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Has /tttt/ any lewd greentext stories to share?
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Get therapy.
Get shock therapy.
Saw this story too, I don't get all the anons saying that it's fucked. Like most people have rape fantasies and this seems far below that.

Post similar stories, I'll give (you)'s

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hello lgbt...new namefriend here...

My name is mink...mink the twink...

hobbies are sonic pokemon and mario bros..i like speedrunning but im very bad..

i was raised christian however im gay so this becomes problematic but i domt mind never letting my god down.

I love my mom and dad because they give me life and life albeit hard is very fulfilling..

anyway nuff about me..

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For your information, that's the "male to female general". Go there.
Hello mink! I'm Hadrian the Mantisbug bugchasing chaser!

my hobbies are maintaining a small garden

i was raised gay but recently converted to puritan pilgrimstyle christianity so this is also problematic

i love my mom cause she ate my dads head for me

anyway thats all there is to me

mink do you have any hormone treatments or stds in your life?
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henlo diapytwink

My name is puffybutt, the diaper queen
hobbies are diapys plushies puppies and drawing and the baby ring stacking game..i like chicken nuggies but im a very messy eater so dady has to clean my face alot..

i was raised by my 'nemgflected agnostic parents" however im a proud belive in god and im a mentally distrubed nazi hsts so this becomes problematic but i domt mind never letting my god down.

I love my daddy bf because he gives me a reason to be happy and hopefull albeit hard is very fulfilling..

anyways do u collect any plushies and have u ever slept in ur diape and peepee and it got on your favorite plushe

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What do you mtfs do to cope while untransitioned?

My situation is really specific. I have the oppurtunity to make tons of money and make my parents proud (which holds a lot of weight for me since it is the sole reason for my existence) but being possibly mtf makes everything harder to accomplish. I just want to be considered successful until i inevitably disappoint everyone and reside into a pit of mockery until I off myself.

Please anons tell me if there is anything you do to lighten the load i will forever be in your debt.
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Better question,

What drug numbs you the most but will still keep you productive?

>inb4 hormones
You could rotate through depressants.

Opiates, alcohol, etc. Don't stick to one of them for any long period of time or you'll get addicted.

You could also try xanax or something.
I'm on legal marijuana give that a go

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tanin no ka.png
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please help, /lgbt/

>i've been with cis and trans women but no cis-men (yet)
>men scare the shit out of me
>sexually and physically abused by males throughout my life
>i've gotten close with cis-male homosexuals but when things start getting sexual i start getting flashbacks and get overwhelmed

what do i do? why am i like this? :-(
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Probably some kind of post abuse PTSD, you should see a doctor
File: il_fullxfull.842114892_rufj.jpg (384KB, 1500x1125px)Image search: [Google]
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i've been diagnosed with PTSD. been seeing a psychiatrist for 12 years now (i'm 25) and am currently doing cognitive behavioral therapy with a psychologist

>meds don't help, i've been on over 30 different ones with no success after 12 years
>talking it out hasn't helped

suicide would be nice but i don't want to make my mom sad

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Look at this repressed FAGGOT
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>Look at this repressed GAMP
>repressed TRANNY
>alternative genders

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So for those of us who have come out as trans what was it like? Do you regret it? How did everyone react/treat you after.
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No I don't regret it. It didn't feel like a choice, it felt like something I had to do.

I lost nearly all of the friends I had at the time, but I moved to a new town and got work pretty easily. People respect me at my job, but my social life is void for the most part. I've learned to accept it. I still struggle with being objectified by people who perceive trannies as swiss army sex toys, but I've also accepted that I'm probably foreveralone.jpg too, and that's alright.

I don't regret coming out. I think I should not have scaled back my plans, though. I was stressed the entire time, ready to leave home if things went badly. But apparently it was for no reason. Afterwards, I was left with the feeling that I should have come out so, so many years ago and the regret and heartbreak of not having done so.

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>act too beta to live as a man
>look too masculine to live as a woman
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>Dumb /r9k/ Frogsposter Adventures, Episode 562
AGP is sad life.

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How do we stop transphobic straight males from not be attracted to beautiful women like pic related?
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Mansbian false flag to make straight trans look bad.
nah, it's a non-trans false flagger I think
Do non-binary people have intersex brains relative to cis people of either gender? Do drag queens? Is this phenomenon exclusive to transitioning transsexuals?

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Maranoa Pride.png
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Turns out the region I grew up in is the most against gay marriage in Australia, who else is/was the Village Fag™ here?

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Do you have any maps of religious beliefs or average age in Australia?
I though Victoria was left wing?
australia has really cute men

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Tranny/Femboy Chaser General.

Chasers post here!
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inb4 carthino manletino seizing the thread and drawing all the attention to himself

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Why do many chasers think they're straight? Trannies aren't women.

t. chaser
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>have never be sir'd
>have smaller than most females measurements
>pass even in boymode
>have triple E feet
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Thank's for that top tier frog, anon. I won't forget you.
What exactly are "triple E feet"?

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Daily reminder that bisexuality isnt real and is the first ever tumblr meme sexuality.

Daily reminder that if you are a bisexual tranny you are actually a failed straight male using men to validate your insanity.

Daily reminder that you WILL in fact go back to women at some point or some other failed male tranny/femboi (same thing really)

Reminder that you are all killing yourselves testing out pills that couldnt cure cancer and NEGATIVE side effects were boob growth etc

Daily reminder that you are all using your bodies as guinea pigs to look like a freak of nature

Reminder that after 25 you will look like a used tampon thats been reused over and over and your skin is wrinkly amd not your chasers which are failed straights and pedophiles will want you

Reminder that your only hobby is dressing like a faggot online amd wavimg your tranny cock for any sort of validation since your parents never loved any of you....
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20% of trans are failed gay men, not straight anon.
File: 1498599428605.png (171KB, 262x263px)Image search: [Google]
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>It's an "Anon makes a bunch of brash assumptions about huge swaths of people he's never met and never will" episode

Can we change the channel already, I'm tired of this rerun
Are you gay erasure anon?

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What's the final possible age to transition and still be considered legitimate?
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Well, I don't think there's really a final age necessarily
like, there was that old girl from ww2 who transitioned at like 90 or whatever
it makes sense that she wouldn't have necessarily transitioned younger. Society was absolute shit when she was growing up, there wasn't much knowledge on what being trans actually was, and by the time there was knowledge she already had a wife and family, which can make it a lot more difficult to get yourself to start transitioning
every person has a different experience, meaning there's no true age
25 at absolute maximum. Even then your likely hood of being a hon is high. Late teens is best and early 20s is okay.
So I still have chance (25)

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>mtf asks me out
>"sorry dude, I'm not gay"
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File: IMG_5511.gif (930KB, 500x204px)Image search: [Google]
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>mtf asks out
"Sorry I'm into men"
>Getting asked out
Sounds unlikely

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