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Who /undateable/ here?
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other people are overrated tbqh. just date yourself, tis what I do :)
This is the lgbt equivalent of /r9k/.
Dateable people do not come here.
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everyone. that's why we're all on this board.

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In one instance, the lawsuit states, "A group of women entered the restroom and one loudly exclaimed, '*It's* in here right now;" another woman responded, 'Maybe we should just drag it outside the fucking stall.'"

The lawsuit states that an Amazon employee who was designated as a "coach" was given paperwork that disclosed Schawe-Lane's name prior to her transition; soon after Schawe-Lane was hired at Amazon in 2014, the coach told multiple other employees, supervisors, and managers that Schawe-Lane was transgender.

The couple say this started a torrent of discriminatory acts: Schawe-Lane's coworkers intentionally referred to her using male pronouns in order to humiliate her, they called her slurs like "tranny prostitute" and "chick with a dick," and peered into the bathroom stall Schawe-Lane was using in an attempt to view her genitalia.

Schawe-Lane says that she avoided using the restroom in this hostile environment and this lead to severe bladder and kidney infections that required emergency medical treatment.

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The lawsuit also states that Amazon displayed Schawe-Lane's name prior to her transition on the assignment board, on her ID badge, and within the company-wide computer system and refused to correct this.

Both Schawe-Lane and her husband also faced sexual harassment from their coworker, Tony Hughett, according to the suit. Hughett allegedly presented Schawe-Lane and with porn and sex toys at work, propositioned Lane for sex, and "gyrated his crotch" against Lane's buttocks.

The abuse by coworkers and management culminated when someone allegedly cut the brakes on Schawe-Lane's car, which the couple discovered when they were driving home from work.

Schawe-Lane and her husband reported each incident of discrimination and harassment to Amazon's HR department, but HR did not take the necessary steps to investigate the complaints, according to the lawsuit. In fact, Amazon allegedly retaliated against the couple by closely monitoring their work, disallowing them from taking breaks together, giving them undesirable tasks, and improperly deducting from Schawe-Lane's paycheck. "On several occasions," the suit states, "managers or HR refused Ms. Schawe-Lane's requests for permission to leave work so that she could go to the emergency room or otherwise seek immediate treatment for a medical emergency."


some libertarian free-markets nuts in this thread, probably: "hurr hurr feelings hurt?? businesses should be able to do what they want or you're a commie!"
What the fuck??
And she looks pretty and like she passes well
also I originally saw this article linked by Vice on Facebook and literally half the comments are guys being all "muh chromosomes" and "those women have a right to exercise their opinion" when they're literally suspected of attempted murder. how fucking blind to the obvious line between freedom of speech and violent bigotry can people be???

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How do I signal that I'm gay to other people? I want gay men to feel comfortable approaching me and trying to befriend me. Right now I only ever attract straight guys that think I'm cool and don't know I want to cuddle them. I try to drop hints like "I've never dated a girl" or "I'm not that interested in girls" when the appropriate subjects come up but it doesn't seem to help and those times are usually only during ice breakers when I start classes. I'm in college if that's of any importance.
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Straight guys are the best. Just keep hanging out with them.
If you really wanna attract all the homos you gotta grow your ass out all fat and wear some booty shorts. They will come!
I'm astounded at the notion that people can want to naturally come and talk to you. That has literally never happened to me
I agree, I do like straight guys, do you think straight guys would be down to cuddle though?

oh, yeah I inherited my moms natural charm, people swarm to me for no real reason without any effort on my part it seems most of the time

what are the facial features that make some mtfs easy to clock?
pic related, it me. im a cis girl yet i have that fucking jaw. so a strong jaw isnt necessarily a mtf thing. unless im a cursed cis hon
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A strong jaw isn't necessarily masculine. Female jaws are softer and are at a lower angle than a man's. A man's jaw tends to be sharper and also thicker. This leads to a thicker, broader chin as well. That's what makes a jaw masculine. The apparent toughness and strength of it.

Beyond that? It's also a mix of multiple masculine features while cis women usually only have one or none. They often have brow ridges, long midfaces (which in and of itself can't clock someone, but combined with other features will), and deep set eyes (as a result of the thicker orbital bone).

Combine that with the rest of the body (broad shoulders, large ribcage, thick waist, narrow hips, large hands and feet), and a tranny becomes clockable. You don't need all of these features to be read as male. Just a decent combination of them is enough.
It's a combination like >>8707387 said, I not only have a large jaw but a brow bone, a male nose, a male hair line, male body. Before puberty I had only a big jaw and I looked like a girl, got mistaken for a girl all the time, because I had just one male feature
Just go for jaw ffs and you will be fine

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Come in here to pour your heart out and to discuss your problems without being judged for your weight.
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300 lb NEET here. HALP.
I'm a 225 lb cis female. Good thing I'm asexual otherwise I'd probably become devastated that I can't get laid.
>tfw literally weigh two of my partner
>she still loves me and finds me beautiful.

we can make it, senpai.

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How many trans lives have have been destroyed by radfems? Repressed, delayed transition or killed themselves?

Including every trans person over the decades who has died because they were denied healthcare under feminist rules, who weren't given HRT because of their rhetoric, who didn't come out because they thought that would be objectifying women, and so on.
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around 50k trans people are estimated to have died due to TERFs


As the result of this paper, existing governmental policy was changed so that it

effectively eliminated federal and some states aid for indigent and imprisoned transsexuals. It had a further impact on private health insurance which followed the federal government’s lead in disallowing services to transsexual patients for any treatment remotely related to being transsexual, including breast cancer or genital cancer, as that was deemed to be a consequence of treatment for transsexuality.

– Transsexual, Transgender and Intersex History : Entry on Janice Raymond.

A very, very conservative estimate of the number of additional deaths that resulted is 50,000. The amount of additional misery – incalculable.
Even now there is insurance the repercussions of those policies remain.
sure radfems suck but let's not dance around the fact that everything she wrote about in the transsexual empire has either come true, or is a reality. we have to watch ourself so we don't overstep and put ourselves in front of others

probably should have started off with another radfem

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Story Thread! Coming out, sexing someone anything.
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>be me, mtf
>come out
>me: "mom, I am trans. I am a grille"
>mom: "o.k., hon"
>hi mother
>I'm bi
>"what's bi anon?"
>it means I like girls and boys
>"ok anon, you're going to get married to a girl though right?"
>ok mother
>"good, if you fuck a man I will disown you"

And that was it.
>be 15
>have repressed, closet gay, christian friend
>I invite him over to my house to chill
>we watch netflix together
>look for action, thriller, sci-fi, whatever
>friend takes remote and pulls up random gay drama films
>ehhh but ok you're the guest
>10 minutes into movie, friend pulls up hardcore gay porn on his phone and shoves it in front of me
>wants my commentary on the porn (?)
>does this for quite a while, we're not even watching the movie at this point
fast forward to now and we are no longer friends. still have about no clue as to why my friend did that to me. my guess would be that he had an autism + hypersexuality combo or somethign

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Women Activists Silence Trans.jpg
which is a bigger group though?
by far

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ITT: post dysphoria-inducing pics or feels
>tfw you see a picture of the female body
>tfw you will never have a body like the girls in pic related
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I wonder what it's like to be a guy and see a pic like that and feel an urge to fuck them instead of a desperate erotic need to look like that.
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>>tfw you will never have a body like the girls in pic related

>tfw you will never have short hair and still be gendered female

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Whats everyones deal with transbians, I can totally understand the hate towards sjw hons who think lesbians should have sex with them but what about the normal ones?

mostly asking /clg/
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>inb4 cara or someone else posts wildly exaggerated lies about all non-straight mtfs
Is she on here all the time?

I'm not big on the tranny lore
>mostly asking /clg/

They are natural born tranny killers. It's sad because I grew up watching the L Word and dreamed of having a lesbian relationship one day, but that was before I realized they would never want to date a girl like me.

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Did she do anything wrong?
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aside from being absolutely insufferable and the most stereotypical BPD batshit entitled SJW tranny possible?

no. I actually find her porn kind of hot, so I follow her for that and pretend she isn't an utter tool in all other ways

I like scrolling through her porn twitter

>huge tentacle creampie
>'I love lube dripping out my ass'
>more ass fucking
>Gender Analysis dysphoria vs Disassociation

never fails to make me chuckle

Well guys, when the burdizzo failed, calcium chloride will hopefully triumph. Hopefully I didn't fuck up too bad.
So AMA!!
>inb3 mentally ill tranny faggot
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Can't you literally set an add on backpage, give oral to literally 5 middle aged fat chasers and pay for your surgery in a fucking hospital?
You know an orchiectomy ranges from 900 to 3k (and 3k only on meme doctors who got booked by a legion of trannies).
I hope it goes well for you sister. You are an inspiration to all of us :)
Why are you going for a burdizzo or calcium chloride? Do you like horrifying pain?

I was planning on trying an elastrator if it came down to it.

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>when you're probably bi but you're biphobic and already came out as gay
>can't come out again as bi because no one will believe you and think you're doing it for attention
>2nd round of repression
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just don't come out then

start dating a girl if you find one you like and are compatible with. If people ask, just say that you realized you were bi.
........why 'comes out'. Just do it. Date a person of the opposite sex.

Btw unsure on how your probably bi. I'm sure you know if you are or aren't.
Brb sides in orbit

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when he can easily get cis women? Doesn't make any sense
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Because not all normal functioning men are heterosexual?
It's either one of the three

>He's a fetishist

>He's experimenting

>The trans girl has enough going for her to outweigh being trans
this твн

I'm pretty sure that my bf would dump me if his life was more together and he had more dating options. I wouldn't try to stop it because I'd want him to be as happy as possible. But pretty much the only way I could see him staying with me at that point is if we had just completely pair bonded and couldn't imagine life wothout eachother or he had some sort of fetish for trannies. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death and I love him with all my heart and soul. But I know that if when we had met our net worths had been reversed, he wouldn't have ever thought of me as a potential mate. It's just something we have to deal with I guess.

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Any blacks or Hispanics here? Did you feel that you were forced out of the closet earlier by hypermasculine culture?
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tfw bisexual master race.png
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Brazilian here, I don't see any problem, I fuck with crossdresser (married with women) all the time and i have a gf. My family and friends knows I do this
hispanic here.
im still in the closet, but i personally realized i was bi (mostly gay) when i was in middle school. maybe im just desensitized and repressed, but ive never felt like i was exposed to that hypermasculine culture. ive always thought all people -- at least white people -- were as equally homophobic as my people. i mean, for what it's worth, i am pretty repressed, and i do consciously try to act "straight" sometimes, but i always thought all closet cases were like that...
What if you were the crossdresser though

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