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What's best to use in the shower, a Facial Scrub or a face cleanser?
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wash your face with cold water in the morning

after you get out of the shower
Face soap, avoid scrubbing your face though because it irritates skin, making it produce more oil, and rubs dirt into pores. Wash with warm water to open pores, rinse with cold to close them. Do this once in the morning and once before bed. Exfoliate once a week or so.
never use physical exfoliating products (scrubs, brushes etc), they feel good but are terrible for your skin in the long run. use chemical exfoliation instead, the ones that use acids. it sound scary but they dont damage your skin like the physical ones. try some that contain AHA/BHA

File: rick-owens-london-store-8.jpg (62KB, 620x450px)Image search: [Google]
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papa ricky with a show in 5 minutes


FW17 - GLITTER menswear
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Every time I see a photo of Rick Owens I think that he is like the Derek Zoolander of the Frey family from GoT..... That nose, those crowfeet..
File: fsF54eP.jpg (3MB, 2000x3510px)Image search: [Google]
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20 mins late tsh tsh tsh
He looks more apache jew.

So cop or not?
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File: cop or not.png (203KB, 1030x744px)Image search: [Google]
cop or not.png
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Hows the quality of Battenwear?
File: battenwear.png (243KB, 1539x844px)Image search: [Google]
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shit wrong pic
mmmm looks comfy

Can we have a thread on well fitting black trousers?

I'm personally looking for something like these Etudes ones, especially the fit around the waist and crotch, but they're sold out in my size.

Other fits/materials very welcome
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those are blue
anyone know the model of the shoes ?
also etudes

I got this, its summer in australia what colour shorts should i wear
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Dark blue, long white socks and black low tops
ty that sounds hot
>what colour shorts should i wear
black obviously bro

What's the most effay religion?
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Catholic or some ancient dead pagan religion no one knows of

File: Snapchat-471480387.jpg (83KB, 480x782px)Image search: [Google]
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Is my outfit stupid thread.
Ill start.
With standard fit blue jeans and black sneakers.
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Looks pretty good and comfy desu
Thanks m8 I live in Utah and it is still cold as balls so it is bretty warm.
File: image (38).jpg (54KB, 964x912px)Image search: [Google]
image (38).jpg
54KB, 964x912px

File: IMG_1103.png (552KB, 719x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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looking for these pants for a friend, she saw then and now has to have them. And yes the picture is crap but its from a video on insta.
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File: FullSizeR.jpg (41KB, 640x532px)Image search: [Google]
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another view of them, I dont think the supreme part is actually part of the pants.
are you retarded? how is the supreme part not on the pants when it's literally in the same place on both pictures????

also on both pictures you can see it perfectly bending along with the pants

they are supreme, 100%, now go find it by yourself

File: IMG_2878.jpg (42KB, 500x492px)Image search: [Google]
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Can I carry a knife and be /fa/? Or am I forever relegated to psycho autistic prepper-guy if I carry one?
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I carry a leatherman wave and s2r everyday to uni and no one has ever said anything or given a shit.
Multi purpose is fine. That shit is useful. A plain old knoife is going to set people off.B
I carry a pocket knife in the little pocket of my jeans everywhere I go. Have for like, 15 years. It's just as much of my EDC as my wallet or keys. No one knows I have it and I forget I have it most of the time. But when I need a blade, it's great to have.

File: 20170119_065407.jpg (567KB, 2592x1944px)Image search: [Google]
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Sup /fa/ggots thinking about bleaching my hair to a pure white, how would that work? Another shade considering my skin or face proportions? I'm just bored of generic dark brown and want to spice it up. Bit chub here not too much though. Thanks
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File: 20170119_065311.jpg (598KB, 2592x1944px)Image search: [Google]
598KB, 2592x1944px
Nother pic for comparison
bumping for interest, few answers would be enough, i cannot decide

File: crocgloves.jpg (50KB, 484x500px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm looking for a pair of alligator embossed dress gloves- this is the only option I've found so far..does anyone have something similar? Ideally under $70
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Whats wrong with leather?
fuck off

File: IMG_2670.jpg (71KB, 551x720px)Image search: [Google]
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How would you improve it?
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Putting it 6 feet under

File: WIN_20170119_13_39_39_Pro.jpg (61KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Ok /fa, i legitimately need your opinion here
I think im balding or at least losing hair, im 19
But heres the facts
I checked all my cousins, all my grandparents and parents from both sides of the family, they all have full heads of hair, inclduing my 80 yr old grandpas
I take a shit ton of biotin too for good skin, I want to a derm and he too a 10min look at it and said i was fine, he did a pull test too, which was negative. I pull my hair HARD alot because im paranoid, including at the hairline, and i rarely get 1 hair coming out, i also lose very little hair in the shower and have no hair on my pillows.
But it still looks like im balding
fucking help me
its killing me
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nothing against you lad but these threads dont belong here
why do they belong, cause i will go there
Why is it so hard for people here to do their own research and google the different adult male hairline patterns, instead of asking some teenagers on here who will probably just say that you are balding to make you feel bad

File: IMG_0259.jpg (889KB, 3088x2320px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I make a military jacket look less nazi esk
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Red armband should help.
thanks, one of those with a buddhist peace symbol
File: nagzi.png (245KB, 680x978px)Image search: [Google]
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That doesn't look like a Nazi uniform at all. Too unstructured and "old" looking. The Nazi aesthetic was about strong silhouettes and simple contemporary designs.
In fact the pockets look like the ones that were on US dress uniforms.

File: 1484518648142.jpg (173KB, 498x700px)Image search: [Google]
173KB, 498x700px
How to do color right? Post colorful fits, and fits that utilize color well, can be vibrant, can be muted, whatever, just post shit that looks good. Feel free to discuss how to pull off color in a fit also.
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Currently getting rid of my old wardrobe pre-/fa/ wardrobe and trying build a new one primarily on bright colours and whites
File: 1473784915098.jpg (906KB, 1991x2121px)Image search: [Google]
906KB, 1991x2121px
tumblr-core is pretty colour friendly
File: 1476255589446.png (2MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 750x1334px
I think it is generally a good rule to avoid pairing bright colours with solid blacks. Instead use dark browns or greys but never quite black unless the fit is way more colourful than it is black, in which case please go ahead

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