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Will I be considered autistic if I wear golfing gloves?
Also gloves general
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the idea is that you wear them when you play golf
thats like saying people only wear diving watches when diving
that's like saying people only wear gunnar optiks when they're gaming

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white tie.jpg
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What do you think Trump is going to wear for the Inauguration today?

I hope he's going to go all out and bring back the fucking top hat, but he'll more likely just wear a black suit, red tie and maybe a MAGA cap.
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He's gonna wear a normal suit, and not the fucking cap
dont know dont care go back to your containment board
I have it on good source that he'll be wearing aa jumpsuit cut like one of Evel Knievel's, but with an American flag pattern.

There have been lots of complaints about him working too much to bulk up for this costume, and not enough on his speech, inside the administration.

He also planned to jump 12 school buses but the Secret Service begged him not to, and he complied saying he wouldn't do it only because jumping 12 wouldn't be breaking the world record.

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I just ordered purple Chuck Taylors
Is it too late for me to ever be effay?
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why would you do that
Because I wanted purple shoes and I couldn't find anything else that looked good.
I feel like 2003 just called and AFI is playing. I'm gonna tell my MySpace fans.

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Do you save your shoe boxes?
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indirectly. if istore stuff in them.
I do, they are a big part of collecting sneakers. Sometimes they are better than a shoe itself.
But I'm a collector, so this matters to me. I used to throw them out or store something in them.
How else would you store. move, preserve shoes?

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Can normal people pull the jacket off by it self with like a black tee,black jeans and chealsas ?
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>normal people

Not with that attitude
No, it's either all or nothing. trying to be in the middle will make you look like an ass. Just go for it.
You'll look like a retard if you try to wear that jacket in any context. That outfit only worked in the 70s and on Hendrix, neither of which are criteria you meet.

Is elchapocore /fa/? Dem adidas pants tho..
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the answer is yes
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posting narcos-core

>finally receive CWP license to concealed carry a handgun
>realize that carrying while wearing fitted pants makes me look like I have a raging boner at all times
>forced to wear dad-tier jeans to comfortably carry

Anyone else trying to be /k/ and /fa/ simultaneously?
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Shoulder holster
I would, but the weather most of the year here is too hot to wear a coat thick enough to reliably conceal.
Or get smaller gun

have y'all seen this yet?
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wtc optimus prime jacket(s?)
You're very late
File: 171669M178003_5.jpg (389KB, 696x1394px)Image search: [Google]
389KB, 696x1394px
yeah its fuckin amazing

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People mirin your fits stories

>happened about an hour ago
>was walkin back to my house from the library. I have to walk past several bars on my way home, so people are everywhere
>notice a girl in a Rick skirt, so I glance at her and turn my head to the side as she walks past me.
>her boyfriend who's about 5'5" 195 /r/streetwear beta tries to act all hard and calls me out, says "What are you starin at bud?"
>this caught me off guard. pissed me off that this punk is trying to start something, i say "I was jus legit checkin out the girl, is that a problem?"
>replys "yeah it is, keep walking bro, shes mine"
>tell him "i don't like roasties anyway"
>he runs over and gets in myface
>I say "do u honestly think you can intimidate anyone u brown nerd"

keep in mind I am only 6' 155 lbs. however, Ive been studying designers and I post my fits on /fa/. he has nothing better to do with his night than try to fight akid who looks at his gf. talk about being insecure. I am so sick of people thinking they are dressing better calling others out for no reason especially streetwear normcore and palewave fags

>i snap him into a front headlock down to the ground so hes sittin on both his knees
>his knees got split from his H&M black ripped jeans
>i squeeze tight and talk to him while i I hold him there
> "aint so cool anymore huh, cant protect ur girl now can ya, ya need to learn to remain humble, id be happy to have a gf and would never try and fight people if they looked at her, you dont fuking deserve a girl you fukin normie, Ive never had a gf, you dont understand my pain, you should feel my pain"
>snap his face down into the concrete sidewalk n do a spin behind him
>give him a tap on the ass to show dominance
>"btw stacey got nice Margielas"
>let him go and start bcakin off, he just lays there embarrassed
>his gf and 2 friends stand there in shock screaming shit saying theyre going to call the police
>after hearing the word police i take off running towards Taco Bell
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it's sad that you put this much effort into this post and it still ended up not even remotely funny
Why did you put so much effort into making up and posting such an obviously fake story

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1MB, 1228x633px
what core?
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anzu core
turkish weeaboos

also why is she so fucking white for a turk? it's weird
why do qts gotta smoke

File: 1481770041791.jpg (42KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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looking for this t-shirt or ones with a similar silhouette - i.e. high-ish neckline, dropped shoulders and mid length arms?

can you /fa/ilures help me out ?
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i am also looking for this
Literally just buy a t-shirt with the neck-line you want two sizes bigger than what you would normally wear.
usually if u size up that much the neck is way too wide

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2MB, 2431x3135px
Crooped jeans thread?
Crooped jeans thread.
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Kill yourself
Crop your head out of your body.
do you mean cropped? delete this thread

File: IMG_20170119_145541_670.jpg (946KB, 1971x2236px)Image search: [Google]
946KB, 1971x2236px
Anyone know where I can buy one? One on my jacket somehow popped off. Ideally one to match the rest of the snaps.

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How about emailing prada instead of asking here you dumb fuck
Cause I figured someone on /fa/ would know of a place that sells FAshion repair parts. Silly me...
Do your own fucking research instead of waiting to be spoonfed, you will actually learn something that way.
How about googling "how to replace a button", you didn't even try, you get no sympathy.

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Does /fa/ hate street wear? If so, why?
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>Does /fa/ hate
this place is not a hivemind
What u think bout it
i don't like it personally
but i'm glad it exists so other people can wear it
it can look cool sometimes

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Last Thread: >>12154428

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
removed by mods :o(
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TMI but does anyone get yellow diarrhea when they fast and drink lots of water?
File: oink.gif (2MB, 380x214px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 380x214px
friendly reminder fats are subhuman
File: 1484042422257.jpg (2MB, 3648x2736px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3648x2736px
/thinspo/ news:
>fatanon is no longer a mealcuck: >>12154435
>anon misses froggo: >>12154987
>there are mixed feelings on the IF frogposter: >>12155280 , >>12155868 , >>12156760
>is fruit bad? >>12155705 , >>12155729 , >>12156371
>discussion of girls only cosplay thinspo irc: >>12155341 , >>12156308 , >>12156395 , >>12156432
>...but a robot doubts women can start an irc: >>12158608
>anon considers shock therapy: >>12159369

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