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I'm a girl, dating a girl. But I need to be dating a guy. Let me explain.
I love my gf and think she's perfect just the way she is, but my family doesn't see it that way. They want me to settle down with a man and have kids and all that. They told me that they would disown me if I married a woman. That's an especially hard blow since my family is wealthy, my parents are worth upwards of $10 million. I told them I love my gf more than anything and what if she transitioned to male and I married him and they said that would be acceptable, as long as I still have kids by whatever means. I even talked them into helping pay for her/his transition.
Now I just need to convince her to go along. She's pretty butch, way more than me, and I don't think she'd mind being a guy. But ideally she would want to transition and even think it's her idea. I've been trying to plant the seeds of this in her head, approving of trans people in passing and casually saying that sometimes I wish I was dating a guy, but she doesn't seem to be taking any notice. How can I get her to want to transition?
Or alternatively I can get T and try to administer it to her secretly and worry about the rest later, but from my understanding it's only injected, which would be hard to do.

I love her and I don't want to hurt her, but I really need her to be male. What do I do?
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That's fucked up.

You should've just got her to crossdress for the wedding or something.
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This sounds like a fanfic.
It doesn't work like that you fucking cunt. You'd really ruin her life just so you can have a boyfriend? Really? This is a troll right?

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>Tfw you are told that it's harder to lose weight on hormones but you're lighter than you've been in 2 years and just keep losing it
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All trannys have some kind of eating disorder. Where are my thicc dickgirls?
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Tfw 5'11 and 54kg (which is 119 pounds).

I want to be a thicc futa mommy dom but eating 2k calories per day just isn't doable.
tfw 5'10 and 140 pounds but still see myself as fat in mirror

apparently the TERFs initiated violence
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>men being abusive to women

Wow, what a shocker!
How can terfs hope to compete with the male-socialised, Y-chromosome-possessing apex predators than are tgirls?
>expecting trans to be a gentleman

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Shy Girls (basically all of us) edition

• Makeup tutorials: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Mannerisms https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Bk0GbW8xgvTgQlheNG5uw
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

Old Thread >>8862235
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hugg shann
opossums are good
Anyone know a really good epilator? Budget isn't a problem. Sick of using removal cream and countless razors.

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Why has anyone deluded themselves into thinking that Mike Pence is such a danger to LGBT rights that he makes Trump "unimpeachable"?

Let me lay it out for you. When Trump is impeached, the Republican party is going to be hobbled (which is why they're only going to do it once they realize that support for Trump has waned so far that if they don't, they have no chance of reelection in 2018). Attempting to push an anti-LGBT agenda at that point would be political suicide and would never find enough support in the House or Senate to pass, much less from the American public. There is nothing he could realistically accomplish at that point.

So no, Pence taking over would not be anywhere near as bad as people say. Which is why I find it hilarious that people are saying "Enjoy President Pence ;)" like it's some sort of trump card. Especially since it shows they see Trump's impeachment as a very real possibility. And, of course, this is all assuming that Pence doesn't get brought down at the same time as Trump, allowing someone like Orrin Hatch to take over. Which would be a nightmare for the alt-right. Trump is their golden boy and they're well aware that without him, the White House is just a bunch of establishment Republicans.

Bring on Pence, and watch as he does absolutely nothing to hurt the LGBT community.
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Thoughtful post
Why does he look so fresh all the time? Like, Pence has a hella lot more physical attractiveness than Trump.

Also, he ain't gonna do nothing to gays or trannies. The dude's harmless...and cute.
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Literally had this thread yesterday

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Well, /lgbt/?
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>tried mine once
>tasteless but had an icky texture
>left a sour aftertaste that lasted for hours

Kinda made me nervous about when/if I get a bf. I love the idea of giving blowjobs but I could do without the aftermath.
No need to be nervous, you just have gross cum
> I love the idea of giving blowjobs

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Why are there more gay males than gay females?
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cause they are fags
a lot of females are bi
Because females sexuality different than males.

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Not 100%, but it is quite likely lmo. Take your time and explore yourself
agp is literally something that is only ever talked about on 4chan and by TERFs. If you try to talk to your parents about it, they will think you have gone crazy (even more so than telling them ur trans), if you tell a gender therapist that, any therapist worth their salt would tell you "stop using 4chan"
I wouldn't recommend it.
I 'came out' as AGP to my cousin a few months back and after I explained what it was, e.g arousal and gender euphoria, she's started sending me LGBT articles on facebook.
idk I expected it to be quite normal.

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>be mtf
>people say you pass
>still only see a man in the mirror
>live in ultra liberal area so can't tell if hugboxing
How the fuck do you know if you pass? I don't want to go full time unless I know I'm not making a fool of myself
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Post a pic.
No, post a webm/youtube video,

Pics are fake and don't actually show what you look like. Only video will tell the truth.
This is actually good advice.
Post a webm so you can't use light and angle tricks.

Won't happen though because OP deep down is happy people say she passes.

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Ah ikiso ikuiku
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I came from this thread
Hey nice
This 4ch is shit.
4ch is trash asshall
Hey guys Kiss my ass!!!!

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Do straight men have sexual thoughts about men? All straight men? Is it true some men just think about their wives? My husband doesn't seem that concerned with sex in the first place.
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>Do straight men have sexual thoughts about men? All straight men?
>Is it true some men just think about their wives?

How are those things connected?

>My husband doesn't seem that concerned with sex in the first place.

There's a dozen reasons besides being gay for not wanting to fuck you

you're a bitch and your presence only associates with stress at this point

erectile disfunction

closeted asexual

cheats on you with some other woman


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How does this make you feel?
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like I need to restock on buckshot soon

that's gonna be my hairline in ten years time to preemptively kill myself tbhon
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Hi so i'm on Dutasteride for hair regrowth, as well as been on Cypro+Estrogen for about 13 months now. My question is do we really need a dht inhibitor like Dutas or Finasteride if our testosterone is in female range? my T has been in female range consistently since about 2 months on Cypro.

The main reason i am thinking about stopping Dutas is my orgasms are utter shit now. i had hoped for amazing female full body orgasms from starting hrt, but i think dutas is nuking my prostate so now my orgasms are very unsatisfactory. Like i have no problem getting a bonner and the build up feels really good for both anal and dick masturbation, its just at the end its disappointing and feels like it should feel how it does.
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I think it could be cypro. I was taking 150mg a day for a while and could barely get hard and orgasms were garbage. I'm low dose and now they're a little better
I'm on 50mg of cypro+estrogen and my hair is regrowing, dutasteride seems like a waste

21 year old,Pre-HRT MTF Transgender here.
My GF locked me in chastaty with a penis-cage.
For every full week I wear it I earn 1 point.
At the end of each week I can decide if I want to stop wearing it or if I want to add another week of wearing it to earn 1 more point or if I want to be unlocked.
I can have a maximum of 4 points, so waring it for more than a months would be a waste.
Here is what I can spend my points on.
Masturbation = 1 point
Handjob from her = 2 points
Blowjob from her = 3 points
Sex with her = 4 points.
The moment I reach 0 points I have to go back to wearing the chastity device (for at least 1 week until I have earned at least 1 point)
If I decide at the end of a week of wearing it, to let her unlock my cage I have 1 week to spent all my points. Any leftover points at the end of the week will be lost. Points can not be saved and have to be spent in the same week I have been unlocked.
"But what about HER you might ask? Won't she get sex only when you have saved up 4 points as well"?
Well... no. That's not quite how it works.
If she wants me to lick or finger or - whatever - her - fuck her with a strap on (while still wearing my cage) - I (have to) do it without any objections. And I have to do it at once!
If she says she wants to be licked, for example, I have to instantly drop whatever I'm doing and service her in whatever way she wants me to. If I make her wait any longer than absolutely necessary, A day is added to my week of chastity. If am am currently not wearing my cage in this situation - I go right back into it and any unspent points are forfeit.
She can, at any time, decide to "reward" me with a "free" HJ, BJ, Sex. Hower: my penis goes right back into the cage, once finished. My Castity-Time / Week is not affected, should she coose to pleasure me out of her own will.
Should I ask for a BJ, sex, whatever - myself, the answer is a "no" by default and 1 day is added to my chastity week, just for asking.
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>implying she won't just laugh at you and walk away with the key when you want out after a month.
god I hope so
only hot if you're feminized too

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So this is a transgender woman who publicly claims to be a cis woman apparently from the story and claims rumors about Amanda being born Alain were false, but those are contradicted by fellow famous trans April Ashley.

Apparently Salvador Dali, the artist, paid for her transgender surgery, the rumor goes.

If you listen to Amanda's vocals though it is instantly clear this is not a biological female (to me at least):


In the future will permanent, fully retconned stealth mode attempts a la what Brianna Wu tries to do become more common?

Link here (nsfw) to Amanda's nudes that stopped a lot of the transgender allegations:


Why go to ALL that trouble hiding it and have all major publications not even list you as transgender when your face and voice still clock you?

On Wikipedia Amanda is listed in this category: LGBT rights activists from France but not any of the ones for actually BEING lgbt.

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Here is the before:

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Ugh, she has a fucking great body wtf

Being stealth requires being hyper passable, and if you pass that well, youve earned it imo

Transpeople were not nearly as visible then, so passing would have been a bit easier.
And who would want to be known as a tranny anyway??
Im working towards/planning to be/hoping I am stealth, because being openly trans sucks, and if you have any sort of career dealing with the public or anything, it sucks ten times as much

Trans people arent going to have successful careers in entertainment (actor, singer, etc)

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