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botched ffs.jpg
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Friendly reminder never to get cheap FFS from unknown South American surgeons.

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wow thats a mess.

Its facial team for me i think
good girl
What am I seeing? Part of the forehead has been... cut open and patched up, with two implants to hold the patch of bone in place? And something behind the teeth too?

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Why is homosexuality considered to be normal but autism is considered a mental disorder?
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Because they don't want to pay disability to fags or they would just spend their days sucking cocks.
Because autism, actual autism and not 4chan autism, is a disability that is scientifically proven to lower IQ, impede social development, and generally disable an individual from being a functioning citizen.

Being gay meanwhile, at most makes reproduction very unlikely, and it's even been proven homosexual men have higher average IQ than straight men, so it's not really comparable.
Because homosexuality doesn't impede you to interact normally with humans

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Natural progression tbqh
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If you can manage to become Stacy, social transition is way above the rest of those. Repression is at the bottom.
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who is stacy
The female Version of Chad

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>be me
>be a NEET
>your rich conservative parents will never give you money to buy hormones
>you wjll never be a dominant shemale cutie
None of you knows what real oppression and pain are
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What do
>be a NEET
>unsuccessful parents will never give me money to buy hormones
>buy them myself and successfully transition
looks like you should've been me that's where you fucked up
u gotta decide what u like more

being a cozy neet or following ur shemale dreams

tough decision this is coming from someone in the same spot niggker

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does lgbt get attacked by pol alot?
im new to chan and i would think this happens alot having seen it.
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Yeah, /pol/ shit posts here 24/7. They think they're edgy
>im new to chan

stop immediately this place will ruin your life
/lgbt/ is honestly a shitty board. Like one of the shittiest boards here. If you're a gay dude or an mtf tranny you'll probably get on well here, but lesbian, bi, or ftm and you'll face the issue of being raided, being hated, and being small and ignored, respectively.

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So I finally ordered the pills online. I'm 22 which is kind of late I know but I don't want to be boymode forever. How and what do I need to do to actually transition fully and not just take hormones? I can always get ffs later if I don't pass but I mean where would I go to learn make up? What other stuff would help me? I don't plan on fully presenting female until I look at least somewhat feminine.
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Practice you voice, it's so important and many people neglect practicing it.
I actually can already do a decent female voice I was practicing that for a few years tbqh.
Go to /mtfg/ it has all you'll need

So I want to start HRT as soon as possible but I would like to be able to have a biological child if it ever came down to it, whichever sex my partner would be

I'm going to try Cyproterone and Progynova

Cypro does induce infertility but supposedly it is reversible but I can't find shit on progynova, it's all about not being able to concieve when I look it up

There is nothing wrong in adopting it's just that I feel me being able to have a biological child still would be a good selling point for my parents when I come out to them
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Can I get you pregnant?
You'll need to bank that shit before you start HRT, if you've already started you need to get off it, and I'm fairly sure a couple years or even just months will make you irreversible sterile.
I thought so


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what happened to /lgbt?
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Not OP but I don't know what happenned either, can someone explain a bit ? Thanks
Nothing, imageboard culture as a whole is dying, it's just more obvious on boards that were smaller to begin with.

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I'm thinking of switching from Cypro to Bica but I have a few questions.

I was originally thinking of buying Finasteride to compliment my Cypro but Cypro is giving me suicidal thoughts and Finasteride seems to cause depression in some people as well!

So I'm thinking that Bica is a good option for me since it doesn't seem to have the depression side effects of Cypro and blocks DHT as well as Finasteride. Is that correct?

Has your body hair really been "nuked" by Bica? My hair has thinned a bit on Cypro but definitely not to the point of having like no hair like some people on Bica have said!

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Please help
We don't know.
Most of us haven't even taken hormones.
Those of us who have, only tried one or the other.
Shouldn't you be asking a doctor?
You realize that's not an option for some people right?

Is the LGBT community doing enough to fight Islamophobia?
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>tfw so islamophobic i don't even throw myself off a building on my own
Who the he'll is trying to fight "islamophobia" in /lgbt/? That's like LGBT groups were fighting against hate on Christians back in early 2000's.
>only white people protesting

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Are you as big as Gigi?
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Gf only dated him BC he was a pretty boy with tits you can fuck
she's a big girl
>Gigi is much closer to the camera than the cis woman near her
Nice try skullchan

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>want nothing more than to be a women
>6'4" 280 lbs

how are you supposed to deal with this
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lol I'm 5.7 120 lbs

dont buy any lottery tickets anon
lose weight
(attractive) tall women are attractive
>being that obese

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How true is this comic?
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kek, pretty accurate desu
is that the real comic or is it edited?
It's clearly the original

File: lexi-belle-lesbian-fun-5.jpg (169KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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Why are cis lesbians not allowed to have their own meetup groups or festivals with JUST cis lesbians? As a cis lesbian I am not interested in dating transgenders. That doesnt mean I am transphobic. I support you but I want my own time with my own kind. Im sick of the hostility of the lesbian only space while gay men are allowed to exclude transgenders and any other type of LGBT even bi guys! Why arent cis lesbians allowed by the trans movement to have our own private spaces and meetups?
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Because it implies that you don't see them as real women
Gay men usually don't care about FtMs. Like, I've never seen a gay men's event that makes a point of specifically going out of its way to exclude FtMs.
And why does it matter who want to date? Lesbian events usually aren't just about hooking up.
That's like complaining you don't see Michael Jackson as a real white boy.

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tfw no bf.jpg
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What is gaygen's opinion on autistic boys. Are they cute?
Discord: https://discord.gg/GAD3EWW
Tinchat: /gaygen
Previous: >>8137386
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first for qt ukranian nationalists
Is it easier if your bf is autistic too? How would you even look for that l?
>tfw emotionally distant

Maybe. I don't think you go looking for that kind of stuff specifically

Who else here has accepted that they'll die alone as a khv?

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