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I'm fat because I'm lonely, and I'm lonely because I'm fat. I just want to cuddle into this chest for a weekend.
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But why though

I'm not normally into this amount of hairy but I think this works for me 'cause he's not old
me too

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>reach 25 years of age masturbating only to women
>go from teen>milf>mature>granny>fat>petite>pee>domination/humiliation>femdom
>by the time I hit 25,here and there I'd see some fags post trap pics/gifs
>usually ignore it
>see few trap vids in the usual "straight" section every now and then
>one time decide to see what's it about
>watch a few
>start masturbate sometimes to trap porn
>still masturbate to women,but trap porn is now the thing that gets me off,like granny used to get me off,or fat,or pee.

How do I go back?
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>age 25
>brain reaches peak development
>going back
just go back

Do you have AGP? or just like getting off to traps?
The fuck is AGP?

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Why do I feel dizzy and have a massive adrenaline spike after taking cypro?
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Should legit talk to a doctor.
Maybe you're just having some panic attack over it or there's some side effects that could be potentially bad for you on the long run.

You won't instantly die from it but the sooner you talk to your doctor the better. Maybe you even change to another anti androgen.
It's not a panic attack. It has happened every time I've taken cypro, which is every day for the last 3 months
Time to doctor it up then.
There' so many things cypro affects we won't be able to tell you if it's your liver, blood pressure, etc.

Do you self med?
Also I know you may not like what I will tell you to but you should stop and go to a doctor as soon as you can.

You won't die from not being on HRT for a couple days no matter what your dysphoria tells you but you may die if you don't get that checked out and let it progress for then next months.

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Do people respect your preferred pronouns? I live in California and have had trouble getting people at work to call me Xer/Xhe and am considering suing at this point.
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If you don't want he or she why don't you use just they? I mean, if I can understand not being male or female, those super distinctions make me laugh
T. Tranny
Because "they" is not my preference.
Why do you have to use invented words?

I'll start: Vita Sackville West, an english poet who had a long love affair with Virginia Woolf, and was also a total hon.
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Here's another picture of Vita
File: vita1933.jpg (12KB, 334x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And a profile pic too.
>jews not looking like women should make us feel better

Does being on hormones allow me to lactate?
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You can lactate without the whoremoans. You just have to use a breast pump every day for like a month straight*

*will lead to gynecomastia
Ordinarily, no, because your body can't get the correct hormones to start storing fat and turn on those mammaries to start lactating.

However, if your prolactin levels are too high, you might lactate. In addition, there are pills cis women can take to start lactation, and they also work for trans women.
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activated almonds.png
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Is there any downside or health risks to making myself lactate

How long till this guy breaks and starts living as a woman?
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Leave mommy Carth alone.
Literally who
Transition doesn't work.
Quit shilling transition when someone's not even trans, it's disrespectful to cis people.

I don't think I've ever crushed on a lesbian irl. Or even a bit girl.
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>bit girl
same but I'm a gay dude, I don't think lgbt people even exist in real life
Crush on a man instead, like me, bb u want sum fug? "3

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Is 26 too old to transition and pass
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maybe but not always
The odds aren't in your favour, but it's worth doing anyway.
Depends entirely on genetics
You won’t get hips

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How do you approach a situation like this?

In my case family in particular. When I came out I expected to be disowned, but surprisingly wasn't treated badly at all.

When talking to me directly everyone in my close family tries to use the correct pronouns and name, but at this point I pretty much overheard everybody talking about me when they think I'm not listening and there isn't even a hint of trying to use the correct name or pronouns when they think I'm not around and it's been like 8 months since I came out...

What do?
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disown them
Transition has no long-term proven benefits.

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