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Our sexual organs are best compatible with the opposite sex, therefore heterosexuality is preferred; Change my view?
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True, I just wish we could choose sex organs.
The validity of heterosexuality does not diminish the validity of homosexuality. Neither group can control who they are. I can’t change your view that heterosexuality is preferred, because it’s just the truth; most people are straight, heterosexuality is the default in society, and without it the species would die off. But none of that makes homosexuality any less real or valid. Society is still catching up.
>i literally have the deepest, most masculine voice in existence
Genetics is inherited, therefore only the best sexual organs (top .5% or so) are needed and others should be removed to make certain no one degenerates the DNA.

Still think everything should be 'preferred' by what is 'best'?

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Yayyy trans :D
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>i burned all my girl cloths wen i got outed.
>tried to kill my self.
>got fat cus i ate my dysphoria way it never worked but you cant feel sad when there's cake in your mouth.
>now on verge of being homeless
>lost some weight and still going but slow
>if im not homeless im starting hrt at the end of the month
>still might kill my self tho...

is that a good trans story?
>be 12
>start wearing sisters clothes when she's out
and so on from there
This tbqh

It all gets really fucked from there.

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I'm going to a gender support group type of thing... I don't know what to expect and I'm really nervous iv never really told any one about this stuff before and I'm not good at talking to people... any one know what i can expect?.
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Lots of straight cis women larping as queer, and sjw politics. Expect to be asked your pronouns.
uugggghhhhh i hate when people ask pronouns right now cus i hate male ones but don't present as fem yet so i don't like to be called that cus it feels like a lie...id like to use fem ones one day but doesn't feel right yet.
Just tell them to use either or gender neutral ones.

I think i'm trans (mtf) and i don't know how to tell my mom. As far as i know shes fairly liberal but i don't know how she'd react. desu i have never even heard her talk about trans issues (even with all the news these past couple years).
Any advice-?
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Don’t come out until you’re ready to. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Chances are, it’ll be painful for both of you :/
Well im just a shitposter and a reporter from pol but all i can tell you is be yourself and let no one hold you down
in the meantime what to do to deal with dysphoria/general awkwardness and shit?

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>18 year old male, but estrogen infused for like 2 yrs
>Qt, gets flirted with by guys regularly.
>Cool except I'm not a girl, have no desire to wear girl clothes, be a girl socially, etc.
>Hate the idea of being a man and enjoy being androgynous

Am I repressed tranny, or just tumblr weirdo? Help
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Do you hate being a man for example your beniz or just hate things that are expected of men in society?
Tomboy here, I don't consider myself trans. I always wear unisex clothes and cut my hair short. It just feels good, I don't have a problem with my tits or vagina, I just don't see myself as a woman in society I live in but I'm not a man either.
It's okay I guess. Just don't fuck with hormones too much. You are not a tranny.
I like my dick. I like being masculine in public. I also just happen to like my body being feminine and dating guys. I don't think I'm mtf but my body is super girly due to mones.
>Cool except I'm not a girl, have no desire to wear girl clothes, be a girl socially, etc.
You’re not trans.
It’s ok to be an androgynous man!! Fuck anyone who tells you otherwise

im nervous abt transitioning. ive told all my friends to use he/him but whenever they say "he" i just dont feel like theyre refering to me. idk if its bc ive always heard "she" my whole life or if im not rly ftm. help me out tbros
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Sucks to be you my man.
Spoiler: you may not be trans

I thought I was trans for a bit but I realized after a while that I wasn't trans, I just had an OCD fixation on being trans because I thought that maybe this was the root of my problems, my depression, my anxiety, my awkwardness. I have, however, come to realize that if I don't sit and think about my issues, and instead take practical steps towards fixing them, that I didn't have the thought "well maybe I'm trans". There's a bunch of retarded memes out there that people say as a way to try to recruit like "cis people don't question their gender hoooon~ <3" and I got so fixated on them because no one actually gives good answers about gender dysphoria over the internet. Overall my advice to reevaluate yourself and see if you actually have dysphoria because maybe you just have OCD about it like I did for a while.
Who cares? Do you hate your body or not? If not, don't transition, if yes, get on testosterone.

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How do I find a cis female chaser?
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Why would you want a cis female chaser? As a transgender girl, I have to say that you're MUCH better off finding a cute cis male chaser bf, since they're most often kind, caring, cute, intelligent, well-endowed human beings who can provide us with a level of sexual satisfaction that other people simply cannot.
t. Larping chaser

/tttt/, what would you do if you found out that your bf has a large trap fap folder on his computer, calls you a "tgirl" behind your back and that he secretly wishes to give your feminine benis a succ but were always afraid to ask?
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Read the book, it says she started estrogen at 13.
>believes what people write in their own books

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Let's talk about times when we did something bad without realizing and it made us cringe. Mine is when I moved into a new dorm. My windows face toward the courtyard of the complex. There is a little gazebo where people sit and smoke sometimes or just talk. Well around the time when I moved in, I started jacking off with lube and standing up because it helped my blood flow to my dick. What I didn't realize, was that people could see my silhouette because I had my light on. So basically I was jacking off like a shadow puppet in the window. I didn't realize it until I came home one time during the night and my light was on and I could see the outline of my laptop clearly. That's when I realized that people had been seeing me jack off in the window. That explains why not many people talk or smoke in the little gazebo anymore is that hawt
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My girlfriend said I could wear her clothes so one day at her house I did. Later in public she was teasing me about having a pair of her panties on under my boy clothes and I pulled down the side of my pants to show her and suddenly she stopped laughing and said it was her sister's pair.
Does that make it bad or something?
Apparently she thought it was gross instead of cute like when I wear hers.

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So here is the deal. The last guy I slept with gave me herpes. He never told me. We wore condoms.

I just have a few questions. If I take medication will I still be able to pass it on? If not Should I let the other person know? When would be a good time in the dating cycle to let the other person know?

Any other info you can give me would be great. I feel bad I have this. I wanna hide.
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This is a wake up call

Stop being a slut. Life is telling you to stop being a slut, now being a slut will directly permanently ruin lives. Just fucking stop
I have had sex with 2 guys in my life
Anytime you have risky promiscuous sex with a person you barely know (whos sexual history you definitely don't know) you're risking becoming diseased

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