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Got a real fucking treat, specifically for an anon that asked for it a YEAR ago: I'll be putting up a few issues of Warp....Amazon.co.jp just added it to the free list so just hold up a bit =)
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How should people with hunchback posture dress? Hoodie?
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full rick
Renaissance rags
filthyhobo core

What should I wear with these?
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Seinfeld outfits.
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Only option.
dat persian blue

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What were Michelle's best fits?
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>Guaranteed /pol/ replies.jpg
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This is a personal favorite. She may not be so attractive but her stylist isn't too shabby. Her figure looks really flattering in this.
Okay open that image and move your eyes around it

It is just me or is there an illusion that makes that white thing in the foreground slowly creep to the right as you do that

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Rick said they would be displayed this year but I didn't notice them in the shows.

Google brings this up but I'm pretty sure these are Mastosneaks.

Anyone know what geothrashers are?
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lol they're on the site bruh


My bad.
Wow those are actually really clean. Any pics on feet?

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How do I pull this off?
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pull your arms out of the sleeves and lift it over your head
Accessorize heavily around it. Rool up sleeves. Wear hood down. Needs a hat or very bold hair style. Build colour around it. Things with just a little bit of colour will pop very nicely. A great way to show off your shoes/pants/socks/watch/ hair/jewellery.
another idea would be to go fully nude...except for your hoodie. it'll really emphasise the piece

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Cop these?
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I already got gazelles. Now I want some black adidas shoes that arent Sambas or got boost tech
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Not him, but get these instead


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What are some good shoes for working in a grocery store?
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you already posted some

literally any kinda of beater vans/converse
wed wings iwon wanjez
Wear low cut. You're gonna be on your feet mostly so you dont want shit hugging much of your ankle

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Is it fashionable to have a fat ass?
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Is being insecure /fa/?
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I think that give you your answer
That's what /fa/ is all about
/fa/ girls seem to like it if you're adequatly desireable

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Are the Ultra Boosts the best alternative to Yeezys?
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they are better
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No, they look like shit just like Yeezys. The only reason I have them is as beaters because they are the comfiest shoes I've worn.

Just copped this SCRT tee, was it a smart buy? Also brands that will be big in 2017 thread.
My picks:
>Stray Rats
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Not familiar with the brand but I like the shirt.
The breton shirt is cool. can you post a fit?
SCRT is gay liberal edgelord shit.

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How do I dress fa, but not be taken for a nu-male?
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stop using a tripcode would be the first step
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stop using a tripcode would be the first step

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So, now that Drumpf is President, what are /fa/'s thoughts on Blue contacts?
I've already dyed my hair, looks pretty good but this would hit the spot.
Does it damage your eyes or something?
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They always look awful
Eye color contacts look like trash and anyone who makes brief eye contact with you will know
Oh, you're one of those people
Contacts are fake af, they have new lasik technology that basically zaps away the melanin in your eyes

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are german army trainers just a meme that I fell for, I bought some recently and wore them to work and I got tons of people I know calling them clown shoes/bowling shoes
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You're supposed to wear something a bit smarter than trainers at the office, that's why. Also my friends think they look pretty good, like a rare Adidas or something.
Enjoy ur stupid feed and living in.some american shithole
luckily I'm a body piercer, not a office worker

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