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>post back
>guess gender and if cis or trans
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hi vika
Nice ass. You look cis, but I don't trust this website so I'm gonna say Trans just because I like to be right.
I say you look trans because a cis girl wouldnt make a thread like this
also you're vika

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"Sins, including homosexuality, can be overcome.

Paul reminded the believers in Corinth that, before they received Christ, some of them were homosexuals, “but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11).

Their homosexuality was a sin of the past, abandoned by the grace of God.
Only when we are new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17) can our sin natures be defeated.

Only when we truly experience conversion to Christ can any true reparative process begin (Romans 12:1–2)."
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Well if I'm being honest, I've never really tried to stop.
Can this fix my tansness?

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Is the risk of some day snapping and having your children lose their father and your wife her husband too great?
Should there be increased awareness of AGP so as to avoid family tragedies?
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I'm AGP and i've pondered this too. I'm in my 30s and never had a GF and I dont want to get married or have children.

I'm not good at being a man or being an adult even, so having the extra responsibilities of being a husband and father is scary.
This picture is going to give me fucking nightmares... holyshit

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Harame Nui.jpg
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CIS people post your gender and orientation as well as a picture of fictional character of the opposite gender you really like.

hardmode: psycho-analyze why you like her/him

gay man. She is cruel, I am cruel to myself.
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Male, Gay.

none. i am misognynist and dont like or interact with women in any meaningful way to like or remember them.

>like foods
>strained relationship with dad and older brother
>a huge baby
>bad luck with women
>technically died but came back to life
>came back from the dead to drag himself which is totally a move I'd pull

I could go on.
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Male, heteroflexible or bisexual.

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Do the FTMs here ever feel like trans women, especially female-attracted trans women, tend to underwrite your struggles and discount your identity as not being as "legitimate" as a MTF's?

Like for example, a common talking point here is that FTMs don't have an issues because allegedly they fit into an "approved" form of passing dictated by MTFs.

Why do you think that is?
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Why do you keep relying on divide and conquer tactics to "pin" elements of this board against one another, every single day?

Has to be severe anal autism or an ideology, right?
You need to fucking die
I have encountered it online a few times but never IRL and none of my trans lady friends agree with that horseshit.

It is easy enough to avoid 'radical queers' - hang out in socially liberal places but avoid 'queer' specific shit at all costs.

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how does it feel knowing this person is speaking for you and now millions of people look at them as a representation of your kind?
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯sux, but it's better than the ridiculous charactures we were associated with in the past. I'd rather be seen as cringey than disgusting
Except that people 100% see this as disgusting. Look at the OP's filename.

I hate this faggot. What FtM advertises their menstrual period? Someone needs to deck her.
It sucks balls. That kid isn't even trying to pass.

Kid looks about 12 shouldn't he be on blockers ? If not T. In fact the right sort of birth control does the job too. Periods are so easy to eliminate, if you were really trans, and actually bothered by your period you'd get the fuck rid of it kek.

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what's the point in living.jpg
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>tfw a few short years made the difference between a lifetime of despair and a lifetime of happiness
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hey I know you anon. you keep starting threads with this reaction image a lot. is this character trans?
This is my first time using this pic. I saved it from some thread
Iktf. i fucking hate testosterone

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other one reached bump limit.
pro tips:
>rates others to be rated
>try not to obscure your face so other people can get a clear view
>post age and time on hrt
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Angles Masterpost.png
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mtf 20, 1 year hrt
Finally got around to capturing different angles of my face, rip me apart.~
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24 mtf, 9 months hrt

profile isn't great (brow bone) but if it weren't for the abundant facial fur you would be okay

you should probably shave before you take pictures
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6 Month HRT, I know I don't pass yet, but eventually?
Brow bone and hair, but you can fix those with surgery
You're getting closer

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Who else /no friends/ ?
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I had tons of friends in college but all the good ones moved away after grad and I got tired of hanging out with the casuals who thought this shitty place was worth hanging around in.
I only moved to this crappy flyover city for college and I don't plan on living here the rest of my life so I'm not going to bother getting close with any of the local retards.
Instead I'm using my free-time for self-improvement so I can be a cool enough motherfucker to make some decent friends when I finally get wherever the hell I'm going.

To be honest though, I've been kinda procrastinating because I'm a lazy fucking bastard. I enjoy being a hermit a bit too much I think...
Wanting social validation is a good thing.

Needing it to feel self worth is not.

Both are equally important to remember.
I stopped caring for the most part.

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Friendly reminder:
>hide blanchard threads
>ignore blanchard posts
>do not reply to blanchard posters

Previous thread: >>8656359

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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can't wait to watch the shitshow this thread is going to cause
There's been some talk in these threads about supposed "shit tests" men do to each other.

If someone I don't know well enough tries to "shit test" me, they can fuck off right then and there. I'm not gonna take an insult from a stranger, even if it's not a serious one. It's a really terrible way of trying to get closer to another person.

It's okay to make fun of a friend every now and then (emphasis on friend), but even then some rules apply. You aren't supposed to mention things that could really hurt them and should you accidentally do so, you apologize. That's what friendship is.
Explain what a shit test is.
Also how old you are my dude.

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Old thread >>8676101

Who do you ship? One of my favorite ships is Teru x Mob from Mob Psycho 100. As you can see, they are very cute together. Please say something nice about this couple.

Join our cute Discord server @ https://discord.gg/3NrSCsk
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Im trying out /GCT/

Anyone else trying to be normal?
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I used to ship destiel (Dean x Castiel), but I grew up and realized they're just friends.
>tfw no guy to kick me in the balls

feels bad man

y'all ever done some nut kicking ?

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Chasers what is your ideal tranny in terms of looks, personality and capabilities?
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This will be an interesting thread if it's not overrun with chaser hate
File: 1461201793830.gif (24KB, 210x200px)Image search: [Google]
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My ideal tranny is the kind that you find bloated, rotting, and face down in a ditch by the side of the road.

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I can talk about Jesus Christ here.

How does living in sin make you feel?

Does it hurt you inside to know you're hurting God when you keep sinning?

Did you know that God won't forgive you if you commit a sin after you know it's wrong?
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Give me proof that Jesus was a real person. I'll wait.
did you know the main biblical "objections" to homosexuality are in the Old Testament, a set of Jewish books that are mostly superseded by the New?

did you know God is love and forgiveness, not the hate you falsely spread in His name?
It's fairly accepted that historically speaking Jesus was a real man who lived.

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All surgeries: MtF and FtM SRS, FFS, VFS, implants, orchi, mastectomies.
>Discuss the surgeries you want
>Review surgery you had
>Discuss surgeons and results
>Pros and cons of different options
>Cost, insurance, waiting lists
>Future surgery improvement

Brassard: http://imgur.com/a/7TqD3
Chett: http://imgur.com/a/M3G7D
Bowers: http://imgur.com/a/ofqcG
Mcginn: http://imgur.com/a/jHbQL
Suporn: http://imgur.com/a/hrRxE
Unknown: http://imgur.com/a/Zw5jk
Misc New: http://imgur.com/a/GjPG8
Sexchange.com sample: http://imgur.com/a/s1lhC

I'm starting this thread because as far as I know, my health insurance requires that I stay in state for SRS, and the options in the state of California aren't that great. I would like to fight to see McGinn or Brassard, but I dont know how possible that is. the three main options seem to be Garcia, Sinclair, and Brownstein&Crane, all of whom do the old penile inversion.....
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Why do the SRS results all look horrible except for maybe Brassard?
Here's a big experience piece
Why can't anyone ever figure out who Mia Fever actually went to? It's pretty important, since hers is the only good SRS result ever.

File: hrtgen.jpg (2MB, 2344x2203px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2344x2203px
>Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages
>HRT related medical experiences and research
>Availability and pricing of medications
>Rational and scientific discussion

Please take the survey and help us determine the best medications, dosages, and treatment regime to get the results we want.

▶ Survey: https://1drv.ms/xs/s!AudRJceTA5C9c2G5lCV2Avq0kQ0
▶ Raw survey data: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM
▶ HRTGen Data Analysis: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r
▶ HRT Anime Girl Info Sheets: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
▶ Where to get meds: https://www.inhousepharmacy.vu/c-88-transgender.aspx
▶ Also here: https://www.qhi.co.uk/ http://www.alldaychemist.com/
▶ Pill Identification: https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php
▶ Basic HRT info: https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/gsc/assets/hormones_MTF.pdf
▶ Hormone target ranges: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
▶ TransDIY: https://www.reddit.com/r/transDIY

Old thread >>8656719
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I'm about to buy my first batch of Cypro
So what doses do I take and how often? Can someone explain the cpyro taking process to me? Does my body size matter any in regard to that? I'm a really small person
Should I also get progesterone?
read the op
where get injectable estrogen in uk?

makes no sense that they give me a top tier AA (zoladex implants 3 monthly) and then a shitty estrogen

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