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>tfw born too late to live in ignorant repressed bliss
>tfw born too soon to transition early
>tfw born just in time to live in absolute despair each day
Anyone else know these feels? Share your own if you'd like!
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it really it terrible to know if I was born like 5 or 10 years later I would've transitioned earlier and society would've been a lot more accepting
>tfw ywn be a hon
You'll be a hon at 30 or 40 though, when repression fails

Really fucking sucks.

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Why do you exist? Not why don't you die just, what kind of evolutionary benefit does choice of sexuality have. None. So, why do you exist?
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What evolutionary benefit does posting on 4chan have? Why are you here? Why don't you die?
Bc i enjoy life
Well we don't reproduce so we don't even hurt the evolutionary chain

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would you take it?
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I fail to see the catch?

As long as I can lose the weight, keep the body, and I'm not screwing the previous inhabitant over.
Yeah I would
It is fucking easy to fix unlike being a hopeless tranny

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What does LGBT think of Sweden?

I think they're cucks and should be nuked

t. Finn
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I visited Finland, Helsinki to be precise. Great scenery but people seemed rather depressed. I had a big cheer in a bar in Oslo when I told them I was glad to be somewhere nice after Finland.
Are you a male?
Do you have long hair?

Why do you ask?

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What's the most subtly and widely discriminated against LGBT demographic and why is it bi men?
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Seems you've answered your own question, genius.

>bi, so can sleep around a lot
>men, so can sleep around a lot

Let's face it bimen are the most untrustworthy lgbt grouping
It's not discrimination to not want an STD

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Kinsey score tests
Post em:
>0 exclusively heterosexual
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4 predominately homosexual .
Obviously it's going to get it wrong if you pretend to be cis.
The Kinsey scale is such a joke.

>0-5 how gay are you

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>19 years old
Friendly reminder that if you're over 16 you will probably end up a hon.
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>Parading around people's pre-transition pics
>Calling other people hons
>Pass threads can't even tell the difference between passing and looking pretty
>People unironically telling people 20+ they're not truly trans
>An entire dictionary of acronyms prepared to be hurled at anyone by everyone ranging from AGP to HSTS to PSBI to GAMP to GNC to MtT.

What happened to you, /lgbt/?
Hi, try cleaning the grease off your face and take a picture in broad daylight. Anyone will look like shit in a dark room with dim screen light.

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perfect soulmates, many are jealous of this love, but love overcomes everything.
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relevant thread:>>>/pol/122245789


Somalibro still lives.

relevant thread

Daily reminder natsocs belong in the workhouse just like commies and dindus.

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Can we just recognize that bisexuals are the best orientation? They appreciate more than others sexually, and yet they aren't deluded special snowflakes that make up attractions to fictional entities.

They're honest, and based. Let's just think about that, eternally
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Gays and lesbians hate us because they know they can't compare.
roastie bishits will get theirs on the gay of the rope

English motherfucker

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MTFs why do you do it? Any interesting stories from doing it?
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Corruption there closet gay failed mail chasing feminine men to delude there self there straight and progressive topping them taking there masculinity from them in a game of 4d chess is such a rush
I don't and never will. I knew a girl who exclusively topped and I couldn't understand what she liked about it.
Because I'm in a relationship with a 100% sub girl. I would "bottom" but with her its awkward as fuck and even though bottoming for guys seems fun I would never leave or cheat on her.

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He's right.

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Doesn't matter, transhumanism is the future and people should feel free to determine their own futures.
this tbqhwy


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How much of this is legitimately gonna help me be more feminine.
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It's almost all bullshit.

Epilate everything, take hormones, do a skincare routine, take care of your hair, find clothes that flatter your frame, work on your posture, emulate the mannerisms of real women, and for fuck's sake work on your voice
Thanks for legit advice, appreciate it
How this gonna help if you're taking this with HRT. Esp Saw and purera herbs

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in the past few years I've come really far in accepting who I am and I've tried going after a few guys and failed. all the guys in my area for the most part are cute but straight or hide in the closet fairly well. I check some of the guys out every so often but it makes me frustrated because my body wants what it cannot have. Along with that, I know I want a relationship but whenever I get close to being in one that isn't a fantasy in my head I freak out and don't know what to do. I don't really know what causes it but I feel like it's got to do with me not accepting myself fully. what could I do to accept myself more?
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That doesn't sound like not accepting yourself fully at all, to be honest as soon as I learn a guy is straight is like I lose 99% of my interest in him, and I just assume that people I don't know are straight to begin with, so no feeling gets developed.

It's probably best for you to go to a place where you KNOW the guys are gay and so you get to interact with them right away. There are bars, any event geared for LGBT folk, etc... there also the apps, like Grindr.

OkCupid seems to be moderately successful for full relationships, might want to try that out instead.

To be honest, the stuff you said don't make me think you haven't accepted yourself. it just looks like you're lonely and therefore humping trees. I mean this is not even that big ap roblem, you just get scratched a bit. Should be fine after a good mating.
Also I'm assuming you're a kissless, handholdless virgin, so it's also 100% fine for you to "freak out" when you have no idea what the hell you're doing.

Just keep trying. It'll stop being new after you do it once. Just once.

It sucks being too old to be on the first trip, but it's not like you have a time machine to do differently.
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I wanna get over straight guys but whenever I set my sights on one guy that im not sure is straight my brain just nonstop makes scenarios about dating the person and I get really attached. when I find out they aren't gay, I get this overwhelming feelikg of hate. but it's not hate towards them it's like hate for everything. I've tried to get over the scenarios but it never works.

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Yeah pretty much. At this point I'm just hoping for a loving partner who makes me feel better about it.
Actually being a tranny gave me life and I've never worked less in my life.
I think it'll be alright if we achieve singularity+immortality within my lifetime.
But in all seriousness, yeah, I have pretty much missed out on my entire youth and then some. It's kind of weird that like I'll probably be like 30 years old going through things people went through when they were like 13 lol

In a sense I ended up okay cause maybe I'm just an autistic shit but like if it weren't for the fact that being a socially retarded loner is acceptable and somewhat normal nowadays, if this was like pre-1990s I'd have been institutionalized. I was completely nonfunctional as a child and well into my early 20s. Just had zero progress in life in nearly every aspect.

This was requested to post by justin Tatro and Massachusetts USA, he wanted me to post this
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What am I looking at here?
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Why are men's bodies so grotesquely misshaped and repulsive? It's like when God was creating men he outsourced the job to an Indian who just randomly put together anything that was laying around then irradiated it for good measure so it grows even more big and horrendous.

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