%) of Hispanic Protestant millennials also favor such laws. White evangelical Protestants are closely divided on this issue, with a slim majority (51%) favoring laws that would protect gay and lesbian people against discrimination, and 47% opposing them. Among religious groups, the pattern of opinion about non-discrimination legislation protecting transgender individuals is nearly identical.
Abrahamic religion is just plain dumb. In all honesty youre better off without it, LGBT or not.

I don't mind Buddhism and I don't know anything about Hinduism.
Religion is for uneducated people. It is all about hoping that you can live after you use up your worthless life on Earth. Not opinion, just fact.

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I am having a hard time choosing what I really identify as so I've just identified myself as non binary for 6 months. I have an appointment to see my doctor in October, they already told me I have the option of getting hormones but I'm still on the fence.
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you are an womyn tbhon
Attack helicopter.
non binary

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what can i do about my linebacker shoulders? i honestly think sometimes i pass really well but other times my shoulders are a dead giveaway.
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>what can i do about my linebacker shoulders?

Make fun of bitter manlet FtMs.

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* bites penis half way off*
Aaah My flow has started , this one realy seperates the girls from the women
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arg dont posty that image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's it from?

Is Sailor Moon the ultimate LGBTQIA anime?

I can imagine a large share of the audience are Gay cis-men, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans-women (including hetero bigender males), Queer, Intersex, Asexual and kink/fetish (oh man, pregnant & fat senshi or scout artwork).

and the romance between Haruka/Michiru (Sailors Uranus/Neptune) is well known.
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Sailor Moon has nothing to do with being LGBTQIA.

But I do love Sailor Moon.

T. 100% cis person with gender dywphoria
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yuyu hakusho is better.
Boku no Pico is the gayest anime out there!

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I'm with Her
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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And you whiny queers used to bitch and moan when I complained about gayface and said gay men were overwhelmingly ugly


Vindicated, bitches!

>larger foreheads
I fucking called it. I fucking called it. I fucking called it. I fucking called it. I fucking called it. I fucking called it. I fucking called it.

And, of course, faggots are already complaining:


Daily Reminder: faggots are ugly troglodytes.
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When will the /lgbt/ community revert the trainwreck that is womens rights? Will they never admit their mistake?
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>women's rights

Two different movements bud
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you mean the left

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Does transitioning have any proven long term benefits?

If so, can you please cite the latest research on that. I would prefer to see comparisons of people who did and did not transition, but I will take what I can get.
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I think that numbers are hard to estimate.
1. Nobody have a clue about number of repressor who succeded or people who killed themselfs
2. What about those with low to mild dysphoria who didn't need to transition
3. How much regrets was due to poor results and how much due to mistake

I found amount of trannies quite suprising so I really wonder about percentage of repressors and/or people with low dysphoria
Are people with low dysphoria more likely to de-transition?
I feel like a lot of people who shouldn't transition do. Dumb people. Some people need to and know it's what they want and need but others convicne themselves it is and end up regretting it due to making a fast decision and rationalizing it as okay. Also they turn out as Hons, Manlet to womenlet is true master race.

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so curious, im unsure as to how to actually start my transition :3 any advice? Im really unsure as to what it is i have too do. i know HRT threapy ect exists but unsure how to actually start it ect. pls halp
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...those eyes

it's actually a meme only oldfags will remember

You know your image is super similar to what I went through. I was overweight and hated my male body. I wished I could be a small skinny girl. I started to do cardio and dieting so I could get smaller. But as I started losing the weight I realized how good I look as a male. I started enjoying my body more because I wasn't so depressed about it. I wasn't trans, I was just fat and hated being fat so I was pretending to be something I am not.

I think it is mostly ugly people who hate their bodies that turn trans. If they just stop being ugly I think we would have less trans people. Or maybe it was my excess fat holding on to estrogen causing me to feel like a girl. When I lost the fat and my nuts started pumping more testosterone in my body I felt more like a man.

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I catfish sad, lonely men from this board. ask me anything <3
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You and everyone else that uses this board. It's the real sad thing. Can't you people do anything that isn't thinking about sex or how to facilitate sex?

I came to this board for proof that /lgbt/ people can be individuals, but I'm not finding it. Maybe all the /lgbt/ people who aren't lifeless simply don't use this board. I wouldn't.
I'm an individual!

Of course, I'm considered old and a tad crazy, but aside from that...
I personally would never gauge a group of people based on members that use 4chan. the creatures on this board and all other boards are subhuman at best, not proper examples to form observations and generalizations from

I love that everyone always thinks of this super creepy, wrinkly old man when they hear the word "catfish". I am, still super creepy, but I turned 18 last week.

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On this board I have seen everything labeled as agp. Dress to femme agp, dress to manly agp, wanting to be submissive agp, hypermasculine politics agp.

So dear anons, what isn't agp?
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I know that. But everything have been labeled as sign of agp, so I want to know what isn't
being a normie

read: nobody who uses this site

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