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When you look at most historical figures that accomplished stuff, they almost all had a same-sax interest. Writers too.

Is that what happens when you are free completely from your biological desire to breed and the desire to impress women?
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Gay men are gayer on average.
I'd like to believe this is true, but I'm skeptical.

On the contrary, the gay people I meet just seem fucked in the head, myself included.

However you'll never see research done to test these claims.

t. Cis gay male
>Is that what happens when you are free completely from your biological desire to breed and the desire to impress women?
That actually makes sense.

Is he white?

Is he gay?
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no replies come on
adidas originals gymsack tricot one size

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>tfw when you have the 'macho man' fingers but are a gay otter-twink with a boyish face
Explain dis?

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Is gay men having good fashion sense inherently ruined with non-binary/genderqueer dressing styles?
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Straight guy here, not really sure what's so bad about this honestly, he kind of pulls it off.
Is this guy just repressing hard though?
It's a lot of look.
Butterface. Put a bag over his head and rub his soft but hairy body as you pound his grrrlhole

Straight Anon here.
Any straight people here currently in a relationship with a bisexual?
I'm engaged to a bisexual girl at the moment .
I had to pic for this so
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I am a bisexual girl in a relationship with a straight guy.
What is there really to say about it, though?
I'm dating a bi girl. What's the point of this thread OP, besides your question?

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Im gonna do it lads, I wanna become a trap
>Be me, fucking hate dealing with women and their bullshit, put up with it to get puss
>Think fuck it i'm gonna become gay
But being gay would require being gay
>Remember that traps/femboys exist
>Try getting off to them, doesn't work
>Keep trying cos I feel like this is the only option left to me
>nope doesn't work, still disgusts me
>start thinking
>But what if I was the trap
>Try jacking off to trap porn again this time in the place of the trap
Im a naturally a bit more feminine then most guys but im hoping one of you guys could give me some tips on becoming a trap that does not involve taking estrogen
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Drink your own semen out of teabags you store in plastic water bottles made out of hardener and sculpted soy.

Or just take HRT or femgen shit.

what a faggot
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To all newcomers and possible trolls trying to understand gender dysphoria or GID I ask you the following:

Look in your closet and pick the biggest coat or overcoat of the opposite gender you can find. Put that on.

Now leave it on. When you outside, in the house, go to bed, wake up, go into the shower, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

That's what gender dysphoria feels like.
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Also a constant aching inside of you that your body is just wrong.

I just woke up to it and accepted it a couple of days ago, and it feels fucking awful and makes it so I can't do anything aside from angst.
So take the coat off.
Also, learn to manipulate your thoughts. I've done enough meditation I can basically program my personality for the day. It isn't easy, but it is useful for forcing the brain into a stable state.
>Have you tried just manipulating your thoughts?
Fuck off normie.

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>those shoulders
>that hip to waist ration
>that jawline

hey 'hon'
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Would normalising wearing make-up and long hair for men improve our society as a whole? Why is it so socially unacceptable for men to take care of themselves and to improve their looks with make up? In Korea men's foundations, eyeliners and lip tints are gaining popularity.
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As a straight male, I like the idea. Masculinity is a meme anyway. I have a class with a dude that wears makeup but I'm pretty sure he's straight, he just wants to look good. I think nothing of it this point
This would do a lot, but desu long hair isn't really looked down upon in guys that much in a lot of places.

The solution is just to realise gender expression does not have to = biosex, and while the expressions may trend toward more women/men, it's okay to be an outlier.
Is his make up subtle or not?

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im a conservative gov't employee working at a federal hospital. my job is to run the hospital overnight. i worship ben shapiro et al and generally think that transgenderism is a mental illness, but secretly i fap to hot trannies, especially the realistic ones with decent looking tits. i like stripping pics mostly, most of the other shit on google is just nasty rim jobs and ass ramming which does not turn me on. i like the slow shit, making out, gentle cock touching, undressing, kissing, making love while looking into each others eyes etc etc im already getting hard. no on in my life would ever expect this of me.

i have a friend who until recently was a coworker. he got sick and had to quit, turns out he has a somewhat rare condition that causes vertigo, nausea and cerebrospinal fluid to leak out of his nose. it has caused him considerable weight loss. he's a marine corps veteran, still rocks the high and tight, muscle bound dude, easily close to 200lbs. he shows up at work recently after not hearing from him in months, looks skinny, lost probably 50lbs. says he's nearly ready to come back to work but has some shit to figure out first. shows me his phone, a picture of a chick with blonde hair on a racing bicycle (we are both avid cyclists, which is how we became friends). i ask him if that's the female friend he'd recently told me about. he shows me another picture, of this female cyclist's face...it's him in drag. not sure what to say, i play along like i'm not weirded out. ask him if he's on hormones, he says yes. points out to me that the athletic attire he's wearing is women's shit. tells me he's putting on weight in all the places women do, and losing weight in all the places men have it. decide in the moment to express support, despite my beliefs, tell him we need to ride together soon.

i get home and realize that this could be the moment i fap about. he's going to be a chick with a dick and i could get up on that. do i??
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Don't worry about it. If you like someone you like someone.
Worrying too much about what's making your dick hard is the gayest shit ever.

How old btw? I just started in my mid 20s and need hope because I'm an attention seeking faggot

I hope you get a nice peepee g/f anon. Maybe you're soul mates
It is amazing the lengths gay men will go to feminize their relationships to avoid the stigma of homosexuality.
What if she is repressed tranny herself :P

What are some of your best pick up lines LGBT? Post your pick up line along with your gender and sexuality.
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Were you born with a dick?

Male born male, gay
"Were you always that pretty or is it just the e?"

"Are you pleased to see me or did you just forget to tuck?"

"You're not gay? Don't worry, here's a skirt."
are you an archaeologist?
because i have a big bone for you to examine

are you an archaeologist?
beacuse a i have dig i need assistance with

t. manta

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What do you think is the best country to transition in? If US precise state.
I think it's not France, healthcare is nice but people are really transphobic and really xenophobic in general.
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New England is the hotspot for early transitioning.
US, northeast or northwest, is pretty great.
no thx, I’d rather not get run over by a truck of peace.

And can hrt stop this?

Im black mtf who has been growing their hair for about 4 months and i feel at this point it has stopped growing all together after frequent growth in the months before. Does hair grow infinetly and does hrt contribute at all?
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Probably mention.
I tend to my hair. What little i have often taking all the stops needed but to no progress. I dont want to have to wear wigs in my future :(
no, it's basically genetics and luck. your hair will grow to whatever length it wants to and no more.

My hair grew to my midback. My mother's hair never grew past her shoulders. My grandmother's hair went down to her feet. We're mixed race Welsh/German/Italian

for other races it's the same. just what ever you get is what you get
AFAIK, yes, actually, estrogen makes your hair longer.

Source: I asked a friend who studies biology about it.

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How do we stop transbians from destroying the public image of trans people?
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Accept Blanchard.
Get other people to punch the terfs for us so we don't have to.
it must be awesome to be a cute lesbian girl.

Thanks for opening the floodgates, lads. Now every two bit degenerate on planet Earth wants representation, and they're going to get it.

If you think trans is as bad as it gets, you have no idea what's lurking beneath the surface.
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Don’t blame us. Blame sjws and queer activists. For the record, they tend to be straight or “bi” cis women.
How bad will it get? As a gay guy I thought I'd never have to deal with men who think they are true women. What's next down the rabbit hole? Will be great if some of the trans here now have to then claim that being a diaperfag is genetic and they deserve admittance to children's programs or something in the future.
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Oh don't worry, diapers are already a thing at pride parades.

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Is it gay to like trans women?

Also, is it gay to like traps (not real ones) or anime like Boku no Pico, but only because one of the guys looks EXACTLY like a girl, only with a dick?
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I'd say it's in the realm, but not necessarily gay. A lot of it is attraction to the look. Bailey jay gained a lot of male followers that had never watched gay porn before. Having a dick can make you appear dominant, and a sexy, dominant woman is a huge turn on for a lot of guys. So when they see a really feminine looking trap that's fucking the hell out of a cute girl, it makes their cocks hard. It's similar to watching lesbian strap-on porn.
it's only gay if you're sexually attracted to the dick

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