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Question for trans ""people"":

Can any of you freaks tell me why are there so many MtF cases and yet so few FtM?
Are mental illnesses more common about men? Is it because they believe that women have it easier?

Thanks in advance.
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Statistically men are freaks more often than women for every category good or bad
Women do have it easier and that is the reason.

Males are more likely to get the more interesting cases during their conception.

That's why there's more gay men than gay women, more mtfs than ftms. Something about testosterone makes the internal issues grow tenfold.

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Derrick Lawlor, accused of murdering Mark McCreadie, said in a recorded police statement played in court on Thursday that he went to Victoria Park for a "homoerotic" experience and saw two men in a wooded area having sex and joined in.

Lawlor told police he knew the other man with McCreadie and had had a previous sexual encounter with the man in his home. He said he had a scarf and recalls having it around a man's throat.

In the police statement, he said that being promiscuous was a way to avoid hurting someone. He would have sex and the thoughts of hurting others would stop, he said.

Lawlor told Waterloo Regional Police Det. Const. Les Pyke that he had urges to kill and that he had rage.

"It's getting worse, it's escalating. I can't stop the urges, the thoughts to kill someone," he said.

Lawlor, 56, of Waterloo faces a first-degree murder charge in connection to the death of 50-year-old McCreadie.

The Kitchener man's body was found in a wooded area near the Iron Horse Trail in Victoria Park on April 10, 2014. He had been strangled the night before, the Crown says.

McCreadie was a separated father with two grown children and a granddaughter. He lived in a rooming house on Agnes Street.
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Court heard that Lawlor, while in the psychiatric ward at Grand River Hospital, called police five days after McCreadie's body was found and said he wanted to speak to them about the death in Victoria Park.

"If I'm responsible in anyway, I want to take responsibility for it," Lawlor said.

In the interview with police, Lawlor said he had been "violently raped" by a man a year before McCreadie's death. He said he was initially ashamed but then said he began drinking and "cruising for perpetrators."

"I became sexually promiscuous last year after the rape," Lawlor told police.

Lawlor told the officer he needed help and often tried to stop himself from hurtful thoughts.

"There are times I go into a dark place in my mind," he said, adding he had rope and a knife.

But, he said, "I never hurt anyone that I can remember."
Lawlor told police he would go to Victoria Park "cruising" for sexual encounters with men.

In the audio recording, the officer repeatedly tells Lawlor that anything he says in the interview may be used against him later. Lawlor says he understands.

At one point, Lawlor says he's scared to incriminate himself and provide false information.

"You think you have something to do with this?" Pyke asks Lawlor. He says yes.

Lawlor said when he first heard of the death on the news, he panicked and "started freaking out." He went looking for his backpack, his coat and his knife.

Lawlor told the officer that the day before the body was found in the park, he had lost his job at the University of Waterloo.
Lawlor was on contract as a student adviser at AccessAbility Services at the university, providing advice to students with disabilities. He was told that his contract wouldn't be renewed.

"It caused me to be very anxious," Lawlor said.

Lawlor, who takes anti-anxiety medication, said he got the urge to drink.

He described how he would talk himself out of hurting others.

"I would sit there and fight with myself to fight those urges," he said.

In one instance, Lawlor described a time in which he met a businessman in Victoria Park and was invited to his house outside of St. Jacobs.

Lawlor said they talked and the man asked him why he was so nervous.

"I was fighting with myself, the urges, trying to convince myself he was a decent guy and not who I thought he was," he said.

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>be me
>31 year old manlet 6'3" 240
>Okay moneys
>5/10 attractive
>Literally invisible to women above 4/10
>Can't get pussy. No sex in 8 years
>Was Chad in HS. Lots of pussy then
>Started finding dudes on CL that offer blow and go's
>Man head 100% better than chick head BTW
>If this is the only way I can get off then so be it.
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Why did you stop being a chad?
I was an impostor chad to be honest. Looked like a chad, talked like a chad, but I've always been a little shy and self conscious. Getting women is easy when they fall all over you. So I just let them make all the moves.

Now as a man I have aged quickly. I'm not hot anymore, and my confidence has fallen through the roof. I get no matches on POF or tinder. I get no looks IRL.
You're like 40 pounds overweight, I doubt that you aged quickly. Just get skinny then see if you're still a beta

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im new to lgbt and don't really consider myself gay, but would any traps be willing to get to know me and potentially be my gf?
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Pic w/ timestamp with brief description of yourself
It is possible for girls to get pregnant.

Hey, I could use some help. I recently got my first boyfriend and we have stared getting sexual. The first time was just a hand job and now blow jobs and i can't get hard/ stay hard or cum.
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There has been 4 times where i haven't cum and i don't want him to get sick of me.This is my first time doing this so i thought i was just nervous but i dont even know. He was able to cum each time sometimes twice :c
Maybe you're not gay, or only attracted to guys romantically, or maybe he's too ugly for you?
I am gay. I am very sure of that. He is not ugly hes handsome but he thinks i don't like him now :c

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Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell announced his resignation Thursday as a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government over its hiring of Chelsea Manning as a visiting fellow.

"Unfortunately, I cannot be part of an organization — the Kennedy School — that honors a convicted felon and leaker of classified information, Ms. Chelsea Manning, by inviting her to be a Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School's Institute of Politics," Morell wrote in a letter to the school's dean, Douglas Elmendorf.

"Ms. Manning was found guilty of 17 serious crimes, including six counts of espionage, for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, an entity that CIA Director Mike Pompeo says operates like an adversarial foreign intelligence service," Morell wrote.

Mike Pompeo said in a letter to Harvard on Thursday that he backed Morell's decision, adding that he was withdrawing from a Harvard public forum later Thursday night.

Like Pompeo, Morell stressed that he didn't take issue with Manning's gender identity.

"It is important to note that I fully support Ms. Manning's rights as a transgender American, including the right to serve our country in the U.S. military," Morell wrote, adding that he opposes President Donald Trump's ban on transgender service members.
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Xe can't keep getting away with this!
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CIA Niggers BTFO by hon.
Do you think xe acted out of manger?

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how do I experience the joys of fucking a trap without having to buy a hooker and potentially get aids? also im not that good looking
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fucking a trap
but how do I meet one that's willing to have sex with me? ive looked at trans dating sites but don't want my face on there and im not willing to go to a gay bar
Dawnwillow, anyone have her social media?

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Men's bodies don't interest me at all, but I'm very attracted to cocks. When I'm looking through porn I mostly choose videos based on the guy's dick, I've even fapped to videos of solo guys jackin it, although I had to scroll down to cover their face.

What's wrong with me? Is this normal?
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You are gay.
But I'm not attracted to men
You're not letting yourself. Stop repressing and be yourself.

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Has anyone else started to feel dumber after 2-months self meddling? It's weird I am just really dumb now.

Pic unrelated.
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Yeah, that tends to happen to a degree. On the bright side, you will probably notice you're less autistic about stiff, which is a great tradeoff imo
Yeah, I feel dumber. But it wasn't until the 7 month mark.

That said I could also have a swollen pituitary gland or a brain tumor so...
ya I feel dumb tbhon

>Be 6 foot tall twinklhon with linebacker shoulders.
>One of the few interests I have is exercising.
>Too scared of lifting because I will get huge.
>Don't want to end like a female bodybuilder who abuses steroids and looks like a manhon.
>Go skinnyfat instead
>Hate everything.

Why couldn't I just be born a girl so I could lift?

pic related natty vegan girl who lifts but I can't look like that because born male thus if I lift I become a bodybuilder womanhon.
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just say fuck it and lift
I lift and I still pass
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Pretty sure if I lift It will be impossible for me to pass.
I gain muscle very easily and I'm already extremely body conscious about my height and shoulders so adding muscle to it would only make it worse...

Shitty genetics basically because slav family.
Uncle actually used to compete and do Olympic lifting.
>I gain muscle very easily
delusions of normal people

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