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Can we have a general inspo thread because i just realized that i have literally 0 fashion sense or style and for the past few years of my life have worn awful clothes
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The past gen inspo's have been started by OP's that post shit fits and the ones before that have just been just posters spamming fits instead of a slew of inspirational material. I hope yours goes better OP.
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thanks for contributing m9
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only acceptable way to break the 3 colour rule

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Give us some /fa/ music
also most /fa/ spotify playlists
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the new new rap
mouse on the keys
into it. over it.

Pretty much everything from White Noise Record, Topshelf Record, and Machupicchu INDUSTRIAS.

If I get bored of a band I just hop into their site and look randomly.

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Is it possible to be both /fa/ AND a thick bitch?
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probably yes
From the thumbnail, I thought that was a midget
yeah easily

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We jumping on this shit before it becomes mainstream again or what?
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What do I ask the Barber for if I want this cut and I have no picture? (because it doesn't look like a traditional bowl cut)

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Can unibrows be /fa/?
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>born with unibrow
>Immediately falls back to frida kahlo out of insecurity
>the end
I dunno man unibrows are kinda sexy
Only if you're averaging 29 PPG

Mixing techwear with prep and a dash of autism

aka leancore aka sadcore
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nah im good
2 parts autism, 1 part blah

more like this?
>inb4 waahh wahh fuk asians xddd theyre not even effay!!!!!
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fuck asians, they're not even effay
couples arent effay fuck yourself

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What do you buy?
>inb4 noose
>inb4 my life

(hint: got handed $200 for clothes but what the fuck can you even get for that money and im tryna find deals)

pic unrelated
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you save up another 800 and buy something good
i spent $300 on random stuff (a bag, fake glasses, 2 cardigans, nice lipstick, 4 longsleeve shirts, one short sleeve, cool colorblock sweater, sweat pants, white shoes) from four different stores.

you can do a lot with that money. don't fall into the newbie mindset that expensive = superior
>don't fall into the newbie mindset that expensive = superior
looks like you fell for the more = better meme instead

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What core is this?
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Stuck in a fashionista trannie trunk for fifteen years, the core
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Imagine all while doing this, she had a dead fucking person hidden in her shithole.

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i've decided to start reviewing shirts now

i know i have a big fanbase here so let me know what you think
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scrawny ass
what a silly lil gopnik gabaganush

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are 90's sports jackets effay?

Sports jackets thread i guess
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lose weight and stop dressing like yung lean
i weight 60 kg

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Do you guys save hang tags?
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What? Why? So you can scrapbook the tags photos of the fits they went in that you post on waywt threads?
Of designer brands.
Of course I save the tags. Then I can include them with the piece if I decide to sell it later.

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what shoes will go well this fit?
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Like fucking anything m8. Slip on, sneaker, boot.

That's the most basic outfit ever.

Also, ask in a fuccboi general next time.

>what shoes go with a plain t-shirt and plain jeans

kill yourself
literally anything basic, you're wearing a muted shirt and black skinny jeans

i'll spoonfeed your ass anyway:
>white/black vans (sk8 his, authentics, eras, old skools)
>achilles low CPs (white)
>stan smiths (white/green or just straight white, go raf stans if you wanna be a poor hypebeast)
>authentic or MMM GATs
>white sambas

Does anybody here study fashion with the intention to become a designer? I am interested to what that's like, especially for being in the UK.
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I do. It's fucking hardcore. If you have a good spatial kind of mind where you can imagine folding something flat around a body, go for it. It's very technical and hands on. If you liked geometry in school(like constructing angles, and drawing lines with rulers) go for it. I would advise you to first take a beginners intro before enrolling into a 2-3 year course. Just to see if you like it.
I'm learning on my own. My issue is that I spend tons of time thinking of neat ass designs and not enough actually sewing shit up.
Maybe the reason of not sewing shit is the step between that and thinking of designs? a very important step.

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Men of /fa/, do you wear makeup?
Pic related, I wear it under my eyes and to cover up acne
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just wash your face bro
I do, and I use benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid on acne and a foaming face wash. I just started using concealer because the area under my eyes is naturally red/purple so I also use it on the occasional pimple mark

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