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are forearms the most /fa/ muscle?
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Poseidon's fanny pack is the most /fa/ muscle, big forearms make it hard to roll up my sleeves sometimes
I really hope that the tripfag that post in CAPS don't appear here, even though the level of autism here is screaming for him.
adonis belt is not a muscle

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Any anons here had plastic surgery? What did you get and what was the effect? Got any pics

Pic related, its toni mahfud who had some form of nose surgery

>inb4 keyboard commando complains about mutilation
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Had a few surgeries

On brows/eyes, nose, chin/jaw

Look better, get way more compliments now. But I already looked "okay" and had amazing surgeons which cost a shit ton of $$$$
pics or gtfo
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>anywhere, anytime
>mutilating one's own body
You are all sick in your minds and hearts, sick from the consumption of soul poisons - tucked ears and pinned lips are the pimples and bad breath of your mental malnutrition. Go eat an apple!

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pic related
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He's a tryhard and about 3 years behind
no, shitty rapper why dicks on outgoing trends
White people can't be effay

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Should I get this jacket in black? Some guy at work who is autistic said it looks like baby puke...
I'll post you more pics
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Wee woo
File: 20170117_151316.jpg (2MB, 2592x1944px)Image search: [Google]
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Looks a little better outside...
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who /model/ here and how did you get started?
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my parents were missionaries to Japan so I grew up there

being white in Japan makes it really easy to get modeling opportunities. I think I was 17 when somebody stopped me on the street and asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot
How was it?
got street casted while at a punk show in culver city

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What do you think about it? Is it Fa?
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I hate you so much.

Not my cup of tea.
i just bought it yesterday. if got the same model in gold, with brown in the middle, and some popular people like it ( DJ and wonanizer university friends)

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Help-me, /fa/. What?
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White for sure
Black for sure

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Why is this guy spamming his face so much? Every thread he feels the need to make an appearance and post himself.
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is that the confederate flag terrorwave guy?
it is. Is this an overture to becoming a tripfag and trying to force himself as some sort of board personality, or does he legitimately just suffer from some sort of narcissistic disorder? I can only imagine how much of his day is spent perusing old photos he's taken of his face and deciding which to post. He's actually pretty good looking but its diminished by his strange, autistic absorption with himself
he wants to be a meme

what do y'all think of her fits? the ones where she isn't in lingerie

pic related it's her

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What's your opinion on Nike Air Max Tuned 1's, Also known as the Nike TN?
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why not?
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underwater tns.jpg
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Where do celebrities buy their suits? I'm looking for real expensive options
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Tom Ford
You come to England find a tailor and buy a custom suit
Tom ford? doesn't he make cars?

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go dye your hair grey and cosplay as kylie jenner you ham planet cunt

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what core is this
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post fit
yo I know this street.

What do you think of henleys, /fa/?

I think I might be out of the loop. Are they like v-necks now, an embarrassment?
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They only look good if you have a decent build.
love em



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>wake up
>not toni mahfud
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ewww he looks like a fucking bug, i dont see the appeal
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>actually being this jealous
I can see why though, his entire career is based off being attractive and the fact hes attractive has allowed him to travel all over the world and live however he wants
there's a point where you're just too attractive

women must be terrified of him

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